No Christmas Tree – No Problem

That’s how we think in this household. Last year we had this amazing cork board tree made out of push pins and yarn:



This year we were not going to have a tree all together, but then I was feeling overly creative and made this:

2012-12-17 20.40.44


Yes, I made a Christmas tree out of TP rolls, and even painted it with glitter! So I guess DIY Christmas trees are a family tradition now!

Happy Tuesday!


The Christmas tree dilemma SOLVED

After posting about all the alternative Christmas Tree options, I have finally made up my mind, and created a tree, which saves space and has room to add on the different memories and cards that the Season brings! All I needed was a cork board, some yarn and some decorations. FYI: The crochet yarn decorations on the bottom are hand made, by me 🙂

 Happy Sunday everyone, I am going to Holidazzle today, so there will be pictures of that tomorrow!