Layers of Fall #ThriftStyleThursday


Fall has always been about layers for many, and I am no exception. There is something about cozying up in a favorite sweater or scarf. It’s to the point of emotional attachment almost. And I don’t even want to try and explain it.

When fall becomes an accessory, you know you are doing it right!




It’s been a tough September for the Thrift Style Thursday group, but after everyone has reconsidered, we came back together, maybe not such a large group as before, but we are determined to bring you style and love every Thursday! Even if it’s not all thrifted 😉

Spoolish // Sandpaper Kisses //  Lipstick and Yarn

Aligator Toe // Buttons and Birdcages // Bethie the Boo

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Four are better than two! DIY place mats tutorial

So here is what I do when my husband is not around:

1. Find a DIY project.

2. Turn on some TV show (preferably some comedy)

3. Focus on the project and finish it in one sitting, taking the step-by-step photos for my blog 😉

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner, and my girlfriend Kara said that I need more place mats, because I only had two, so that’s what I decided to work on!

I took one of the place mats that I had (it came from a thrift store, I think I only paid $1 for 2) and traced it:

Then I cut it out, and repeated the process 3 more times. I ended with 4 rectangles:

Hemming was up next:

That’s the long boring part, because you need to do that on all 16 sides of all 4 rectangles, and I actually went with a running stitch after pinning. I just wanted to be real thorough, and not mess up the lines!

Then I ironed everything, paying special attention to the hem.

Then I put the two and two together:

And sewed the sides together:

As you can see I did a double row of stitches, just because the other place mats have them, and I wanted to make the two new ones match, even a little bit 🙂

And TA-DA – the final product!

The place mats that I made are not as stiff as the other ones, but they are hand-made and I am extremely proud of them. My latest DIY problem has been starting something, and not finishing it, so this is a great mile stone for me – accomplishing something in a matter of hours! I am sure all of you DIYers out there will understand me!

Let me know what you think about my little project! Have a fabulous day you all!



Another hole be GONE!

So I got this awesome American Rag top on sale, and then somehow got a hole in it, only after one day! Don’t you hate when that happens? Anyways, I knew that the light fabric couldn’t be stitched up, so what better way is there than to cover a whole up!

 See the hole? I know it’s small, but trust me – it bothered me a lot!

 So I pinned some vintage lace along the edge!

 And sewed it all to the shirt!

 No more hole (and from now on this shirt is hand-wash ONLY!)




Thrifting for Treasure: Red Alert

This morning I wanted to share some of my thrift finds. I have been doing Thrifting for Treasure for a while now, and I used to simply post pictures and write short descriptions of the items that I bought, but today I decided to also find additional ideas on how to style my finds. Hope you enjoy it!

1. High waisted wool skirt with pleats and pockets

How to wear:

With a white top and some pearl accessories! That skirt is your best bet for the office. You can keep chap-stick in your pocket too 😉

2. Oversized striped AX sweater

How to wear:

– with skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, or very VERY thick tights!

– with shorts, just make sure they are showing!

– with a skirt

Oversized sweaters are perfect when you want to draw attention to your legs! And when you have great legs to show, what can be better?

3. Red high waisted skirt

This skirt was bought as a DIY project in mind. It’s a maxi, which will be turned into a mini. The rest of the fabric, which by the way is a fabulous shade of red, is going towards my other DIY projects and will probably be turned into some hair accessories and a clutch!

How to wear:

– with a white top, like Lauren Conrad

– with a striped top, like Taylor Swift

– with a blazer

4. BCBG Max Azria dress

How to wear:

With cowboy boots, like Ashley Olsen, Jessica Alba and Miley Cirus

5. Red Vintage Coat

How to wear:

I spent a total of $14.46 yesterday, the AX sweater and the red coat were half-price, the skirts were $1.99 each. And the dress was $4.99

ALSO: I have mentioned this on my FB page yesterday, but if you are in Minneapolis, look for this:

Or go to the website and download it there: 

Happy Thursday! And Happy Thrifting!







Styling a Thrift find (which isn’t your size)

Imagine this – You walk into a thrift store, and maybe after only 5 minutes, or possible a very long 2 hours – you discover IT! The thrift find of your life (or more like a week – if you thrift shop every week like me). But it’s too big, or too long, or too wide. So what do you do? I mean it’s a find you can’t miss. Not for the whole world.

That’s what happened to me and the ivory 100% wool coat that I found at our local Sal Val for $3.99 I have to admit, I almost left it hanging there, since it’s a Large and I am a Small, sometimes an Extra-Small. So you see my dilemma, right? In the end I just couldn’t let it pass. So here is what I did:

I went through all my other clothes in my head (yes, that’s possible, especially after moving from Russia, and only being able to bring 2 suitcases. I do still have some clothes in New Jersey, but I won’t be getting those until September) and realized that I can totally pull this outfit off. Let me show you the ways:

1. Heel it and Wear a bulky sweater underneath

I know it’s hard to tell (and again I apologize for the camera phone shoot) but I am wearing 2.5 inch heels that are successfully sinking into the carpet. You don’t necessarily need to wear heels if you are tall, but I am 5’6” and this coat was dying for some heels. The other thing – bulky sweaters are your best friend, it does get cold in the winter, you know (especially if you live in Minne- SNOW-ta).

2. Belt it

I got lucky – my waist line matched the waist line of the coat, so viola – a brown belt and off I go!

3. Scarves are your best friend!

This coat was like a perfect canvas I could play and mess with, if you find a coat or a jacket of a dark color, then obviously go for a light scarf to create the contrast. Be creative and don’t be afraid to stand out. Remember – there will be only compliments!



PS. I would especially like to thank my husband for stepping up and taking all these pictures. Honey, you are the best!


How-to: yesterdays bracelet and Happy Birthday to me!

I have the instructions for the bracelet I made yesterday. I have also finished the bracelet and have pictures to prove it 🙂 Hopefully it all helps and you’ll find those useful

And here is the final product

The bracelet stretches, so there is no need for a clasp, it just slides on! Also, I am sorry about the blurry picture, my camera has been acting out today.

And finally:

Have a great weekend everyone, I know I will! And for once I am extremely excited for Monday!

I am no Vera Bradley, but I love paisleys just the same!

I have been gone for so loooooong, well only 6 days, but I’ve missed quality blogging and DIYing so much.

Today I am going to share a project I’ve started a while back. A Vera Bradley inspired tote bag. I copied the measurements off of the website, and using my own fabric made this tote.

The inside is pink and I am planning on adding a button in the front, but this is what it looks like laid out flat

This would also make a great diaper bag, so I might just give it to one of my friends who actually has a baby 🙂

I also wanted to show the pink inside to you:

There is a layer of fleece between the blue and the pink fabrics, which helps the tote hold its shape better, and makes it extra soft.

I hope you all had a great week, and found great DIY projects on line! I am so excited to be back with more ideas for you!

Happy Sunday-Funday!

DIY Fabric Memo Board

Today’s post is about my latest DIY project, using some of the vintage lace from yesterday’s entry. I hope you enjoy it!

When I first decided to make a memo/picture board, I wanted to use a board as a base, but soon realized that it was too heavy! So I used some cardboard instead.

1. Decide on the measurements for your board. Choose appropriate size cardboard.

2. You will need two identical pieces of cardboard:

3. Then you will need to apply glue, regular Elmer’s school glue works just fine:

4. Next, glue the pieces together, and put something heavy on top, like a stack of magazines ( I used my bridal ones)

5. Now you need some sintepon (it’s what they put inside your snow pants, that’s of course if you own a pair). Mine came in a big roll like this:

I cut out a piece, that I was going to use in my memo board. My original plan was to use foam rubber, but I didn’t have that.

6. I wrapped my sintepon around my cardboard (I didn’t have to wait for the glue to work for a long time, it’s only cardboard, so I think I gave it about 10 minutes or so), so it was nice and warm:

7. Next I trimmed extra sintepon and sewed the edges together, so the cardboard became invisible:

8. Then I chose some pink fabric to go over the base:

Cut a piece off, and ironed it!

Sorry for too much light, all these pics were taken with my phone camera 🙂

9. Next I hand stitched a “pillow-case” shaped sleeve, put it on my base, and stitched it close:

10. I used white ribbon/lace, that I showed you in my yesterday’s post, and started creating the criss-crosses, that hold pics and memos in place. My lace wasn’t elastic, but it worked just fine! I made the big central “X” first, then added on the sides:

So as a result it looked like this:

Let me show you the back, so that you can see the loops I made for hanging, and also you can see that my lace doesn’t go all the way around (it would’ve been an extreme waste of ribbon!)

I finally added some pictures, cards, a couple old pendants.

I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY project, don’t forget to check tomorrow’s!

Love and Lace Flowers,