Cleaning up and cleaning out

2013-03-13 21.19.32

After venting out yesterday and receiving a TON of feedback, all of which I truly appreciate, I came up with this note, that I posted by the door:

letter to self


I wanted to make it simple, easy and short. I didn’t simply write – get off of your lazy butt and do something, I went deeper into the issue, and ended up with this! I also cleaned! And here are the shots:

2013-03-13 21.10.53


The dining table, where you can actually eat now, and that’s what Sam and I did tonight! Plus all the chairs are clutter free and you can sit down! How awesome is that? I have also decided to keep my sewing machine on the floor. I don’t have a good spot for it just yet.

2013-03-13 21.11.06


Wow, look at this nice carpet! I also vacuumed! And here is something that’s been working for me, when in doubt – vacuum! Seriously, it works!

2013-03-13 21.17.04


And here are the two bags going to donations! I actually did it, I got rid of two giant bags of stuff!

And here you have it, all in a nutshell! After all, this is a 600 sq ft apartment! How difficult is it to keep it clean?

Take it easy and take charge!


What to Do When You are Having a Shitty Day?

1. Yell at someone or something (preferably something)!

2. Put on some make-up and nice clothes, go out, look like a million bucks – In Your Face, suckers!

3. Listen to some music, preferably on loud, now the neighbors won’t turn on their TV at 7 am!

4. Throw something away! Always works for me! Especially when that something belonged to my grandfather (He is the reason why I am having a shitty day! He can go stick his KGB past way up his ass!)

5. Watch Season 5 of Sex and the City, the least heartbreaking and emotional of all!

6. Eat some chocolate! Chocolate is a good mood enhancer. Maybe it will even make you hyper enough to do #4!

7. Know your worth! If you are having a shitty day because you screwed up yourself, sorry, no can do, can’t help you. But if you are blameless, and it’s not your fault, remember, that what you did is for the good of humanity, or your personal good (you are a human too!). Always stand up for yourself! And act classy! Remember there is always Cyanide! Cyanide and Happiness, I mean : )