Country Chic 5 Minute Refashion

If you are a devoted refashionista like me, you have craft supplies laying around everywhere. My dining table has become a permanent home to a sewing machine. The living room floor is where I lay out most of my patterns and fabrics, finding a pin or stepping on one is nothing out of the ordinary in this household.

Today’s refashion was inspired by a piece of lace trim that was on my dresser, aka make up table! I was going to use it in one of my refashions, but it turned out to be a complete fail (those happen to me too!), but I am glad it came in handy, because I think it turned out super cute! So here is what we are going to refashion today:

A Liz Claiborne Petite Large shirt. It’s so comfy, I love it! And even though it’s somewhat baggy, it’ll be staying in my closet for a long while!

2012-12-19 22.56.18


And here is the stranded piece of trim, laying right there on my make up brushes case, like it belongs there:

2012-12-19 22.56.33

Here is what we do:

Trim the lace to fit the pockets:

2012-12-19 22.57.13


So it looks like this:

2012-12-19 22.57.54


And now you are going to hand sew it on. Super easy and fast, took me only 5 minutes! Here is what it’s going to look like from the inside:

2012-12-19 23.04.43


And the result:

2012-12-19 23.16.01


I hope you enjoyed this easy, super chic, super girly refashion. I am sure that my obsession with lace trim is becoming more and more obvious with every refashion!

Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays!


Refashioned Vintage Coat

I have been Facebooking and Instagramming about this refashion all week long. And last night I finally finished it! So here it is, my $1.50 vintage coat refashion! As some of you may remember I got this coat at Arc Value Village right before Halloween off of a Halloween rack!

But enough about the coat, let’s see the refashion:

If you take a closer look you can see that there is a button missing, and when you take an even closer look, you’ll see that the buttons are loose…

2012-11-24 21.06.16

2012-11-24 21.06.21

I started off by decorating the pockets:

2012-11-25 12.49.52

All of the appliques were finished on the machine, but hand sewn to the coat!

2012-11-25 13.57.54

Then I moved on to redesigning the collar. I started off by just making triangles to go over the ends. I had to trace the shape using saran wrap:

2012-11-25 14.02.43

2012-11-25 18.10.43

Then I changed up the belt loops. The new one is on the left, old on the right!

2012-11-25 18.35.06

After showing it off to my husband, he suggested I change the collar and design an applique that would go all around. I traced the collar applique on paper, made sure it fit the original collar properly:

2012-11-28 22.01.28

Then came the most challenging part (at least for me) – altering/shortening the coat! I was even considering taking it in to get done professionally, but then I thought that since I’ve already put in so much work and effort and love into this project, I simply cannot fail! So I did it:

2012-11-29 22.17.17

I ran a zigzag stich along the bottom so that it wouldn’t fray, then pinned it up, and hand sewed it on. I know there is so much hand sewing in this project, and trust me my fingers are bruised and the skin is peeling, but it was so worth it!

2012-11-29 22.59.11

So here it is, my finished coat!


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Have an amazing weekend everyone! I know I will, in my new coat 🙂