Country Chic 5 Minute Refashion

If you are a devoted refashionista like me, you have craft supplies laying around everywhere. My dining table has become a permanent home to a sewing machine. The living room floor is where I lay out most of my patterns and fabrics, finding a pin or stepping on one is nothing out of the ordinary in this household.

Today’s refashion was inspired by a piece of lace trim that was on my dresser, aka make up table! I was going to use it in one of my refashions, but it turned out to be a complete fail (those happen to me too!), but I am glad it came in handy, because I think it turned out super cute! So here is what we are going to refashion today:

A Liz Claiborne Petite Large shirt. It’s so comfy, I love it! And even though it’s somewhat baggy, it’ll be staying in my closet for a long while!

2012-12-19 22.56.18


And here is the stranded piece of trim, laying right there on my make up brushes case, like it belongs there:

2012-12-19 22.56.33

Here is what we do:

Trim the lace to fit the pockets:

2012-12-19 22.57.13


So it looks like this:

2012-12-19 22.57.54


And now you are going to hand sew it on. Super easy and fast, took me only 5 minutes! Here is what it’s going to look like from the inside:

2012-12-19 23.04.43


And the result:

2012-12-19 23.16.01


I hope you enjoyed this easy, super chic, super girly refashion. I am sure that my obsession with lace trim is becoming more and more obvious with every refashion!

Happy Thursday and Happy Holidays!


Shabby Chic and a Vintage Necklace

I know I promised a refashion to all of my lovely readers here on WordPress and on the Re-Fashion Co-op Blog on Blogpost. And here it is!

I had this Large Gap Body shirt for over 2 years, it was one of the things my girlfriend gave me, and no I was never that size, it was just that one particular shirt.

It’s inside out, and you can see that pocket on the front. Well the pocket and the length in general bugged me so much, that I chopped it all off! Pinned some vintage lace to the bottom – I used two different kinds – one for the front, one for the back:

 And here is what I ended up with!

 Here is another closer look at the trim:

 And the vintage necklace that I got from my Grandma:

 Can’t wait for spring now 🙂