10 Things to do This Spring!

I love spring! Wait… I LOVE SPRING!!!!

This was better! And I am extremely excited that tomorrow is the first day of spring! And even though it snowed like crazy here in Russia yesterday, my hopes are up, and I know that “the Spring is a Coming”!

Now this spring I have decided to challenge myself to do these 10 things, and you are more than welcome to do them with me, because it’s going to be FUN!

1. Create Spring Art!

I came across this beautiful watercolor pastel of Cherry Blossom trees in Central Park, painted by a Brooklyn artist. And I was so inspired and moved by it, that I decided to create some spring art of my own!

You can learn more about the artist here http://mosleyart.blogspot.com

2. Wear florals, or bright colors!

I have noticed that lately I’ve been wearing a lot of blacks and grays, and decided to brighten up my life and my outfits this season. I found a great inspiration on www.fashionfame.com

Love the parrots!

3. Hear the birds singing!

I wake up to birds, there are two trees outside my window, that seem to attract the most annoying kinds of birds – crows and jackdaws. But I found this amazing video and you can hear the birds singing no matter where in the midst of the busy city jungle you are!

4. Eat Healthy!

Am I the only person in the world who didn’t know about all the amazing resources www.livestrong.com has to offer? I found some great homemade hair care recipes yesterday, that I have mentioned in my previous post. But there is also a giant section on healthy eating, recipes included! So let’s all eat healthier this spring!

5. Do Some Yoga!

Whether you choose to follow the lifestyle of a yogi, or simply do some exercises to become more fit, you won’t regret it. I have already mentioned Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. My new favorite is Yoga with Rodne Yee! If you are a Mac lover like me, check out some great Yoga Apps that are out there! And remember – stay motivated!

6. Begin your day with Laughter!

I learned this from Sam, he always checks what I call “his” websites with some comics, funnies, or humor! There is a great blog here on WordPress, that makes me laugh so hard, esp. the latest post on Easter Bunnies, make sure to check it out! http://ske​tchybunnie​s.com/

Some other websites that I like are:




And don’t forget about the many many videos on YouTube of Kathy Griffin, Dane Cook, and other great comedians out there!

7. Believe!

Believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in others! Believe that you can, that you have the strength, the ability! Believe in opportunities, chances, fate! Believe in good, love, hope!

8. Take up a New Hobby!

One of my friends and fellow bloggers has recently started making her own soap, you can check it out here!


There are millions other hobbies out there! My mom does quilling! Here is a link to her website! I know that it’s all in Russian, but you can still see the works and how they are made!


Check out this link with a list of hobbies!


9. Plant an Herb Garden!

I always felt iffy towards house plants, but I love herbs, they smell great, and make food taste so much better! I am planning on planting a small herb garden and put on my kitchen windowsill! (Pictures coming soon!) I also believe that working with your hands, planting, gardening (which I don’t think I will be doing anytime soon) is good for your body, health and mind! And the smells of fresh herbs are also known to be great mood enhancers!

10. Redecorate your house, room, wall, table, shelf, ANYTHING for SPRING!

I found this amazing blog, that has some great redecorating ideas, the picture above shows a craft room, but there are other ideas there as well


I am planning on redecorating my TV stand, and maybe my desk! I am tired of the old dark brown color, and want to make it more vivid and exciting! (Pictures and DIYs to come!)

I hope you all enjoyed these ideas, and will be willing to give some of them a shot! Make sure to get back to me and tell me what changes you’ve made and whether you found this post helpful!

The story of my stress

It’s extremely difficult not to be stressed these days. People face stress at work, at home, on the way to work, on the way home, at the grocery store, at the bank, and all the other lovely places.

A lot of us are trying to make our homes a stress free zone, where we can finally sit back & relax.

Unfortunately my home has been filled with stress since last Friday. My grandmother, who is sick with cancer fell on the bathroom floor and couldn’t get up by herself. With the help of my dear friend Erin, I was able to carry her to bed. A couple hours later, after making several phone calls and consulting with a doctor, the ambulance arrived. My grandma got a painkiller shot, all I got was a stress filled life.

How do you live with someone with cancer? That was the question I was asking myself before I moved in with my grandparents again. How do you take care of someone who now can’t get up from bed, wash themselves and go to the bathroom by themselves? That is the question I had to answer in a matter of two days.

I learned to give shots, change diapers on an elderly person (trust me it’s different from changing them on a child, which I have done more than once!), disinfect surfaces and get rid of odors.

My grandma weigh 20 more pounds than me. Turns out weight watching can be a foe for some people. I never let my weight go over 120lb. I am at 115lb now. It’s impossible for me to pick her up, lift her, move her. I can barely put a diaper on her, and changing sheets is a game of tug of war, that I am losing desperately.

Drug store associates know me and give me discounts, grocery store clerks sigh when they see me leave with two heavy bags of food, my neighbor told me that maybe she will get better?

My grandpa’s ideas of a portable toilet are endless, the one we used before failed us today, literally. I was taking a shower after my 45 minute workout, and as I was getting out of the shower I heard my grandma falling, and screaming for my grandpa. Neither of us could get there soon enough. My grandpa has a hard time walking, he is obese and comes in a package with an armchair and a television set. We managed to pull my grandma up with a help of a towel that we put under her arms.

I have been face to face with fear this week, with insanity, with regret, remorse, grief. It is all in my grandmother’s eyes.

I am not quitting my job though, neither am I cutting back the hours, but every morning when I wake up the realization of what I have to go through today and it makes my day bad.

My mother who lives in Moscow keeps saying that she’ll take a week off, that she’ll take 2 weeks off, I don’t see the point. I simply asked her to come for the weekend, so that I can have a break.

Another thing that my mom likes talking about is how long does my grandma have left. That type of conversation can of course be easily interrupted by her pondering about what type of dress to wear to her former colleague’s Birthday Party. Last night all she could talk about were her new artificial nails. All my attempts to tell her those are tacky went down the drain.

Monday I woke up with strange bumps under my tongue and one on the side of my leg. Knowing that the cause of those was stress I quickly put Cortisone on the latter, and hoped the ones under my tongue would simply pop, which they did:)

I am off to make dinner now, wish me luck!