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How serious are you about your hair? What about your hair care? 

For a couple years I took a break from coloring, and chemically treating my hair. I was on an all-natural streak, grew out my real color. Basically all I did to my hair was get it cut every 8 weeks.

But this year the goal is to think of/treat my hair more as an accessory, while still taking good care of it. No matter how short I cut it, or what new color I choose to dye it, I want it to look healthy, shiny and rich.

I’ve been using Hask products for a while. My favorite is the Henna ‘n’ Placenta conditioning treatment. But the new lines of products they’ve recently come out with are extremely appealing. I can see a lot of new favorites being added to my stash in the nearest future.



I’ve been able to get my hands on Keratin and Argan Oil lines. Since I’ve already tried shampoo/conditioner with Argan oil (even though it was a different brand), I was more curious about testing the Keratin line first. Of course the results after only a couple washes aren’t that visible, but I really want to draw your attention to the oil treatments. Since hair oils are an essential part of my routine, I was extremely excited for these. And they didn’t disappoint. My hair was smooth, shiny and non-greasy!

Here is a little more info on the new lines from Hask:

Also known as “liquid gold,” Argan Oil is a precious, time-honored beauty secret in its native Morocco. Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, Argan Oil from Morocco repairs, strengthens and moisturizes hair, all while taming frizz and adding shine. 

Keratin revives, restores, calms and strengthens parched, frizzy locks—wiping out the effects of heat, humidity and over-styling and helping your hair look and feel its best. 

Do you use hair oils? What are some of your favorite kinds/brands/DIY recipes? Please share, I’d love to hear what works for you!


Disclosure: The products shown and reviewed in this post have been provided by BrandBacker.com, the opinions are 100% my own.

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How Often Do You Wash Your Hair?

2014-01-05 17.29.16

My best friend Kat will tell you that you can wash your hair once every two weeks and get away with it! The girl lives off of dry shampoo. Other than being my best friend, she is also an editorial stylist and colorist in New York. She’s done numerous fashion week shows, photo shoots, and everything else you can think of! She is also the one who transformed my hair, and probably changed it’s fate forever.

The best advice she’s given me was washing my hair less. I’ve heard it before, and I always thought to myself – I could never do it. Well, I’ve only washed my hair twice in the past 14 days, so I can say I am doing it! I guess it was all about seeing it, and seeing is believing!

So let me show you the products that I use, and we’ll go from there!

HairCareProducts HairCareProductsAndTools

As you can see my tools and my products are anything but fancy, with an exception for maybe my Hana flat iron. And what is it that you see in the back there? That’s right – CORNSTARCH, it’s become my secret weapon (I have tried baby powder and flour, but I will definitely recommend cornstarch first, then baby powder, with flour being your last resort!)

Last week I took a picture of my hair every day. I washed my hair on Monday, and then again on Sunday (due to the St Jude Red Carpet for the Cure event, otherwise I would’ve waited another day!) And this is how it looked:

HairCareDay1 HaircareDay2 HaircareDay3 Haircareday4 HaircareDay5 HaircareDay6

After I took the last photo, I put in a deep conditioning DIY oil treatment, left it on for an hour, and then headed for the shower. I don’t use any store bought masks or treatments, coconut oil has been my go to for the past few years. I like mixing it with olive oil, which makes it easier to wash out. Plus I add a few drops of rosemary essential oil for the scent and it’s hair growth qualities.


So what’s it like washing my hair only once a week?

  • It’s different.
  • I still shower on a regular basis!
  • It’s important to remember NOT to touch your hair or scratch your scalp.
  • I have finally found the use for cornstarch.
  • My hair is so much easier to manage and style than before.

And here are some things that I personally don’t really care about:

  • I don’t care about how much money I save on shampoo/conditioner. I am doing Project Use Up = No New Makeup/HairCare for a year – that should tell you something about me, right?
  • My hair doesn’t feel healthier. Come on – it’s been bleached and I curl or straighten it at least couple times a week.
  • I take an herbal supplement for my hair, which is rich in vitamin B, and while it’s nice, I don’t see any changes, other than it turns my pee bright yellow!

The main reason why I am doing this, is to break the habit of constantly washing my hair. Making it easier to style, and thinking about it more than an accessory. I like my hair short, I liked it long too, don’t get me wrong, but the new cut, the new look, it’s given me so much confidence! I was tired of long hair, and I found myself in a situation where it controlled me. So I took control of the situation!

So now, spill the beans – How often do you wash your hair?


PS. Guess what? We made it to hump day! And tomorrow is Thrift Style Thursday! So don’t forget to tune in!

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