Girls, and their Make up

There are girls who wear make up, and girls who don’t. Among girls who don’t wear make up there are ones who wish they knew how to use and apply make up properly, then there are those who pretend they don’t give a rat’s ass, but deep down want to know how to use make up, and well there are ones who really don’t care.

Girls who wear make up can be divided into way more categories, than girls who don’t. But today we’ll be dividing them into 3: those who accentuate the eyes, those who accentuate the lips, or those who accentuate both. In spite of all these differences in preferences, all of the above trends are “IN” for the upcoming winter and spring.

The Red Lip


 Donna Karan 

The Bold Eyeliner

 Giorgio Armani

The Smokey 


The Eye and the Lip 

 Erin Fetherston

Have a great weekend!


PS. This post was inspired by Harper’s Bazaar!