29 today




I turned 29 today and as I was thinking about this post, I toyed around with the idea of making it 30 before 30, but decided against it. It’s a waste of time, and in a lot of cases money. And to be honest all I want to do before I am 30 is graduate and get a job that I enjoy.

Maybe I’ll add – never lie about my age too 😉






PS. Dress remind you of anything? Gotta love Target!




Denim In Denver

Right before we left for Colorado, I stopped by my friend Jameson’s garage sale and picked up a few things (more like half of an entire new wardrobe!). This denim dress included! It was brand new with tags, and I can’t even remember what I paid for it.
The dress was perfect for our day trip to Denver and Boulder with my friend Marina and her husband.
Ironically enough I don’t have a picture of the back, so I can’t completely show you how awesome it is. You’ll just have to believe me on this one!

We also had a chance to visit Celestial Seasonings tea factory! It was really insightful and for a big tea drinker like me, was super informative. It is a free tour offered in Boulder. So make sure to check it out, but they won’t let you take any pictures, as you may as we’ll be a tourist from Lipton!



Hope your Tuesday is going great! Make sure to enter my $150 Giveaway that I am hosting together with Gerard’s USA.



Let’s Make A Dress!

2014-05-06 21.47.28

Today I want you to meet a wonderfully talented eco-minded local Minneapolis fabric designer Josi Severson, who founded Home Fashion Fabrics in order to provide fabrics that separated all perceptions of any specific style or trend.  Josi lets each person pick designs based on their own personal styles to perfectly accommodate their unique circumstances and environments. Josi speaks volumes in her graphic, hand-drawn designs. She chose to join the world of design because: “I have something to say. It’s a conversation I want to be a part of.” Her style has been described both as Scandinavian and African-influenced. “I enjoy clean lines balanced with uninhibited use of color and texture like you see in textiles of those regions,” Severson says. “I’ve been to both areas and have been so inspired by the people and styles.”

And Josi has an idea. An amazing idea for a dress, that’s unique and universal at the same time. It can be styled in so many different ways, dressed up or down, worn all year round. But the best part of it all is – it’s made from organic cotton printed in the US, which is thick and heavy, so nice to the touch, and will look great on almost all body types! Josi’s idea led her to creating a Kickstarter campaign, that will help fund the dress project! There are 10 days left in the campaign, so if you like the idea and the dress, please show your support. The dress will be available in 6 different prints.

I had an awesome opportunity to visit Josi in her showroom at 1008 Marquette Ave S in downtown Minneapolis on Tuesday, try on the sample dress, and talk a little fashion, DIY and life in general. And I got to meet Austin, which was a great big bonus, if you ask me! So if you are in downtown and have a few minutes to spare, stop by  Josi’s Home Fashion Fabrics, and step out of the crazy busy life into an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, something that I have only found in one other place in the States – Brooklyn. being-zhenya-home-fashion-fabrics

2014-05-06 21.44.48

organic-cotton-dress josi-severson-showroom josi-severson-fabrics josi-severson-minneapolis josi-severson-wall-art home-fashion-fabrics-jewelry josi-severson-showroom-jewelry josi-severson-prints-fabrics josi-severson-downtown-minneapolis Follow Josi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for amazing prints, inspirations, and decor ideas. And if you are in downtown Minneapolis, make sure to visit the showroom. If you were to pick a pattern for the dress, which one would you pick?

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{27 Dresses} Dress 2: It’s Still My Birthday


I know, I know, but let me tell you about this amazing place called Burger Jones! Oh wait, you already knew?!? I sure hope so!
Well let me start by showing off my new living room furniture! It took Sam and I a pretty long time to find the pieces we knew we absolutely loved. And we looked almost everywhere there was to look in the Twin Cities. But you know what it all came down to? Macy’s furniture store in Edina!


My mother-in-law came over and we went to Sur la Table at 50th and France, and got the rest of the beautiful silverware set that my in-laws have me for my Birthday!


We also got some frozen yogurts at the Yogurt Lab, and the Chili Chocolate is to die for! So is salted carmel 🙂 YUM

Now we are getting to Burger Jones 😉 After one “Big Sloppy Kiss”


And this specialty pesto burger


Surprisingly enough I had room for dessert! Which was on the house!


If you are wondering about the dress 😉 I like it, but it has this really awkward length, and the pleats don’t go all the way down, so it looks a bit off if you take a closer look!


And here you have it! A second day of my 27 dress project! Don’t forget to enter my Shabby Apple giveaway!
Happy Tuesday,

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

As some of you know, I am starting a series of posts called “27 dresses” on Monday.  I will simply be wearing dresses for the next 27 days, and encourage you to do the same! Just like DVF said in her wrap dress campaign – Be a Woman, Wear a Dress – I hope my campaign inspires you! No repeats! I promise 🙂

And what better way of kicking off this campaign than with a dress giveaway? And not just by anyone, but by Shabby Apple themselves! I love that vintage clothing online store, their styles are to die for!

So the dress I picked for you my dear readers is … drumroll please…

The Moon River!

Moon River 1

Moon River

A gorgeous dress that I think will look flattering on all figures!

And now the rules:

1. Giveaway is open only in the US (sorry my dear international readers! I promise I’ll have something going on for you soon!)

2. You must be a subscriber to BeingZhenya.com (either via email, or WordPress, or Bloglovin’) – all the links are on the home page of my blog! Let me know if you are having trouble finding them!

3. Leave a comment telling me what kind of post you want to see on my blog! I really want to make an effort and make my readers happy!

4. For additional entries, please go HERE or to my Facebook page!

Good luck everyone! The Giveaway will end on July, 28! And I will announce the winner on my Facebook page July, 29!

Have a great Sunday!



PS. And don’t forget to check out my second blog  Story and a Half of Our Life!

Vintage Leslie Fay dress refashion (PSST! What I really wore for the 4th of July!)

After we moved, I have come to realize how much vintage clothing I actually have. Unfortunately I couldn’t wear some of it, because it needed to be altered or refashioned! So I decided to start with this vintage Leslie Fay dress:

I got it at Savers last fall, and never wore it because of the neckline, or should I say the lack of it 🙂 So, that collar was the first thing to go:


Then I cut a good chunk off the bottom, lets be honest, I still got some killer leg to show 😉

I hemmed the raw edges using some vintage navy colored trim that I had, making this dress perfect for the 4th of July!



Outfit of the Day – March 16


Dress – Mossimo Target

Shoes – Steve Madden

Bag – Coach

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Make up – greens and goldens – I was practicing for St. Patrick’s Day 😉



Outfit of the Day – October, 29

Sharing the gorgeous Minneapolis weather with you! I heard it snowed on the East Coast today, so I wanted to share a little bit of sunshine, and my outfit!

Outfit breakdown:

Suade boots by Mexx

White coat from Nordstrom’s (thrifted at the Salvation Army for $4)

BCBG Max Azria dress

Steve Madden sunglasses.

Hope you all are having a fabulous Saturday, we are celebrating my husband’s Birthday today, that’s our 2nd celebration this week, tomorrow is the final one with his parents!



Maxi skirt transformation!

I have been looking for a perfect maxi skirt since the beginning of the summer! Needless to say they are in style right now, but I wanted it for a different reason too. You know how you can hike it up and wear as a dress? That is exactly what I was going to do! I finally found the skirt that I liked, and I knew it’s color would go well with pieces that I’ve already had in my closet, including the accessories. Here is the skirt:

And the close up on the pattern:

The maxi skirt as a skirt:

With some accessories:

And a belt

Now the same skirt as a dress:

I added this BCBG jacket for a more work-appropriate look!

This skirt/dress also looks great with this turquoise necklace

Tomorrow I will show you another necklace that looks great with this dress. It is going to be a “refurbished” necklace, that belonged to my Grandma. But I am not going to give it away just yet!

Happy Saturday everyone! What are you going to treat yourself to this weekend?