Let Me Entertain You

Having been obsessed with home decor lately (probably because now that I am in school my house is a mess and looks nothing like I want it to), I have finally started to come to a realization what I want my house to look like in the long run. So maybe 5-10 years down the road. And yes, I love everything white, and no, white on white will never get old. I decided that if I can’t start with having everything the way I want it, I am going to begin with a few touches here and there.

Vases and Bowls

I love the gold and rose gold shades in all of these, they bring an element of shine every girl likes.


Jewelry Boxes and Candles

Something I can never get enough of! And notice how candles are monogrammed? What a great touch!


Candles and trinket trays

Champagne scented candle? Yes please! More room for my jewelry? I adore!


Paperweights, more candles and trinket trays that scream unique and personal!


What are some ways you personalize your space?

And make sure to stop by this Calvin Klein underwear sale! It’s 25% off! I know you don’t want to miss it!


Uncommon Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day coming up in about two weeks, I decided to create a gift guide with products from one of my favorite online stores – Uncommon Goods. They have put together amazing collections for Mother’s Day, as well, as a Personalized jewelry collection. They are always full of ideas, and inspirations. I hope you’ll be able to find something special for that special someone in your life!

For the Jewelry-Loving Mom


1. For the statement-loving mom 2. For the flower-loving mom 3. For the accessories-loving mom

For the Green-Thumb Mom


1. Grow what you know 2. Veggie and Spice 3.Give back to the earth

For the Home-decor loving mom


1. Never leave a ring mark again 2. There can never be enough State art 3. Find time for peace and quiet
4. Never loose the keys again 

For the In-the-Kitchen Mom


1. Reminder to be active 2. Measure twice 3. Two in one 4. Wine will tell  5. Hot Dog 6. Mix in stone

For the Flavor-seeking mom

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 8.49.39 AM

For the entertaining mom

Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 8.49.15 AM

Happy Saturday and I hope you enjoyed my picks today!

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Emmy’s Inspired Fall Jewelry Wish List

Fall brings cold, wind and rain, but it also brings new fashion, styles, cozy scarves and embroidered sweaters. It’s a season of leather, knits, warmth and everything pumpkin spiced. That’s why it’s definitely a style blogger’s favorite season.

I am sure you were there with me, watching the Emmy’s on Sunday night…

Having spent all day editing photos and writing posts, spending 3 hours in front of a TV at the end of the day was a torture for my eyes, which inspired this post though! So something good came out of it, right? Now let’s just hope my husband reads this post!


092213-emmys-rings-823 169813470TT00264_65th_Annua-630x419

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

After browsing different jewelry websites, I found some items on Kranich’s website, that caught my eye right away!

Kranich jewelry1

First of all, this Infinity necklace. I have been obsessed with ABC’s Revenge this past month, especially Emily Thorne character, so anything infinity catches my eye! If you are going to be watching this Sunday, leave me a comment, I would love to meet some Revenge fans 🙂

What do you think about these statement earrings? And the ring? I think that’s definitely a favorite one of mine! And the pendant, well, there can never be too many!

See more outstanding designs by visiting their website! Follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook!

What is on your fall jewelry wish list?



Celebrity images are by: nj.com, news.instyle.com, tasteofcountry.com, huffingtonpost.com

Thrifting for Jewelry – Once in a Blue Moon

I have this amazing friend (I am not going to mention any names today), who loves thrifting and consignment shopping as much as I do! Another thing great about her is that she is extremely good when it comes to finding gems in the dirt, literally. A lot of times we don’t see anything special at the jewelry stand when we go thrifting, but she is extremely thorough and always finds something special. But once in a blue moon (well, actually more often than that) she scores! And scores big! Today when she came over, she had an awesome story to tell!

Last week as she was driving home, she got an urge to stop by one of her favorite consignment store locations (sorry, but I am not going to mention any stores either). And here is what she’s got:


Now all three of those necklaces came to $21. And I guess excitement and pure joy were written all over my friend’s face. When the cashier noticed that, she obviously asked – Find anything good today? – to which my friend said – Oh, definitely. Now that caught the cashier’s attention and she then asked my friend how much it was all worth. To which my friend replied – Ring me up first, please! Then I’ll tell you! The cashier thought it was all a joke, so when after everything was paid for my friend said that it would’ve cost around $500 on eBay, the face of the cashier definitely dropped!

So let’s break it down, compare and talk semi-precious stones:

1. The first necklace from the left – a sterling silver tube that is magnetically attached to the pendant. You can actually remove the pendant and just wear the necklace. My friend paid $7 for it, it costs $89.95 on eBay:


It’s a Joseph Esposito necklace, you can now find some of his jewelry on QVC.

2. The blue necklace is sterling silver and sodalite. Again, it was only $7, and here we have two off of eBay, one for $44.50 and one for $259


3. And finally prehnite and sterling silver necklace, which again was $7, can be also found on eBay for $220 and $309.99


I had to share this with you today, not because I want to brag about my friend’s finds, but because I want to help you all out there find something special and unique at a thrift store, and be proud of it! I also have nothing to do with the eBay sellers mentioned above, those links are just examples of prices available on the Internet.

Now the most important part – how do you know it’s a stone, and more over, how do you know it’s a semi-precious one?

1. Well, first of all a stone is always going to be heavier than plastic, it’s a given.

2. Second, if you put it against your skin (cheek or temple, ideally) you’ll feel the cold. Plastic warms up against your skin.

How do you tell what kind of stone it is? Here is when you are going to have to learn, there are tons of books on gemology, a lot of times they are bright and colorful and will make a great addition to your coffee table!

I hope this was an inspiring and useful post for you all, and remember thrifting is always a treasure hunt!



Spreading the Handmade Love: ElvenFox on Etsy

Being a big supporter and lover of everything unique, handmade and preferably local, I couldn’t help, but share my friend’s etsy shop with you. So without further ado I want to introduce ElvenFox to you, and my beautiful friend Maria, who is behind it!

Maria and I not only share the love for original and unique jewelry, but the same language and home country. Maria grew up in Ulyanovsk, Russia, but as you have probably guessed now lives in Minnesota. That’s where I met her. I was immediately impressed with her knowledge of semi-precious stones, when we wandered into one of the stores here in Minneapolis, and when I found out she was making her own jewelry and had an Etsy store, I couldn’t help but ask her questions, and share the answers with you!

What is so special about your jewelry?

I simply believe that stones are alive, and when I incorporate them into jewelry, it not only makes the piece beautiful, but also made with love. Very often we find jewelry, and it looks pretty, and the stone looks kind of real, but when you touch it, it feels like some cheap plastic, there has been no soul put into the piece. Every stone in unique, it’s impossible to find two that are completely alike, just as it’s impossible to give birth to an identical human being. That’s why I am so interested in incorporating semi-precious stones into my creations.

What kind of materials do you use?

I love working with silver (but I can use other metals as well) and semi-precious stones. The latter ones are beautiful, unique and not as expensive – they are easier to mine (no one will cut off an arm of a boy who was trying to steal a piece of jasper, as opposed to diamonds mines in Africa, where this would be an ordinary punishment for the same action).

It’s always interesting to learn about where the stones come from, where they are mined. For example, pietersites mined in Africa and pietersites mined in China have different coloring. Some stones, for example larimar can only be found on 1 squre kilometer in Dominican Republic. So it’s not only jewelry making, it’s also constant learning.

Do the semi-precious stones really have powers like a lot of people seem to believe?

For thousands of years a lot of stones have been used in medicine (they still use sulphur to treat acne, but it can’t be used in jewelry due to it’s solvability and fragility. Amethysts are used to treat insomnia – you simply need to put a small stone under the pillow – it really helps.

All of my jewelry is unique, one of a kind, and every time I sit down to make a new piece I put in all of my love into the process, I always think that whoever is going to wear my creations will be very happy.

Labradorite Pendant, Wire Wrapped in Argentium Sterling Silv

Necklace and Earrings Set. Rose Quartz and Garnets with Sterling SilverAvanturine, Jadeite and Shell Budda Necklace  Necklace and Earrings Set. Labradorite, Rutilated Quartz, Citrine, Iolite, Shell and Sterling Silver

  Labradorite in Sterling Silver

For more handmade goodness go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ElvenFox

There are more items here: https://picasaweb.google.com/115681864375756515524

Maria’s email: jewelry.elvenfox@gmail.com

Please feel free to contact Maria if you want to learn more about her jewelry!

Have a great week everyone!



The Ж (A review of the Kardashian Kollection for Sears)

The following post is going to be my personal, and very subjective opinion on the Kardashian Kollection for Sears. It should be pretty entertaining too! So sit back and enjoy the post!

Yesterday Sam and I were at the Mall of America. We mainly went to get some shoes for him. We totally lucked out at Nordstrom Rack! So if you are ever at MoA – check it out!

Then, passing by Sears, I dragged Sam in, to check out the Kardashian Kollection. I was really eager to look at some of those pieces, especially because the logo for their line reminded me of the first letter of my name when you spell it in Russian – letter Ж!

Being aware of their Armenian past, I think there might be some coincidence there!

Now about the collection – a lot of black, white, animal prints (mostly cheetah), at least from what was available at that Sears. The jackets have the famous Kardashian shoulders, the ones that are curved up.

I honestly think they make you look evil, it’s almost like having horns on your jacket 🙂 The other jacket that drew my attention was the sequin jacket, which Sam said looked like it was meant for a hooker, and should only be worn by someone who works by the side of the road.

Now I think that was too harsh! I could actually see myself wearing that jacket over some solid colored dress to a dinner party or a club!

Of course I had to check out their dresses. This one stood out to me the most:

I love the white/black combo, and the illusion it creates – making the dress look like an actual outfit – a dress, a top and a belt. But I don’t really have anywhere to wear this to, so on with the observations.

Some of you know that I have been out on a hunt for some skinny jeans, since I only have 2 pairs left, and I am not ready to give in to the $19.95 offer at H&M yet. The KK didn’t have any pants, at least not at the MoA Sears, but it had some seriously trashy looking pants/leggings. I can see a lot of Russian women wearing those in RUSSIA! So maybe the entire K Klan (clever, right?) should go to the former USSR and launch their collection there! I guarantee – it will be a success! The strange thing about the Kollection is that some of the pieces that are in the store aren’t on the website! I knew I should’ve taken pictures myself! Well next time!

Jewelry was pretty cool! There is more at sears.com than there was at the store. I really liked this ring:

But I still prefer my statement rings to be more colorful than this. The bracelet was too big, but if you know me, you know how small my wrists are, as well as ring finger size. So I guess next time I should shop at “dainty and small” shop, not the KK, especially knowing how big Khloe is!

And last but not least – the lingerie. I have only one thing to say about it – Sam wouldn’t let me get it! Shucks!

One more thing that weirded me out the most (and I can’t find a picture of it anywhere on the Internet) was a plastic silver colored shopping bag with fabric handles that had the K trio on the front. They put Khloe in the middle in she looks like a giant compared to her two sisters. But to each it’s own!

Over all the KK has it’s hits and misses. There are great pieces, and then there are the not so great ones. I also like the sarcasm around the advertisements and the commercials: “Hey ladies, you look lovely in those sweat pants, NOT” We all know that everyones’ style is different, but it’s all better than wearing sweatpants and shirts with MINNESOTA written across your chest in bold letters!

The other great thing about Sears is their make up counter, it has never even crossed my mind to check it out, but once I did, I know where I will be buying my husband’s favorite shampoo (Burt’s Bees) and some new products for myself (the Say Yes To line is a lot, a lot cheaper there, than any other store!)

So go ahead, check your local Sears, and let me know what you think!

Zhenya H

PS. Sears didn’t pay me to write this review or advertise them on my blog. This is my personal opinion that I am sharing with you, because one great find is always worth sharing with others!

A Woman’s right to Diamonds – Thank you Elizabeth Taylor

My first memory about Elizabeth Taylor goes back about 18 years ago, when I was watching Cleopatra, remember the scene when she rolls out of the carpet?

That movie was magnificent, I absolutely loved the costumes, and was obsessed with drawing Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in all her costumes afterwards.

Another association with Elizabeth Taylor that comes to mind is from Sex and The City, remember when Charlotte became a Jew? She followed Taylor’s example, who became a Jew for Eddie Fisher. And in the show her engagement ring design was based on the one Eddie gave Elizabeth.

Here they are in Moscow, Red Square, in front of St. Basil’s…

Later on Sex and The City Charlotte goes a little over the top and names her dog Elizabeth Taylor. But the dog was super cute!

Elizabeth Taylor was also famous for her (Yes, 8 husbands and…) quotes. I chose some to share today, and make it a tribute to her! RIP Elizabeth!

Big girls need big diamonds.

I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it.

My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked.

And was she hooked indeed…

Vintage Jewelry

As I was organizing my jewelry box today, I found some pieces I wanted to share with you. All of them are vintage, some I got from my grandma, some I thrifted back when I lived on the UWS. Enjoy!

I wore this with my DIY Gap shirt, you can check out a post from March, 8,2011, to see how this looks on a person!

These are the pins I added to my collection.

These are from a thrift store on 83rd and Columbus!