Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup: Color Stories

My post “Coat Obsessed” was featured on IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Links a la Mode roundup, below are the links to everyone else’s blog who got featured this week! Don’t be a stranger, say hi 🙂

Color Stories

Edited By: Taylor Davies

Aubergine. Oceanic blue. Wedding White. For this week’s Links a la Mode round up, I focused on posts that drew inspiration or centered around color. Whether it was styling up a range of colorful pants or looking at the rise of black and white dressing, there were so many creative and cool blog posts centering on color. Take a look, get inspired and taste the rainbow!



Have a great day!


Motivational/Wish Board 2012

This is one of the IFB projects of the week, and since today is December, 31, and I was determined to blog and work out (well working out has nothing to do with blogging, but I need to work out twice today, cuz I skipped yesterday… anyways done with the blah blah blah, I’ll tell you all about my working out system sometime next week) I decided to work on this! The task is: Create a Motivational Mood Board and share on your blog! I know that a lot of bloggers have been doing recaps on their blog, the best posts of the last year, stats, and all that, I decided not to do that, but to look into the next year instead and create a motivational wish board. Sounds kinda ironic, I know. Here is the deal – wish boards are very popular in Russia, there is even a YouTube video on how to make one, but since most of you probably don’t speak Russian, I am going to share that with you! And to demonstrate everything, I am going to create a collage! It’s going to consist of 9 parts (like a 3 x 3). Your picture goes in the centre! Top left corner is where the money is going to be, or the riches, or anything that you associate with riches! Fame and Success will be right above your picture. Top right corner is a place for family, kids, etc. To the left of your picture you are going to put something that you enjoy, something that calms you down, or makes you happy. To the right of your picture you are going to put a picture of what you want your house to look like. Bottom left corner is travelling, a place where you want to go. Under your picture you are going to put something related to your career, the way you see yourself at work. And bottom right corner is for important people in your life, or people who inspire you! So you should end up with something like this!

Happy 2012! May all your dreams and wishes come true!



Twenties Girl

Totally stealing the title of Sophie Kinsella’s book for this post and IFB Project #21 “What’s your favorite style decade?”

It didn’t take me too long to decide on my favorite decade, because how can you not love the silhouette where the key was feminine grace, but without curves. For girls like me, it’s the perfect fit, and if desired, the straight dress can always be belted for a more defined look!

Most people tend to think of the 1920’s style as the Flapper Look. The short,flared mini skirt with headbands and long cigarette holders etc, but this style applies more to the 1960’s revival of the roaring Twenties look, made popular by films such as the amazing Cabaret, and The Boyfriend, starring Twiggy.

Twenties are everything I am and always planning on staying – skinny, vibrant, and full of character!

Now all I need is to learn Charleston 😉



It’s good to be Included


10 NOVEMBER 2011



Edited by: Collette Osuna of Statements in Fashion


With shorter days of winter on their way, many of us will spend countless hours wrapped in a warm comfy robe, our hands nestled around a cup of hot cocoa, and stalking our favorite blogs and fashion sites. What could be better than online window shopping and thoughts of Santa’s arrival in our heads?


This weeks links showcase some awesome blog posts I’d love to read on a cold winter night.


Take some time to read about Eco friendly designers, tips for pursuing a career in fashion, jewelry tricks, DIY’s, fab bloggers over forty, and more.
Have a great weekend & stay warm!






Newly Arrived at ShopbopHerve LegerNanette LeporeDion LeeTwenty8Twelve,LeSportsacSoft JoieGorjana3.1 Phillip LimSonia RykielRobert RodriguezTory Burch,Ugg, & Halston Heritage.

Fall Uniform

This is again another IFB Project, that I thought I’d do. I think this is an amazing way to see what fashion bloggers are actually wearing, and not just blogging about 😉 I wear so many different coats, that I thought it would be pointless to show them all, but I will show my fav print. The most important items that comprise my fall uniform are my boots, scarves and bags – so here you have it – BeingZhenya’s Fall Uniform!

Plus my favorite fall print of all times:



PS. What is your fall uniform?

IFB Links à la Mode – October 6th


Thanks IFB!



Highs and Lows of the Week

Another week flew by. I noticed how faster the time flies now that I am married. It’s been almost 3 months since I made the BIG move back to the States. Almost 2 months since I’ve been married. Wow, no one ever told me I’d better capture every days memories. I guess one day I’m going to wake up, and I’ll be 30! But isn’t it the age to be?

Anyways, the highlights of the week have been:

1. Getting into the Links a la mod round up on IFB (that’s for Independent Fashion Bloggers – if you didn’t know!)

2. The release of the new iPhone 4S, which I will be getting very soon!

3. My great finds at the warehouse district Salvation Army!

4. TAZO tea, especially it being on sale at Target, and the available coupons, making it really really cheap and worth stocking up on!

5. Tresemme dry shampoo! That has been a life saver! For a someone who has a habit of taking evening showers, this product has been a miracle! It keeps my hair looking clean throughout the day, lasting through the evening! Love it!

Now on to the lows of the week:

1. Death of Steve Jobs

At least there are loving jokes going around Internet about him, and we know he definitely got into Heaven after reading this one!

2. Kate Middleton turning down Vogue cover.

This has been a total bummer for thousands of fashionistas around the world, but she did it, the Duchess of Cambridge declined this offer.

Good thing is, I look so much like her on my new DL, so if Vogue needs a dupe – I’ll do it! Just give me really HIGH heels 😉