To the Unfold

Fashion Unfold is one of my favorite monthly twitter chats. Out of the many different ones that I participate in, this one is probably the most thought provoking. There are many different opinions. And it’s not just agree/disagree, yes/no, but more of why and what would you do? There is a lot of thought behind this chat. We discuss fashion related issues, like “should the bloggers be denied access to fashion week”, or “where does the clothes you donate to charity really go?”, it’s always ethical, and there is never one answer. Just like in life, the discussion often hits a grey area, and a solution must be found. As hard as expressing yourself in 140 characters may be, learning to express yourself in the few words is the skill you acquire as an unfolder. And that’s why I love it!
Join us next Tuesday at 1 pm EST! We want to see you unfold!