Faux Fur, Plaid + Distressed Denim

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Here they are, my DIY distressed jeans making an appearance in another post paired up with a plaid button down and a faux fur vest. I am obsessed with how this pair turned out, and can’t wait to work on my next one. If only it was warmer in Minnesota. I keep telling myself – Only 2 more cold days, then it’ll get better.

This whole look sans the shoes and the hat is thrifted, and I couldn’t be more proud at how it all came together!

It’s week 4 of school now, and all my projects are starting to get more serious and intense. But as some of you know, I am not working this semester, just focusing on school, so that definitely makes things a lot easier.

I wanted to quickly mention a really cool book I am reading in my Retail Environments and Human Behavior class. It’s called Why We Buy? by Paco Undersell. The book focuses on different aspects of stores, from visual displays, to decompression zones, to strategically positioning merchandise in specific places on the floor. So if you are interested in retail, or simply want to know more about the science of shopping, definitely check it out. I will be working on an observational research paper in this class too, so if you are interested, definitely let me know, and I will share about my research in the next post.

PS. Happy Valentine’s Day! Can you tell which hand is mine?


Fit Fur a Queen {Thrift Style Thursday}

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2013-12-15 17.43.51

When it comes to fur, I like it all! It’s warm, it’s cozy, it’s snuggly. I hate getting out of bed these days, especially when the alarm goes off at 5.45 am. I am so not a morning person (are you?), that’s why comfy oversized sweaters, dresses, and this vest have become my uniform!

Fur also brings memories of the Russian fairy tales, I used to watch as a child!

Princess or not, this outfit makes me feel like a million bucks!

Happy Thrift Style Thursday!


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It’s better when it’s FAUX

I was inspired by one of my readers to write about faux fur, vests, coats, you name it. I have been dying to get my hands on a good quality faux fur piece for a long time, but seems like thrift stores don’t carry too many of those, so looks like I am going to have to splurge on that!

Faux fur vests are also very in this fall. They go well with everything – jeans, skirts, dresses. Plus when it’s high quality, it is usually nice to the touch, and who doesn’t want to wear something that’s also soft and cuddly, and a fashion statement at the same time? I am telling you ladies, it’s all better than a fleece jacket!

In the picture on the left you see two of my favorite fall trends combined – polka dots and fur vest (it’s faux, so that makes it eco friendly 😉 )

Sometimes, when you are not sure about the whole vest thing, and want to stay on the safe side – go with a collar, like this one on the right.

Shorter vests are a great option too – and trust me, they look good not only on blondes!

Great faux fur jackets are always an amazing find – check out this cheetah print one from Nordstrom!

It’s always amazing to come across a jacket with a faux fur collar, so if you score one – take good care of it and it will last you many many years.

Just remember – some faux furs aren’t meant to be! It’s not okay to be wearing faux fur boots (I remember them being popular in Russia back in 2003/2004). Nothing and no one will advocate for you if you are walking around with “animal” feet! You are not a yeti!

So remember, don’t go over the top with all the faux, and if you want, sometimes there is room for real fur!