Twin Cities Travelin’: Como Zoo and St Paul

Tuesdays have become one of my favorite days of the week. Aside from having Tuesdays Off (that’s my Tumblr btw 😉 ) I get to spend them with Jameson of Lessons with Coffee and explore Twin Cities like never before.

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Last week we went to Como Zoo, and since I’ve been there multiple times on field trips with kids from work, I knew I wanted to visit Conservatory Gardens. We did however tried to take a picture of giraffes walking outside through the fence, to which a little girl told us that we have to walk around and go through the entrance to do that.

The Conservatory Gardens was a lot of what I expected and more. The inside is beautiful, but I think the Japanese Garden was my favorite, including the bonsai exhibit. Did you know that all bonsai trees are shaped like a triangle? And sometimes there are accent plants that can’t be higher than the top of the pot next to them? I learned so much that day. We met a really helpful volunteer, who told us about the Japanese tea ceremony and the tea house. I love tea, but I don’t think I could drink that green tea that they serve there.

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After we visited the Conservatory Gardens the plan was to stop by The Russian Tea House on University Ave. But apparently that place is only open on Fridays 11-3! Too bad, so sad! And I was!

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So instead we stopped by Second Debut, took pictures in front of the awesome mural. And then drove to Grand Ave and ate lunch at Salut!

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Stay tuned for the nest Twin Cities Travelin’, it’ll be my Birthday edition one! Until then – Have fun!

Z & J

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Make Tonight a Game Night

When it’s too hot or too cold to go outside (those seem to be the two most common temperatures in Minnesota) – make tonight a Game Night!

Growing up I was obsessed with card games, Uno, Phase Ten, Draw 2, Wild card, I was hooked! I even learned how to do the bridge shuffle – I called it the fancy way!


There are also some Russian games, like the never-ending game of the Drunk (pyanitsya) or Fool (doorak), I had a lot of fun teaching my husband how to play those, and beating him in those was definitely a boost to my ego 🙂

When I was a teenager I got my first gaming console and even though I enjoyed a game of Sonic here and there, after I beat the games, I quickly lost interest and moved on to something else. Now, after having been married to a gamer for almost 2 years, I can definitely say one thing – I enjoy watching someone else play a video game more, than playing it myself. I am willing to participate in an occasional race or two though!

During my au pair years I got into Monopoly. Have you seen all the available versions of this game nowadays? There is one with fake credit cards! Not to mention the one with Disney or Star Wars characters. We actually own the latter, it was my gift to Sam for Valentines day last year. I am a nerd like that!

11219148Check out this Nightmare Before Christmas edition for the Tim Burton Fan in all of us!

So why not make tonight a game night? Turn away from that TV you’ve been probably watching for the past few hours, and spend some time playing with your loved ones. And if you’ve got kids – you are in luck, because there is always that good old chutes and ladders laying at the bottom of the stack!

And finally don’t forget to check out some on-line gaming opportunities, especially if it’s a single kind of night. There are quite a few websites out there, i.e, where you don’t only play the game, but can also place bets and win some $$$. It’s a virtual casino with slot machines, roulette, black jack and so much more! Besides you can also play Monopoly online, Star Trek (for the geek in all of us!), treasure quests, and so much more! Please remember to play responsibly!

So go have fun, enjoy the night, and remember, it’s only a game!



Happy Halloween!

It’s The second day of partying and celebrating Halloween at work for me! Yesterday was our 101 Dalmatians day, and today you can go as whoever! So Ta-Da I am a witch! The costume came from my closet, I didn’t have to buy anything! And that’s how we want it, right fellow thrifters?


And a close up of the face! I used a lot of blacks and grays, and skipped the blush!


My husband went as The Pwner, from Pure Pwnage! Check out the key board, that’s one important accessory!


Happy Halloween!
Please leave me links with your costumes!

That’s Minneapolis for ya!

Apparently if you want to have a good time in Minneapolis, you call a travel agent:

Milk starts at 9 gallons at CVS!

And Calhoun Bike Rental knows just what to put between your legs!

 With all my love from Minneapolis,


30 Day Sephora Blockbuster Challenge

Here is what I have 

But do I use it?

So for the next 30 days I am going to mostly use this palette!


So that these eyeshadows don’t go to waste!

So that these lip sticks don’t go to waste!

And all the other products also get to put to good use!

And to get out of a makeup RUT!

Stick with me to see my every day looks!