Don’t Judge the Post by it’s Title

Oh but we all do that, as well as books, people, magazines, stores, etc… Sometimes people click on the link to my blog, see the title of the post, and later ask me – what was your post about? I find it hilarious ­čÖé ┬áSometimes I just make things up, to mess with them. Yes, I am that kind of person, I like messing with people. Won’t you just shiver and shake at the thought of that!

A couple days ago a lady from church added me on FB, the whole friending experience resulted in her sending me a message asking about my blog. She asked me how she can get there (there – meaning my blog). I didn’t quiet understand what she meant (had a total blond moment), I thought she was asking me to blog about her. Well she was just asking for a link. Apparently me posting links to my blog all over my wall isn’t enough! Oh well, that’s not my problem.

So back to the original subject of this post, TITLES! I was checking out “Freshly Pressed” section, and came across a post about yard/garage sales. I got super psyched about it, since it’s right up my alley. Well, the guy was blogging about how he finds toys at garage sales, especially the ninja turtle ones. You can check it out here if you want

Another post I was disappointed by was a DIY project – the bullet necklace. The idea is amazing, but the way it was carried out – meh! I really wish the author figured out a way how to spread out the shells, and have them individually laid out. She could’ve used some foam sheet, like this blogger

Well, here is the link to the Bullet necklace anyways:

There are a lot of post where the title basically gives it away, which is fine by me! I do like a little mystery though! The secrecy, the planning, the idea! I hope you all enjoy today’s post, stay tuned for an upcoming post on my wedding dress shopping!





PS. On my wish list right now: