Great Fashion Week Ideas that you can Incorporate into your Daily Outfits!

I was browsing some fashion websites today in the AM, and came across some great fashion trends that you can use in your daily outfits.

1. The first one is a head scarf! This trend is actually one of my faves, because with fall coming, you can use the scarf to cover up your ears, and protect them from cold!

This one is Ralph Lauren.

And these are Marc Jacobs

2. Bright tights! There are some at Target for $5, but if you live in Minneapolis like me, and know about Target overstock at the local Salvation Army, you can get them there for $2!

3. The 60s coat! Going back to yesterdays post about not wearing fleece, I just want to show another coat idea to all of you out there in distress!

4. High waisted pants. If Leone Lewis can rock them, so can you!

I hope you are enjoying these as much as I am! Good luck with fashion trends and fashion finds!

Zhenya H

Fall Trends 2011

You are not going to read about those in any of the fashion magazines, because these are not fashion trends, these are the trends that dress your heart and soul, the trends that keep you warm and the trends that brighten your day better than the bright colors from the pages of Elle, Vogue and all the rest!

1. Apple Cider!

2. Leaves Fights in the Park!

3. Reading a good book on a rainy day!

4. Walking through the puddles in those brand new rain boots! 

5. Wearing Knitted bulky scarves!

6. And Holidays, with the family! 

Happy Fall 2011 everybody!




PS. There are only 111 days until Christmas!