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DIY T-shirt, DKNY skirt, Forever 21 Booties, Rebecca Minkoff bag

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I finally came around to making a T-shirt for my blog, and then wore it to take pictures outside.

The shirt is still not done, I am planning on adding sequins or beads to the letters to outline them, but it’s a start!

A lot has happened in the past couple of days, and I have more projects going on than time on my hands, but like I tweeted yesterday, I am extremely grateful for what I do as a blogger, and for those who take me seriously!

At the end of the day it’s all about sitting down and enjoying the sunset.




Styling a pencil skirt isn’t complicated at all, especially when you have an amazing pair of booties.




MBFW Day 4 Recap + Favorites

I can’t believe it’s already day 4 of New York Fashion Week. Of course I got my own fashion fix today when I shopped the Peter Pilotto collection at Target! And in honor of Custo Barcelona show, I wore my Custo Barcelona jacket 😉

The day began with Lela Rose. Her dresses were stunning. But the black and white rose print fabric that she used in some of her looks was above and beyond!

Lela-Rose Lela-Rose

DKNY showed us leather sweatpants, D embellished jackets and shirts, and a good amount of fur.


Katya Zol‘s Mongolia inspired collection was a perfect blend of Fashion and Culture. The flowy silhouettes, golden accessories that gave the word “chunky” a second meaning, the pre-show presentation, it was all thought through, all aligned, a true collection!

Katya-Zol-Mongolia Katya-Zol-Mongolia

Custo Barcelona brought back the mirror aviators, and bangs!

Custo-Barcelona-Fall-2014 Custo-Barcelona

Diane Von Furstenberg celebrated the dress that started it all. Her show ended with gold confetti. Diane, you are golden, and you will always be my inspiration!
DVF DVF DVFVivienne Tam is another designer that’s close to my heart and is in my wardrobe. Her animal prints are everything I want to wear in the fall.

Vivienne-Tam-Fall-2014-NYFW Vivienne-Tam-Fall-2014-NYFW Vivienne-Tam

Gorgeous hair today at Georgine show:

Georgine Georgine

In the end of the day, Fashion week is all about love and support, determination and hard work, and, of course, family!

David Beckham Victoria Beckham fashion show

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Happy Fashion week!


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{27 Dresses} Dress 6: On the Boat Again






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Some of you were wondering whether I received a boat for my birthday last week, well not really 😉 The boat actually belongs to my father-in-law, and back in the day Sam and he spent a lot of time building it! And now sailing has become one of my favorite summer pass-times! And this time I made sure I packed my new Samsung Galaxy Camera I received from Verizon Wireless back in May!

When it came to picking out my sailing outfit, I went for one of my favorite DKNY dresses from Macy’s (yay for fitting into juniors size!), and my thrifted (Goodwill) white rim sunnies! I also braided my hair, because once you get out on St.Croix it gets really windy and the hair blows all over the place, in your face included!

2013-07-21 17.40.59


2013-07-21 17.40.51

I also wanted to share some scenic photos, enjoy and let me know what you think about sailing and any other kinds of on the water activities!

2013-07-21 19.01.12


2013-07-21 19.01.02


Another cool thing I was going to talk to you about is this new app I’ve been using called Mavatar. It’s an iPad app that let’s you shop and create wish boards, but at the same time applies coupons and any promotions going on in the store at the time! The creators of this app focus on higher end stores and brands (Nieman Marcus, Bloomington’s, Nordstrom) with a good mix of Macy’s, Gap, and Banana Republic in between! It’s especially nice to see Bloomingdales and Nieman’s featured on here, because they closed both of these stores in Minneapolis! (*SIGH*)

2013-07-23 20.15.03


The “main” page of the app (every category breaks down into more when you tap it)

2013-07-23 20.15.14


And this is where you can see how many coupons/discounts/promotions are available

2013-07-23 20.15.25


And an example of a “Wishlist”!

So here you have it online shoppers – a great way to shop and save at the same time! Now that’s what I call smartshopping!

Let inspiration guide you today~



Thrifting for Treasure and Shopping for Sales

This weeks thrifting for treasure is going to be mixed with some sales that I was able to score yesterday at Macy’s. And even though I don’t shop retail on a regular basis, the Macy’s sale is something that is hard to miss. And once you see my finds, you’ll understand one!

But I am going to start with the Salvation Army finds! $1.99 100% silk skirt, originally from Sears, the brand is called First Issue, and since I don’t shop at Sears, I am not really familiar with their lines. Anyways, this beautiful forest green color is going to look amazing with some of my chunky sweaters in the winter, and I am not even going to start on the spring and summer 2012 trends 😉

Even though I usually don’t buy Target brands at the thrift stores, I couldn’t resist this Mossimo loose sweater/wrap. It only cost $2.50, so what the heck, thought I and added this baby to my cart!

My final find was this Betty Hanson red dress, perfect for the holidays. Besides some of my readers have already started asking for Christmas apparel ideas. Once this dress is cleaned, styled and photographed, you are going to be amazed! The cool thing about it is that it’s made in Italy too!

 I also picked up some toiletries, and finally got some of my stuff back from NJ, where it was being held hostage 😉

I also fell a victim to the Macy’s one day sale. The savings were amazing, the brands were my favorite, and my husband was all for it!

The dress is DKNY Jeans, and the tops are American Rag! Needless to say, I couldn’t have been happier! Hope you are having a great week, it’s almost over too 🙂



Trending Now: Peter Pan Collar Dresses

Classy? Yes! Vintage? Yes! The Peter Pan Collar is as popular now, as it was back in the middle of the past century! It’s everywhere from Prada, LV and DKNY, to Vero Moda and Urban Outfitters. Moreover – there are tons of DIY posts on how you can make your own Peter Pan Collar and attach not only to a dress, but to basically anything.

If you are interested in an easy and fast Peter Pan Collar tutorial, I suggest you check out this video:

How are you going to wear your Peter Pan Collar?



PS. Tomorrow I have another Fashion Personality Special, an interview with a Minnesota native Emily Sandberg! Don’t miss out on that!

The Seasonal Change of a Trench Coat

There are two types of trenches – spring trenches, and fall ones! I remember growing up in Soviet Russia (that’s what my husband calls it) that there was a two seasons coat, aka a trench you could wear both in the spring and in the fall. My mom had a couple of those. The whole reason behind them was to satisfy a woman’s craving for fashion, plus there was never anything in the stores anyways, so women were stuck with one coat for many many years.

Yesterday, as we were walking home, Sam told me that I should write about trench coats. Here we go, I thought, my husband is now telling me what to write on my fashion blog about! Well, I am also proud to say, that I trained him well! There are some other success stories of the women, who trained their husbands as well as me! He is even curious about my statistics, and the number of views I get per day!

Anyways, back to the trenches. It has somehow happened that I own only the ones that are appropriate for spring. Was it a coincidence? Maybe… Something subconscious? Probably… But never the less, I am a proud owner of two trench coats that are peachy pink and blue! They are staying in the closet until spring 😉

I have always been leaning towards warmer, wool coats when Fall came around. But today, thinking about the trends, and the whole idea of a trench, I thought to myself, why not?

And even though my outerwear collection is quiet extensive, I know I won’t be able to help it, but look for a trench coat next time I go shopping.

Looking at the fall-winter trench coat trends, they first come across as boring and predictable, the same beige and browns with a little black and gray mixed in. But the whole point of a trench coat is to be able to dress it up! Play with the accessories, add some fun! Unfortunately, not a lot of women know that! So here I am telling you to DRESS UP your trench coat!

                Burberry Prorsum, Andrew Gn, J. Crew, MaxMara

Here are some tips on dressing up a trench (works for regular coats too 😉 )

1. Go for a bright belt! A lot of trench coats come with belts (duh! what a shocker), but sometimes it’s fun to add your own little touch and chose a bright and exciting belt!

2. Accessorise: I am not talking scarves here, that’s too predictable. Use brooches, necklaces, bracelets and wear them over the coat! That’s a very unique and unpredictable move!

3. Don’t button up: Often coats cover up a very cute outfit, so leave your coat undone, let the belt hang, or stick the ends in your pockets and carry on!

I hope these were helpful, and I can’t wait to see you all out there in your trenches 😉