Love-Coat Relationship {A Thrift Style Thursday Post}

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Happy Thursday! So excited to be brining another Thrift Style Thursday post to you today along with all the other girls! We are also excited to have Alex of Snippetswithalex and The Fair Trade Fashionistas join us today!

You can never have too many shoes, purses… too much clothes, or make up…  If you ask me, you can never have too many coats! I learned it the hard way, the good way, living in Minnesota. 

Coats and outerwear are one of the first sections I check out when I go to a thrift store. Here is why:

– I am always looking for a new coat,

– I am always looking for a new VINTAGE coat,

– I am always looking for a new WARMER coat!

It took me a while to decide which coat to style for today’s post, but I settled on this vintage one, that I bought a couple years ago at Salvation Army. It’s not only vintage, but it was made here in Minneapolis, plus the festive red color puts me in a holiday mood, and I am so excited the holidays are right around the corner! So from the oversized pockets, to the side zippers, to the missing buttons, this coat has as much character, personality and history, as I do.

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PS. And yes, I did rake the leaves just for this post! 

Keep your Fleece to Yourself!

Yes it’s 36 in Minneapolis today, high of 58, so this morning as Sam and I were walking – he was walking to work, I was walking to get some exercise in the AM, I spotted the terrible, terrible trend, that does exist everywhere in the US, some places more, some places less.


As comfortable as it is (we all know the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket that wearing a fleece jacket gives us) I am going to call your senses to cutting the cord between you and that blanket looking jacket you might want to wear to work. Wearing fleece outside equals wearing your Snuggie to work! Get the idea?

Places to WEAR your fleece:

At home

At home


Or for a run, if you are a runner, but I know that pro-runners don’t wear fleece jackets, they are too cool for that North Face color burst, and would rather go for UA, Adidas, or whatever the latest trend for super-thin, super-warm, light-weight, reflector built-in type work out apparel!

When NOT to WEAR your fleece:

In all other occasions 🙂

Here is one of my nightmares brought to life:

Here are some affordable great looking alternatives!

Navy Wool Coat from TopShop for $160

A BB Dakota Dedrick Long Overcoat for $145

Wool Coat for $100 from Delia’s

This blue color is also one of the Fashion Trends of NYC Fashion Week this year!

For more ideas on fall/winter coats check In Style, Lucky, Allure, or any other fashion magazine. Besides, ladies of Minneapolis, there are plenty of shops downtown, which you need to check – Macy’s, Saks off 5th Outlet, Marshall’s, Banana Republic, Gap, Nieman Marcus, and finally Target, even they sell affordable and better looking than fleece types of coats!

Good luck!

Hoping and praying for warm weather tomorrow !

Zhenya H