Our first date

Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, I decided to blog about our first date. Something that happened over 3 1/2 years ago in Minneapolis.

We went walking around the city after he picked me up from my friends’ house. I remember the excitement, the thrill, because what i was about to experience was the best date of my life, with a man I am getting married to in less than 5 months. So to all of you who are still single – first date makes an everlasting impression.

We didn’t do anything special, went to the river front, passed by the library, and the building that changes colors. Took pictures by the river, it was too dark and all you can see are our faces and a thin string of lights in the background.

We walked through the skyline, and I was absolutely amazed at the beauty of the city from the “glass tubes” that I’ve never seen before.

We passed a street musician, who was playing the saxophone, something that my fiance can play as well, and we stood listening to his music for a while. There were sirens in the background, and it felt almost like a movie!

Then he took me home, 99 red balloons was playing on the radio.

The first date of a relationship of a lifetime!