Interview With Celebrity Trainer Nicole Stuart

Nicole Stuart Interview

I had an opportunity to interview Nicole Stuart, actress and celebrity trainer a couple weeks ago. She was in Minneapolis for the Fabletics store opening at the Mall of America that I blogged about here. It was so much fun to talk to her, learn a few new things about fitness, and of course hear about Kate Hudson’s fitness approach. Nicole has been training celebrities since 1997, and prefers pilates to all other techniques.

And while I realize that I am far from being a good interviewer/journalist, here are a few highlights from our conversation.

A lot of my friends wanted to know specifically about Kate Hudson’s fitness routine. 

Nicole: I mostly do pilates with her, but it’s a mish mosh of everything, including TRX (which stands for Total body Resistance eXercise). We also used to run a lot, but I don’t run outside anymore. Kate also does hot yoga. She is open to trying anything, which makes training her a lot of fun and really easy, because you can give her a task and then she does it really well.

I also wanted to ask a few questions about my personal training routine, which mostly consists of running and yoga.

Nicole: Are you happy? Then I wouldn’t change a thing!

There are new workouts popping up almost every day, which is definitely overwhelming. How do you find the right one?

Nicole: I think if you are doing something for a while, and then start thinking “Ugh, I don’t want to go”, start dragging your heels, then you should find something different. But if you are excited to go, and are feeling good after, you like your teacher or you enjoy running with your friends, or whatever it is… I think we know what works and what doesn’t work for our own bodies. And I think we should listen to that inner intuition more.

With all the workouts popping up, there are probably twice as many new diets. Do you have any advice on what to eat before and after the workouts, or on meals in general?

Nicole: I always say – clean eating is very good, simple, nothing processed. If you really want to be strict – no meat, no dairy. Greens, greens, greens, vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. And you can get creative with that. I am getting back more into it after having a baby, so I’ve been a little relaxed on everything. However, I just did this amazing soup cleanse by Elissa Goodman, and I love it. I am doing it again! It’s a 5 day cleanse.

Of course I had to ask about living in LA. 

Nicole: I love living in LA, Minnesota is beautiful, but we don’t have the weather element. I love the snow, but I wouldn’t want to live in it (Me neither, Nicole, me neither!). The cool thing about Fabletics though is that they not only have clothes for every type of exercise, but also the weather (freezing, or hot and sunny, you name it).

I was also curious to know if Nicole helped out with any of the product development or design aspect of the creative process. 

Nicole: Unfortunately I don’t. It’s a Kate thing. But she asks me if I like certain things 🙂

Do you have any favorite Fabletics pieces? 

Nicole: I love the Solar legging and capri, I think they are very basic, plus a new print is launched every month, so that’s the fun thing that changes constantly. As soon as I find an outfit that I’ll wear and wear and wear, a new month comes and a whole new set of clothes comes out. The bright colors motivate me to work out, I want to go run and jump, and be happy. The print also makes your butt look good!

Fabletics is opening 11 more stores this year, so I told them to make sure to invite me to the next store opening 😉

PS. Make sure to check out my green tea smoothie recipe and my Fabletics favorites below!

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Fashion Personalities: Daniel Troppy

 You all know that I will advocate for thrift stores even if you wake me in the middle of the night, but I am not the only one! Today I wanted to share some advice and tips that I got from Daniel Troppy – a fashion blogger, store owner, for whom thrifting has not only become a lifestyle, but a career. I came across his videos last week, though I believe I was subscribed to his YouTube channel for a lot longer than that. He stood out to me because of his love for thrifting for brands. And he was nice enough to agree and answer some questions. I hope this will be helpful to all of you out there, especially my fellow Minnesota fashionistas (because if we don’t take measures into our hands, this State is going to drown in sweats and fleeces!)

Daniel doesn’t only have a YouTube channel, but he is also an author of a blog called The Thrifters – which I highly recommend. This is what he says about himself on his blog – I search for recycled luxury clothes daily. My motto is “luxury should be accessible to everyone not just to a few privileged.” It is my mission to seek out affordable STYLE so I can pass on the savings to my clients. Follow me daily on my STYLE adventures. Friend me on Facebook & follow me on Twitter. Toodles for now. Daniel your thrift curator! 

How did you become a thrifter? When and why do you keep doing it?

I discovered thrift stores when I first went to college and needed those extra things like pots & pans, flatware and dishes. It’s been 29 years ago so I can’t remember the very first thrift store I went into but when I talk to my oldest college friend Jerry he will tell that I was a thrift store addict then… Thrift store shopping is always an adventure because you never know what you might discover. Things change daily inside a thrift store so it’s always something new.

What are some thrifting rules or guidelines that you follow (or what advice would you give to a starting thrifter)?

I always tell beginner thrifters to pack their patience! I know I make thrifting fun but it’s work. I look at hundreds of pieces daily so you have to be patient. Thrifting is all about timing and luck.

Do you thrift for specific brands or specific styles? 

When I go out hunting I look for designer luxury pieces, always searching for those classic brands: Gucci, Hermes, Chanel or Versace. I have educated myself on labels and brands by looking at magazines, blogs & of course the NYTimes Fashion section. When I’m in doubt I just whip out my iPhone and Google the brand in question.

Do you have any crazy/funny stories to tell about your thrifting experience?

My funny store about thrifting is I was at Salvation Army and scored 2 Mies van der Rohe MR Chaise Lounge chairs that had the Knoll sticker underneath for $29.95 for the pair. I bought them and quickly ran outside to put them in my car but my car was so so small they wouldn’t go in. I called my partner Mitch repeatedly asking him to come with his car to help me haul these away. I kept calling and calling him and it kept going to his voice mail. The reason it was going into voice mail was because he was a pallbearer at his friends funeral!

What was the best thing you found at a thrift store?

I’ve found a lot of luxury pieces that are treasures like an Hermes scarf or Hermes jacket, Chanel heels, vintage Chloe suit, vintage DVF dress or even a vintage YSL dress but when I’m asked about an item I would have to say finding a custom made cocktail bar by Cartier for $3.25.

How often do you thrift, and how much time do you spend at a thrift store?

I hit 2-3 thrift stores daily and I don’t have a day off because I’m always shopping for my blog and my store Doubletake.

How big is your thrifted collection and do you wear everything you get?

My personal thrifting collection is huge because I’m out shopping for my Doubletake boutique and clients I’m also shopping for myself and partner. I have to say my closet if full of Armani, Burberry, Brioni, Lagerfeld, Paul Smith, Lanvin & Rag & Bone. Over 29 years of thrifting you accumulate things so I’ve narrowed it down to just the best and give the rest away. I talk about in my blog and YouTube channel that if you just scored 1 item from a thrift store and that item was a Gucci Pucci or Prada item then you add that to your closet . Slowly building your wardrobe and closet with great luxury is what I tell my readers and clients. What I like to talk about is over time building your designer wardrobe, it doesn’t have to be the first time you hit a thrift store but over time you will have a closet like mine!

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely going to follow Daniel’s advice, and in a few years will definitely show my luxury wardrobe 😉

Daniel’s blog

Daniel’s YouTube channel

Follow him on Twitter!/2thrifters

Visit his store

Happy Monday! I hope you find an inspiration today!