Refashion Runway First Challenge: STRIPES


Hi everyone, I hope you are as excited as I am, because today I am finally sharing my very first submission to the Refashion Runway contest hosted by the Renegade Seamstress!


I am ecstatic, especially because I completed this challenge last Sunday, and waited and waited all week long to finally show it to you, and the WORLD!

As you know the theme of the first challenge was STRIPES! And there is a story behind this refashion (as always with me!)

I was at work working on the NAYEC portfolio on a Saturday (yes, I do that!), when Beth emailed me, so after spending 4 hours and barely getting anything done, I hit the Hopkins Goodwill (one of the best ones in the Twin Cities in my opinion) and scored an awesome American Apparel striped dress for $5.99 (originally $42), that just screamed REFASHION to me! (I also got a whole bunch of other things, but I’ll tell you more about them later 😉 )


Do you see what’s wrong with it? Yes, the hood, which was too heavy and looked awkward, and the drawstrings, which looked like a giant shoelace!

So I quickly cut the hood off, creating the new neckline…

2013-06-02 15.31.35

2013-06-02 16.01.20

Then I got rid of the shoelace drawstring:

2013-06-02 16.01.56

And swapped it for a bright turquoise ribbon!

2013-06-02 19.46.50

But I went one step further and reused the left over fabric from the hood to create this Great Gatsby inspired head piece:

2013-06-03 10.37.57


2013-06-02 19.46.16

I styled the dress with white wedges from, Straw Fedora from Goodwill, Bright Neon Necklace from Old Navy, and Vintage Kenneth Cole purse!

2013-06-02 19.46.44

2013-06-02 19.45.24

Please don’t forget to go and cast your vote here, so that I can keep refashioning in this wonderful contest!



DIY Friday: Florals, Florals Everywhere (two refashions in one!)

Today’s refashion is going to be quick and easy and as summery as it can get! A couple weeks ago I thrifted these Guess capris:

2013-05-18 13.00.08

2013-05-18 12.59.14

What an awkward length!

2013-05-18 13.01.00

But what an amazing floral print! Besides I’ve always loved Guess 😉

2013-05-18 13.05.16

The first refashion that I am going to suggest is a no-sew refashion. All you need to do is simply roll up the pant legs like this:

2013-05-18 13.04.53

But I already had a pair of summer shorts like this, so I decided to chop the excess off and hem each pant leg!

2013-05-18 13.02.05

2013-05-18 13.25.53-2

And the new shorts were done:

2013-05-18 13.07.42

2013-05-18 13.07.33

My question is – HOW SHOULD I STYLE THESE?

Please comment below 🙂

Happy Friday,



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Perfect Summer Tote DIY

Today I have prepared an easy and quick refashion that any Costco shopper can afford to make 🙂 Why Costco? Because that’s where my in-laws take us shopping sometimes and that’s where I found a giant bag of rice that came in a sack, that we are going to use in our refashion today!
Another thin we’ll need is either plain fabric for lining, or, like in my case, a cloth bag one of my designer purses came in!
Here is our bag of rice (I’ve only seen them at Costco, please let me know if you’ve seen them at other stores! I want to make this easier for those who choose to shop elsewhere!)

And here is the bag we are going to use for lining:


The first thing you are going to want to do is hide all the loose ends, strings, etc! I also got rid of the zipper, because it was junky!

Then I trimmed the cloth bag to fit, kept the handles, because the original sack handles were too short!


Make sure to do some fitting before you start sewing by simply inserting the new lining into the sack:

I also went over the top edges with a thick red thread, to make sure it didn’t fray:

How big is your needle? 😉
And finally sewed it all together on my machine! When sewing be careful, because the sack is made of a thick and heavy fabric, I don’t want you ruining your machines because of me! And keep in mind – you’ll end up doing some hand sewing one way or another, because the edges are thick!


And you are done! Enjoy your bag and have a wonderful weekend!
For those of you who are wondering where I am going next week – my blog is taking me to Chicago! And even though I am going to the Windy City only for a couple of days, I feel like it’s an amazing start of something wonderful and exciting for me!
Lots of love,

Cleaning up and cleaning out

2013-03-13 21.19.32

After venting out yesterday and receiving a TON of feedback, all of which I truly appreciate, I came up with this note, that I posted by the door:

letter to self


I wanted to make it simple, easy and short. I didn’t simply write – get off of your lazy butt and do something, I went deeper into the issue, and ended up with this! I also cleaned! And here are the shots:

2013-03-13 21.10.53


The dining table, where you can actually eat now, and that’s what Sam and I did tonight! Plus all the chairs are clutter free and you can sit down! How awesome is that? I have also decided to keep my sewing machine on the floor. I don’t have a good spot for it just yet.

2013-03-13 21.11.06


Wow, look at this nice carpet! I also vacuumed! And here is something that’s been working for me, when in doubt – vacuum! Seriously, it works!

2013-03-13 21.17.04


And here are the two bags going to donations! I actually did it, I got rid of two giant bags of stuff!

And here you have it, all in a nutshell! After all, this is a 600 sq ft apartment! How difficult is it to keep it clean?

Take it easy and take charge!


HELP! Early stages of hoarding?

I think I have a problem!

Seriously! Look at these pictures:

2013-03-12 15.54.38


– Earth to dining room table…

2013-03-12 15.54.44

– Husband’s desk

2013-03-12 15.54.51

– Our living room carpet looks like this 6 days out of the week…

2013-03-12 15.54.57

– Console table…

2013-03-12 15.55.09

– Crafts central

2013-03-12 15.55.18

– Random piles of stuff all over the bedroom floor

2013-03-12 15.55.21

– Closet space

And I know exactly what it is – I am lazy, I don’t like to clean, I don’t like to pick up, for some reason I want to save every scrap of paper, every ribbon, every magazine.

I keep telling myself that once we move into a house, it’ll get better, but who am I kidding – it won’t.

But nothing motivates me, I guess I am just a slob. And it’s the availability and accessibility of products here. I can go to a store, spend some money, get more stuff, but it won’t solve the clutter solution!

I have recently started an Etsy store, and one of the main reasons was to downsize my vintage collection. And yes, I have made some sales, but what’s 1-2 purses compared to a walk-in closet full of supplies, patterns, coats?

Yes, let’s talk about coats. I have an obsession with coats, I think I have about 10 of them! That’s the problem thrifters have – you walk into Savers or Goodwill and see an awesome coat say for $30, and of course you want to pick it up, because in your head you are already putting together outfits, and creating InstaCollages! And at this point you don’t realize that you have another dozen coats waiting to be worn, photographed, pinned, instagrammed, facebooked, etc.

Maybe I just need to vent, but I also function better, when more people know about my issue. I don’t need anyone to hold me accountable, I need to publicly tell everyone that modern day social networks are giving me an ADD, and that my real life is starting to go god knows where!

It’s a 1 bedroom apartment for crying out loud, how difficult could it be to clean?

So here you have it, I fessed up, and am now going to go and vigorously clean the apartment, making several trips to the dumpster!

Have a great day everyone,


DIY Friday: Getting Ready for Spring: Color Block Pillowcase skirt/ Шьем юбку из наволочки

Don’t forget to check out this awesome GIVEAWAY!

What better way to get ready for spring than add a couple new pieces to your wardrobe? Today’s DIY is all about that! And we’ll be using an ordinary pillowcase for that!

2013-02-20 23.38.50

Here is all you need:

1. Pillowcase

2. A wide strip of fabric to add the color block segment on the bottom

3. Scissors

4. Pins

5. Matching thread

6. Sewing machine

7. Elastic

Start off by laying out your pillowcase, then turn it inside out, cut the seam on one end, now you have a tube! Fold out one end – that’s where your waist line is going to be:

2013-02-08 22.31.17

Once the fabric has been folded on one end to form the waistline I suggest you either pin it or fasten with a running stitch. Then decide how long you want the top part of the skirt to be, and cut off the remainder:

2013-02-18 19.55.55

TIP: Don’t throw the cut-off, you are going to use it to determine how much of other fabric you are going to need! It’s a perfect “stencil”, that will make your life a lot easier! 

Let’s work on the waistline now. This is where you are going to need your elastic. If your waistline is wider than 1″ you might want to run two rows of stitching, just to make the skirt sit properly. The elastic goes between the two rows:

2013-02-18 22.18.45

Now it’s time to pin the other fabric to the main part of our skirt. I used bright fuchsia fabric, which you are going to see in a lot of other refashions and DIYs this coming spring!

2013-02-18 22.04.19

It’s also a good idea to add a slit to the back of your skirt, like in the picture above! And your skirt is done and ready to wear! 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I hope this was a helpful and inspirational post for you! Stay tuned for more fun refashions, sewing tutorials, and DIYs.



Какой самый верный способ подготовки к весне? Конечно же с помощью добавления новых предметов гардероба в этот самый гардероб! Сегодня мы сошьем модную юбку в стиле color blocking из обычной наволочки!

Нам понадобятся:

1. Наволочка

2. Яркая ткань для добавления сегмента в стиле color block

3. Ножницы

4. Булавки

5. Подходящие по цвету нитки

6. Швейная машинка

7. Резинка

– Разложите вашу наволочку на плоской поверхности, вывернув ее на изнанку, отрежьте шов с одного конца, у нас получился цилиндр из ткани! Загните ткань с одного конца, это будет верхняя часть юбки, сюда мы будем пропускать резинку.

– Теперь когда мы определили сколько мы отступим для пояса, нам нужно будет закрепить отступ булавками или скользящим швом. Теперь вам нужно определить высоту верхней части юбки, и отрезать низ.

– Не выбрасывайте отрез, по нему вы сможете определить количество ткани, которое вам понадобится для нижней части. Это, так называемая, тканевая выкройка, которая облегчит весь процесс шитья!

– Теперь поработаем над талией. Нам понадобится резинка. Если вы отступили более 1 дюйма для резинки, то прострочите два ряда стежков, между которыми затем пропустите резинку. Так ваша юбка сядет лучше.

– Теперь прикалываем новую нижнюю часть подола юбки. Я выбрала яркую ткань цвета фуксии. Эту ткань вы еще не раз увидите в будущем на моем блоге!

– Не забудьте добавить разрез, как на фото вверху! Вот и все, наша юбка готова!

Спасибо за то, что заглянули ко мне на блог! Я надеюсь этот пост вдохновил вас! Не забудьте подписаться, чтобы не пропустить новые посты!



Husband’s Shirt into Tunic Refashion/Перешиваем мужскую рубашку в тунику

2013-02-07 08.08.01 (1)

I am going to be honest with you, this was supposed to be a dress. But then my proportions were really off, so I had to turn it into a tunic. But I have a couple more shirts that my husband has gladly (yeah, right!) donated, and maybe one of them will eventually turn into a dress!

Here is how:

1. Take a shirt and lay it out flat:

2013-01-22 21.56.31 (1)


2. Find a dress or shirt that fits you well, and lay it on top of the shirt, trace it:

2013-01-22 21.56.45 (1)


3. Cut along the lines:

2013-01-22 22.07.39 (1)


4. Hem the neckline and the sleeves, add personal touches (I went for a vintage lace collar and lace fabric), and you are done!

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to stop back tomorrow, I am having a SALE on my blog!



Всем привет! Сегодня я покажу как можно перешить мужскую рубашку в нечто носибельное для себя! Изначально это задумывалось как платье, но что-то не пошло! В общем мой муж пожертвовал (добровольно! хотите верьте, хотите нет) еше несколько рубашек, и одной из них суждено стать платьем!


1. Берем рубашку и раскладываем ее.

2. Сверху на рубашку кладем платье или футболку, которые более-менее сидят по фигуре, и обводим.

3. Обрезаем рубашку по линиям.

4. Обрабатываем горловину и проймы, добавляем что-то свое (я выбрала винтажный воротник и кружево для нижней части) и готово!

Всем отличных выходных, и не забудьте заглянуть сюда завтра! Я устраиваю первую РАСПРОДАЖУ на своем блоге!


Transformation Nation: Thrifted Vintage Dior Pants into Shorts/Обрезаем винтажные штаны от Диор, делаем шорты

2013-01-31 22.45.02 (1)

It’s happened dear readers – I refashioned an article of clothing for someone other than myself! About a month ago I found a pair of vintage Dior pants, but since they were too small for me, I asked my friend Dominika if she wanted them, besides they were made in Poland, and so was she 🙂

2013-01-31 21.21.37 (1)

The pants are 100% wool, high waisted with pockets and lining. This is what they looked like before:

2013-01-31 21.19.27 (1)

Then we simply cut them…

2013-01-31 21.24.20 (2)

made a wide hemmed and folded it out to create more dimension. Easy peasy, but looks great and now we just need to decide what to do with the leftover pant legs!

Have a great week everyone!



Все свершилось, я перешила штаны для подруги. До этого все мои переделки заканчивались на мне и моем гардеробе. А теперь то, что сделала я, будет носить кто-то другой! Классно! Хотя может быть кто-то сочтет данную переделку кощунством, потому что перешивали мы винтажные штаны от Диор.

Нашли мы их в местном секонде и стоили они порядка $3! Плюс сделаны они в Польше, как и моя подруга Доминика 😉

Итак, мы имеем винтажные шерстяные штаны от Диор с завышенной талией на подкладке, и карманами. Я просто отрезала штанины, подогнула внутрь, потом наружу. И все! Очень просто и быстро! Теперь главное что-то сделать с оставшимся материалом )

Всем отличной недели,


Dress Refashion: Maxi to Peplum/ Маленькое Черное Платье с Баской

2013-01-13 19.44.32 (1)

I hope you all had a great weekend! I was trying to be as productive as I can here at BeingZhenya and bring to life a refashion I’ve been planning for a while! Transforming a maxi dress into an LBD with peplum!

Peplum dresses are extremely popular now, but can be pricey. I found a JIL SANDER dress that runs for $696, and that’s the sale price!

Peplum also works for smoothing out the silhouette , and drawing attention away from a not so perfect abs!

That’s why I think it’s worth giving a try!

Now on to the refashion!

Back in my retail days (which weren’t as long ago 🙂 ) I used to wear a lot of black. So I thrifted a whole bunch of black clothing, and this $9 maxi no brand dress was one of the finds.

2013-01-12 14.35.07 (1)

It looks like a giant black noodle, doesn’t it?

The whole refashion took me about 3 hours. All in all it was a perfect Saturday afternoon project!

We are going to start by laying the dress out flat! See the two white lines?

2013-01-12 14.37.54 (1)

We are going to cut along those! The bottom one first and use that fabric to make our peplum. To make peplum you need to follow one simple formula:

rrThen measure 20 cm/8 in along both sides and draw another semicircle. And there you have your peplum. You can also vary the length of it, making it as short or as long as you want!

2013-01-12 14.49.40 (1)

Since I used the leftover material, I ended up with 2 semicircles.

2013-01-12 14.49.56 (1)

Now we are going to sew along the edges to make it into a full circle and hem the outer edge as well!

2013-01-12 15.42.44 (1)

TIP: Because of the fabric, I used the widest stitch setting on my machine!

2013-01-12 15.16.30 (1)

Next cut the dress along the waistline, add peplum and the skirt, and sew everything together! Make sure all the edges are aligned properly!

2013-01-12 15.43.24 (1)

You may have noticed that there is one suspicious bar of soap popping up in my pictures, that’s what I use to draw on the material, I really need to make it to Jo-Ann’s and get a chalk marker, but the soap has been working out great so far!

Now we are going to take in the skirt. The original dress had an A-line shape, and that caused the new dress’s skirt to be A-line as well, which I thought was too much! I preferred it straight. So I took it in on each side like so (about 1.5 inches on each side)

2013-01-12 16.34.22 (1)

Then I sewed along the lines on the machine, hemmed the dress and viola:

2013-01-12 16.22.22 (1)

Now I have something to wear to dinner Sam and I are going to on Friday!

2013-01-13 19.45.46 (1)

And of course it goes well with my favorite metallic belt!

2013-01-13 19.44.46 (1)

2013-01-13 19.46.51 (1)

2013-01-13 19.46.59 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this refashion! I know I did, especially after hearing all the compliments from my husband! And he is my highest critic!



Всем привет! Надеюсь вы отлично провели выходные! В эту субботу я постаралась на славу – перешила платье! Эту переделку я задумала давно! Мне было очень интересно превратить черное платье макси в маленькое черное платье с баской!

Платья с баской сейчас в моде, но стоять они могут очень дорого! Я нашла похожее платье от JIL SANDER, цена которого составляла $696!

Баска также отлично подходит для визуального сглаживания линий фигуры. Особенно если вы не являетесь обладательницей плоского живота!

В общем, даешь баску!

Ну что же, приступим (перешивка заняла у меня около 3 часов) :

Когда я работала в магазине (что было не так давно), нас заставляли носить все черное. Поэтому я пошла и купила кучу черной одежды в секонде! И одной из моих покупок было это черное платье за $9, похожее на длинную черную макаронину!

Для начала давайте разложим платье, и проведем 2 линии (по талии, куда встанет баска, и по подолу, который нужно укоротить)

Сначала мы отрежем по нижней линии, и используем эту ткань для баски. Формулу, по которой мы будем строить кокетку очень простая:

Радиус=Окружность талии/6,28

Сложите вашу ткань в четверо, и прочертите дугу, затем отступите еще 20 см и прочертите вторую дугу! Вы можете отступить меньшее или большее расстояние, тем самым варьируя длину баски!

Так как я использовала отрез с подола, у меня получилось 2 полукруга. Сшиваем их по краям, и подгибаем наружный край.

Так как мы имеем дело с трикотажем, будем использовать самый широкий стежок на машинке.

Затем разрезаем платье по талии, и собираем все части вместе – баску, лиф и юбку надо сшить вместе! Но убедитесь что все края выровнены!

Вы, наверное, заметили, что все линии я прочерчиваю обычным мылом. У меня просто руки не доходят купить профессиональный мел! (Может быть я когда-нибудь выберусь в Jo-Ann Fabrics!)

А теперь мы будем ушивать юбку по краям. Из-за того, что само платье имело трапециевидный силуэт, наша юбка получилась расклешенной. Мне же хотелось прямую юбку, поэтому я ушила ее по краям примерно на 3-4 см!

Осталось подшить сам подол и наше платье готово!

Теперь мне есть что одеть на ужин с мужем в пятницу!

К этому платью также отлично подошел мой металлический пояс!

Я надеюсь вам понравилась эта переделка! Мне уж она точно пришлась по вкусу, особенно после всех комплиментов от мужа! А он у меня еще тот критик!

Люблю, целую,


DIY Doily Wall Art/ Салфетка как Картина

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to frame a doily and hang it up on the wall, so it looks like this:

2013-01-07 08.10.43 (1)


I saw this idea in one of my sewing books. And immediately decided to bring it to life. Of course it took me about a month and a half to find the right frame, but in the end, here it is, my $3 wall art!

You are going to start off by getting all supplies ready! All you really need is a frame and a doily, plus some construction paper if you want to change up the background. Now don’t worry if you can’t crochet, there are plenty of doilies you can purchase for cheap at a thrift store. I chose to make mine, because, well I can, and it gave me more options!

2013-01-05 22.08.33 (1)


As you can see, I ended up with a different doily than what I framed at first. I had a last minute change of heart. The doily I originally made didn’t look as good!

2013-01-07 07.52.33 (1)


2013-01-07 08.06.36 (1)


2013-01-07 08.10.34 (1)


And there you have it, our quick and easy DIY! It’s always good to add something new to the walls, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Всем привет!

Сегодня мы оформим салфетку в рамку и повесим на стену как картину! В этом нет ничего сложного, зато смотрится красиво.

Идею я подсмотрела в одной из книг по шитью, и немедленно решила воплотить ее в жизнь! Но мне потребовалось почти полтора месяца, чтобы найти подходящую рамку. В итоге, вся переделка обошлась мне в $3!

Для начала нам нужно приготовить все необходимое! Вам понадобится рамка, салфетка и картон/цветная бумага если вы хотите сменить цвет фона. Если вы не умеете вязать крючком – ничего страшного, сейчас практически любую салфетку можно купить в секонд-хенде! Я, конечно же, связала свою, потому что умею, ну и потому что так намного больше вариантов!

Как вы, наверное, заметили по фотографиям, изначально я связала другую салфетку. Но она не так хорошо смотрелась в рамке.

Салфетку просто надо вставить в рамку, и повесить на стену! Вот и все, наша переделка закончена! Новые настенные панно никогда не помешают!

Всем отличной недели!