Getting Away with Sh*t

… aka the lessons I learned from Timothy Goodman. Wait who? And why? And why would you want to get away with anything?

I was probably the only person going into the presentation who had no idea who Timothy Goodman was. I chose to attend his presentation for a professional development portion for one of my classes.

The website said he was from New York City, so I knew it was going to be good. You know I haven’t gotten over NYC and it’s already been 4 years. Probably never will, but anyhow…

I looked him up on Twitter, and thought cool – he has a lot of followers. I had no idea what I signed myself up for. But in the end what it was and what I got out of it was so much more than I expected.

The presentation started with dick jokes, a lot of them, and they were quiet funny to be honest.

But then he mentioned a person who, when asked “What do you do for a living?”, said “Whatever I can get away with!”.

So how do you do that?

1. Know the rules
2. Have audacity
3. Don’t ask for permission
4. Listen to yourself
5. Get in your work
6. Stay young

In the end, finding my voice is what matters, even though reality and expectation don’t always line up.

So never stop making, because anything can be your canvas!

One Flew Over Flyover Press


Today I want to introduce Flyover Press! It’s an online store of Midwest inspired apparel and design items! Nick’s (the creator of Flyover Press and blogger at Great Lakes Prep) love for all things Midwest is so clearly seen through every single item listed in the store!

“Located in southwest Michigan underneath planes venturing cross country, Flyover Press seeks to end the coastal bias that leaves the Midwest so often ignored. By crafting made in the USA apparel and posters inspired by the people, places and traditions of America’s Heartland, Flyover Press serves as a way for Midwesterners to display their pride to the rest of the country.

We’re committed to three things, high quality American-made products, excellent customer service and providing products for the people of the regions of this country that are too often ignored. And having fun while we do it. Some of our best ideas are hatched over a couple beers with old friends. So make that four things.

We also love the Midwest and try to support it in as many ways as possible. That’s why we try to produce as many of our products in the Midwest as we can. Our shirts are printed in Indianapolis and while our posters are printed in Connecticut, they’re done by a couple who broke into the business in Chicago. As we add more products to the line we’ll continue trying to seek out Midwest sources. It might not be the least expensive way of doing things but it’s how we believe in doing business.

And that’s why we give back 3% of profits to Midwest-based non-profits. We want to support the area that raised us and we want to spread the love. That’s why we don’t have just one organization we support, but several. While we have a few organizations already selected, we’re always open to learning about the organizations you love”

How amazing is that? I thought I’d share some of my favorite items from the store with you:

North Star State Print

North Star State


Patriotic Midwest Tank (love the corn and the wheat logo!)

Navy Blue Patriotic Tank Product Shot

I know they are just starting, so they need all the love and support, especially from us, the midwesterners, so spread the word!






Husband’s Shirt into Tunic Refashion/Перешиваем мужскую рубашку в тунику

2013-02-07 08.08.01 (1)

I am going to be honest with you, this was supposed to be a dress. But then my proportions were really off, so I had to turn it into a tunic. But I have a couple more shirts that my husband has gladly (yeah, right!) donated, and maybe one of them will eventually turn into a dress!

Here is how:

1. Take a shirt and lay it out flat:

2013-01-22 21.56.31 (1)


2. Find a dress or shirt that fits you well, and lay it on top of the shirt, trace it:

2013-01-22 21.56.45 (1)


3. Cut along the lines:

2013-01-22 22.07.39 (1)


4. Hem the neckline and the sleeves, add personal touches (I went for a vintage lace collar and lace fabric), and you are done!

Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to stop back tomorrow, I am having a SALE on my blog!



Всем привет! Сегодня я покажу как можно перешить мужскую рубашку в нечто носибельное для себя! Изначально это задумывалось как платье, но что-то не пошло! В общем мой муж пожертвовал (добровольно! хотите верьте, хотите нет) еше несколько рубашек, и одной из них суждено стать платьем!


1. Берем рубашку и раскладываем ее.

2. Сверху на рубашку кладем платье или футболку, которые более-менее сидят по фигуре, и обводим.

3. Обрезаем рубашку по линиям.

4. Обрабатываем горловину и проймы, добавляем что-то свое (я выбрала винтажный воротник и кружево для нижней части) и готово!

Всем отличных выходных, и не забудьте заглянуть сюда завтра! Я устраиваю первую РАСПРОДАЖУ на своем блоге!


Blue Nile Share the Love Game


Blue Nile is doing another awesome campaign for Valentine’s Day – Share the Love, and since we all know diamonds are a girls best friend, let’s all get our boyfriends and husbands to participate!

So here is what they (or you) have got to do:

Share The Love game details:

  • ·         There are three special Valentine’s Day cards on Blue Nile’s Facebook page from which fans can choose and share. In order to participate, fans must “Like” the Blue Nile Facebook page.
  • ·         For nine days, Facebook fans will have a chance to send a card of their choosing to any of their Facebook friends along with a short message.
  • ·         Both the sender and recipient of the card will receive a $10 off coupon toward their next Blue Nile purchase. Users are able to send multiple cards; however, users can only send one card at a time, and they will only receive one $10 off coupon, regardless of the amount of cards sent.
  • ·         Users who send a card will be entered to win the Pink Morganite & Diamond Ring as seen on Blake Lively on Gossip Girl!
  • ·         The campaign will kick off on February 6, 2012 and end on February 14, 2012.

Good luck to everyone and stay tuned for a Blue Nile giveaway on my blog!




Top 5 Refashions of 2012

Let’s face it, I did a lot of refashions, some wearable, some… not so much, but all in all it’s been a great year refashion wise! Let me present you with my favorite refashions! In all honesty, it wasn’t that hard to choose 😉

5. Dress to skirt refashion:


4. White Keds go Golden:


3. Tote Bag Goes Botanical:


2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Crochet Lace:


And the 1st place goes to,

of course,

The Vintage Coat

2012-12-01 16.05.04

I hope you enjoyed refashions on in 2012, 2013 will bring even more refashions, DIYs and fun outfit posts! Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and like to stay in the loop!



Upcycling a Thrifted Cardigan

Remember this number?

It came from Goodwill Outlet along with other thrift/vintage finds. When I saw it, I immediately thought of a DIY I could use this for!

I did share some of the crochet pieces that I was working on with you last Friday, and today I am finally ready to reveal the final product! I hope you like it 😉

After I crocheted all the pieces, it was time to put them on the cardigan. Pinning is the best way to go here 🙂

And a better view of the back:

And the front:

I promise to publish a separate outfit post featuring this DIY, as soon as the temperatures here drop below 90 degrees 😉




Everyone has them, not everyone admits them, but we all want some things! Maybe for a second, maybe for a day, maybe for the rest of our lives! Here are some of mine 🙂

1. Clarisonic Mia NYC edition! How awesome is that?

2. Vintage Denim (or any bright colored pair of jeans 😉 )

3. A coffee table!

… and the room that comes with it 😉

4. Magazine Subscription!

Have a Fab day, you all!

Zhenya H



Well now I can officially be excited about an apartment! An apartment where Sam and I will be living for the first year!

And of course I am anxious about decorating! And buying some furniture, and brinnging some DIY ideas to life.

But for starters, I decided to create a mood board! This is the first one ever, so no harsh judgement 🙂

I created this with the help of absolutely free! It’s actually pretty addicting, so I better watch out, or I will spend all night making those mood boards!


Hotel Style Mix

This week I am blogging about my trip with CHC (Children’s Hopechest, aka Nadezhda Fund) to Pokrov orphanage, where I used to be a discipler (I visited the kids every week, and did a class on morals/ethics, as well as brought them letters from their American sponsors, candy and some fun crafts to do).

Now the thing that I always get excited about is staying in all different hotels. And this one is yet to beat! It’s called Kornilov, and there is a spinning chef figurine right in front of it, so if you are ever in Russia driving down M-7 from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, you won’t miss it!. This is a new hotel, with some amazing free wireless internet. (This blog was in serious danger of being abandoned for a week! Because Sam didn’t want to pick it up from me!) Anyways, this post is dedicated to our hotel, to our hotel room to be more specific. The room actually looks like someone off of Jerseylicious decorated it. Just look at this lamp

Now they also wanted to give us some tropical feel, no no we don’t have any tiki torches, but we have this amazing column

To give you a better look of our interesting floral wall paper (and I see nothing wrong with florals, I actually love them) and the entry way, take a look at our mirror and the table under it. You can get a good look at my Bobble too! And yes, I absolutely love it!

Now the bedside tables are pretty cool, there are also some in the hallways

And FINALLY the MASTERPIECE of our dwelling for the week – The Throne (we have 2 of them! )

And there I was, thinking hot pink heart shaped bathtubs were tacky! Have a great week everyone, I know I will 😉


Lace Top. Part 2

As my friend Erin would say: “The hooker top is finished!” And as promised, I wore a tank top underneath, I also wore it with a white pair of jeans that I originally bought for my summer Katie Holmes (circe Season 1 of Dawson’s Creek, if any of you remember that show!) and I am sorry, those white jeans were the first thing i grabbed in my closet. I didn’t want to wear the top with a pair of black sweats, that’s just tacky! Anyways, the top is finished, and so am I. I taught 6 ESL lessons today, my brain is fried, my eyes won’t close (yes close, because I had some cheap-o left over coffee, which I haven’t had for a month), and I haven’t had dinner! But yet, here I am on wordpress, posting the pics of my latest DIY! That’s dedication!

So here is what the new top looks like on the hanger:

And on me:

Have a good day everyone,