Summer Silk

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Nothing like a perfect silk dress to make your summer day perfect! We’ve been busy working on the house all weekend. All the old original 1947 cedar siding is off. And now we wait for the materials to come in and put up the new vinyl up. But back to the silk dress. It’s a consigned Rachel Roy dress, that makes me feel like Minnesota’s very own Carrie Bradshaw! And I am keeping it that way! My other summer must haves include: Hats (of all shapes, colors and sizes) summer-must-haves-hats Neon Accessories Neon-accessories   And, of course, dresses! perfect-summer-dresses I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! I have 2 (yes TWO) giveaways going on right now! So don’t miss out on your chances to win a set of Real Techniques brushes and a 40 day supply of my new favorite Hair, Skin and Nail gummies by Nature’s Bounty! Happy Tuesday and good luck!

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Шелковое платье сделает любой летний день просто отличным. Все выходные мы сдирали старую деревянную облицовку с нашего дома, а теперь ждем новые материалы, и, как вы уже, наверное, знаете, новый сайдинг нашего дома будет виниловым.

Но вернемся к платью, которое, кстати от Rachel Roy, в нем я чувствую себя как настоящая Керри Брэдшоу.

Среди моих других летних маст-хэвов:

Шляпы (всех цветов, фасонов и размеров)

Неоновые аксессуары

И, конечно же, платья!

Я надеюсь у вас были отличные выходные! Не забывайте участвовать в моих конкурсах и общаться со мной в социальных сетях!

MakerWear On

2014-01-19 17.13.49

Disclosure: The hats shown in the following post were provided for my honest review, the opinions and styling suggestions shared below are my own. 

After coming back from New York, I didn’t only change as a person, my style changed as well. It became more laid back, more relaxed, more hip.

So when an opportunity to style MakerWear hats came along, I gladly agreed. MakerWear is all about artists. Only the best designs get made – “curated crowd sourcing” – is what takes place when they want to bring new fashion to market.

Having trouble accessorizing lately, I am also stepping out of my comfort zone and trying on new pieces with this style challenge.

2014-01-19 17.16.59

Put a Bird on It Maker: J.J Spectre

A design nerd, type lover, and unicorn. Enjoys déjà vu and long walks on the moon. Dreams in color.

2014-01-19 17.20.08 2014-01-19 17.19.04 2014-01-19 17.21.32

Moshi Moshi Maker: Gian Ogreant

Indonesian artist, designer and photographer who finds inspiration in vintage retro and ogres.

2014-01-19 17.24.08

2014-01-19 17.26.24

2014-01-19 16.15.22

Bacon Tail Maker: Deedee Lazuardi

A screen printer and skateboarder so punk, he wouldn’t even tell us if he actually likes bacon.

I am definitely happy with the quality of the hats. I especially like the Moshi Moshi, it is by far my favorite! I really thought I’d like Put a Bird on It more, but the vizor is too wide for me. I wish I could get away with keeping it flat, but I will have to bend it. And of course Sam thinks I am in a gang now 😉

What did you think of my pics? Which designs would you pick?

To check out more designs visit the MakerWear website, and enter their amazing contest for a chance to win $1000 and a photo shoot! MakerWear hats are available nation wide in a Target near you!

Happy Monday,


A Dame in a Hat

A little bit of history today for you my lovely readers. And please remember this post for the rest of your life, because even when you are old and boring and are invited to a ladies get together – you don’t want to show up wearing a pink bucket on your head (a real story FYI!)

So let me introduce you to Madame Agnes,

The famous milliner Rose Valois, Madame le Monnier and Madame Agnes during the races at Longchamp racecourse, in August 1943

Of course hats were everything in the first half of the century, primarily the 30’s and Madame Agnes was the most popular milliner, and do you know why? Because this woman would cut the brims, while the hats were still on her clients. Now which one of you would let someone do that to you today?

Influenced by surrealism, she introduced that form of art into the art of millinery, plus she added the feathers too, and who doesn’t love those?

   So now when you need to wear a hat, you are going to know what to wear 🙂



The local Headware

Yesterday I found myself in a mall. The place I usually avoid, since as all of you know I prefer vintage shops and thrift stores. But it is what it is!

I was always wondering where people get those weird looking hats – you know, the ones that make your head look like an animal’s? Or it looks like you are wearing an actual animal head on your own?

The one that kills me the most is the Monkey – I think it’s plain ugly! But here are the ones I wasn’t afraid to try on!

And as my husband pointed out – there are no mirrors by these hats, because you shouldn’t see what you look like!

So instead of looking in the mirror – we took pictures!

See if you can find the Angry Monkey Hat in the above pictures 😉