DIY: Crocheted Round Cross body Bag

My latest DIY project, I saw a similar bag on That 70’s Show, and decided to make one! By the way crochet and macrame are in for the summer!

1. Here is a pattern that I used. It’s a doily pattern originally, but I used thicker yarns and only crocheted till row 11. You will need to make two of these.

2. Then you’ll need some fabric for the lining. I used some old denim like fabric. You are going to need to cut out 2 circles, sew them together, and make sure that you leave enough room to sew in the zipper as well!

3. This here is the strip that I used to connect the two crocheted doilies together, that way the bag got more width!

4. Then you are going to sew the lining to the crocheted outside of the bag, and attach the strap (which can be made out of anything, I chose to simply crochet mine!)

And here is a pic to show you how high/low it sits

Have a happy DIY day everyone!