Style it! Wrap it! Scarf it! // Thrift Style Thursday and Free Crochet Pattern

What’s your favorite fall accessory? I can definitely say that scarves are in my top 5 . So when we decided to style scarves for Thrift Style Thursday this week, I knew that I wanted to find a scarf that was special, with a twist. And I found one, after spending all weekend crocheting this piece, I am ready to show it off in this week’s thrifted outfit.

2013-10-09 18.14.2311

Cowl Neck scarves have been in for a while! They also solve one big problem – you don’t have to tie them 😉

2013-10-09 18.14.371

2013-10-09 18.13.421

I am wearing:

Dress – Old Navy

Thrifted Anthropologie cardigan

Steve Madden Cowboy boots

Hand made cowl neck scarf from thrifted yarn!

2013-10-09 18.13.21

And now for the pattern and a little more about the scarf! I have been thrifting for craft supplies for over 2 years now – fabrics, yarn, supplies, beads, you name it, I’ve seen it or thrifted it at one point 🙂 The yarn I used to make the scarf is from Goodwill, and all I know about it, is that it’s some sort of blend. Trust me, I can tell acrylic from everything else!

And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen this:


And here is the pattern for it:


The final measurements for the scarf (folded in half are 16″ high and 17″ wide).

Let me know if you’d like me to start video tutorials for the crocheting patterns, since I am planning on adding more crochet items into my posts from now on!

Link up your thrift outfits below:

Also, there are only a couple more days to enter my Philip Lim Giveaway! Don’t miss out on your chances to add this amazing tote to your daily life!

2013-10-07 09.54.44

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DIY Vintage Doily Coffee Table Runner

I am back with a DIY Friday post! I hope you are as excited as I am! Because I am finally going to start showing bits and pieces of my new house!

About a month ago I went to an estate left overs sale in Hopkins. It was organized by Empty the Nest, one of my favorite thrift/vintage household items resellers in the Twin Cities. I scored 2 large bags of stuff for $10 (it was a 5 dollar bag sale!)
And among my many many finds were these vintage doilies. So I decided to create a runner for my oval living room coffee table.

First I laid everything out, and then stitched it together, using just a needle and a thread. I was originally going to use my sewing machine, but decided against it.

I am really happy with the final result, and glad I waited so long to get the doilies. The living room is coming together and I’ll have another post for you soon (get ready for some peacocking 😉 )

Have a great Labor Day weekend! See you on Tuesday!

A friend in need is a friend in Indiegogo

A1 DIY Dork

Today I want to share some exciting news from a fellow blogger Sheri, from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery. She’s launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to support the production of her 3 Crafty Nerd T-shirt designs: Sewing Geek, Knitting Nerd & Crochet Dweeb

She will be donating 10% of her funded total to Designer’s Against Aids! I personally think the Tees are pretty nifty and I would personally love to own all 3 of them! Which ones do you like best?



DIY Doily Wall Art/ Салфетка как Картина

Hi everyone,

Today we are going to frame a doily and hang it up on the wall, so it looks like this:

2013-01-07 08.10.43 (1)


I saw this idea in one of my sewing books. And immediately decided to bring it to life. Of course it took me about a month and a half to find the right frame, but in the end, here it is, my $3 wall art!

You are going to start off by getting all supplies ready! All you really need is a frame and a doily, plus some construction paper if you want to change up the background. Now don’t worry if you can’t crochet, there are plenty of doilies you can purchase for cheap at a thrift store. I chose to make mine, because, well I can, and it gave me more options!

2013-01-05 22.08.33 (1)


As you can see, I ended up with a different doily than what I framed at first. I had a last minute change of heart. The doily I originally made didn’t look as good!

2013-01-07 07.52.33 (1)


2013-01-07 08.06.36 (1)


2013-01-07 08.10.34 (1)


And there you have it, our quick and easy DIY! It’s always good to add something new to the walls, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Всем привет!

Сегодня мы оформим салфетку в рамку и повесим на стену как картину! В этом нет ничего сложного, зато смотрится красиво.

Идею я подсмотрела в одной из книг по шитью, и немедленно решила воплотить ее в жизнь! Но мне потребовалось почти полтора месяца, чтобы найти подходящую рамку. В итоге, вся переделка обошлась мне в $3!

Для начала нам нужно приготовить все необходимое! Вам понадобится рамка, салфетка и картон/цветная бумага если вы хотите сменить цвет фона. Если вы не умеете вязать крючком – ничего страшного, сейчас практически любую салфетку можно купить в секонд-хенде! Я, конечно же, связала свою, потому что умею, ну и потому что так намного больше вариантов!

Как вы, наверное, заметили по фотографиям, изначально я связала другую салфетку. Но она не так хорошо смотрелась в рамке.

Салфетку просто надо вставить в рамку, и повесить на стену! Вот и все, наша переделка закончена! Новые настенные панно никогда не помешают!

Всем отличной недели!


Top 5 Refashions of 2012

Let’s face it, I did a lot of refashions, some wearable, some… not so much, but all in all it’s been a great year refashion wise! Let me present you with my favorite refashions! In all honesty, it wasn’t that hard to choose 😉

5. Dress to skirt refashion:


4. White Keds go Golden:


3. Tote Bag Goes Botanical:


2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Crochet Lace:


And the 1st place goes to,

of course,

The Vintage Coat

2012-12-01 16.05.04

I hope you enjoyed refashions on in 2012, 2013 will bring even more refashions, DIYs and fun outfit posts! Don’t forget to subscribe, follow, and like to stay in the loop!



Rug Here, Rug There, Rugs are Everywhere

I’ve been dying to get a rug for our living room for a while, after my in-laws gave us one, and we unrolled it, it felt Oh-Just-Like-Russia 🙂

I was then inspired to crochet a small area rug to put under our freecycled console table and keep our shoes on. I had a whole bunch of thrifted/freecycled yarn, so that’s what came out:

Here is a close up of the pattern, it was super easy to make, just took me a while 🙂

I hope this inspired you to go crochet your own rug! Make sure to leave me links below, I want to check your projects out too!

Why do I use thrifted yarn? – First of all it’s cheaper, second of all, it’s my way of recycling, better for the environment! Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice decorating your apartment. Just keep your personal finance in check as you thrift!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!



Crochet of the Day and $1 Books!

I am working on another crochet project, that is connected with yesterday’s post about Wednesday’s thrift finds. Are you confused yet? Hehe, anyways, stay tuned for next weeks posts, I have at least 3 DIYs planned for this weekend!

So here is what I’ve been working on today:

I figured I might as well attach the crochet patterns for those of you who share my addiction 🙂

And here is this one:

I got these patterns off of some Russian crochet web sites, simply because I find them better than the american ones. I love patterns vs description, if you know what I mean!

So I hope you are all excited for next week’s posts now! Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet!

I also wanted to share some of the books I got today. I love going to the central library on Nicolette Mall here in downtown Minneapolis, there is a little store between a Dunn Brothers and the restrooms, where they sell “officially withdrawn” books. And I got some pretty shabby chic ones today 😉 I also got one on vintage sewing! That’s right up my ally!

I am really excited about those books, especially because all of them cost $1 each, much cheaper than that Shabby Chic book that I saw at Target for $20! Talk about savings!

I hope I intrigued you enough to come check out my posts next week (as you know I don’t blog on weekends anymore, I hope you understand!) I do take pictures for the future posts and actually write posts on the weekends!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!



Baby Shower Ready

Having bought a couple items off of a baby registry for a friend of mine, I found myself thinking that I should make something that comes from the heart, because not everything can come from a store. And since my friend is having a baby boy, it was very easy to determine the color of the baby booties that I wanted to make. I did start last night, and finished today, but this is a fun and easy project to make and share the crochet love!

Hope you are having a fun weekend!



Fashion Crochet

You see, I firmly believe that certain things never go out of style, just because they can evolve or transform into something new each season.

And the best examples I could come up with are crocheted and knitted items.

I found some great vintage crochet pieces, which are 100% wearable today!

What an amazing 1970’s dress!

Or this vintage open weave crochet tunic

Here is another comeback from the hippie era: vtg 70s hippie boho patchwork prairie calico dress

For some reason I am really into the white dresses this season, I guess that’s what happens after you get married!

Make sure to visit The Frippery Vintage Boutique, a lot of gorgeous vintage dresses on sale!

Being the DIY freak that I am I went and researched what designers included crochet items into their collection.

Check out this Sena Crochet Wrap! How amazingly simple and completely DIYable 🙂

I am loving these tops and dresses, even though they are more of a summer trend, you can TOTALLY style them for FALL!

I am still drooling over the DVF dress! It will probably take me a while to get over it.

Not that I don’t have any knitted dresses in my collection 😉

I have a Kookai knitted black dress, but I am still looking for a perfect black slip to go with it!

Though my husband loves this dress on me without any slips 😉

I also want to give a shout out to The Double Stitch Twins, who bring crochet to a totally different level!

They are such an inspiration and an encouragement to all of us out there, aspiring knitters and crocheters. In all it’s seriousness though, crocheting and knitting gives you an opportunity to be your own designer, or a designer period! It’s the knowledge that you are the only one who has this unique item, that keeps me, personally, going! And standing out in a crowd is what I like!

And finally – the Salvatore Ferragamo bag, which to me, is a PERFECTION

 Wouldn’t you love to knit that?

For those of you who like to play it safe – use crochet to decorate the already existing pieces of your wardrobe, which need some refreshing! There are a million ideas on the internet! Here are some of them!

A tank with a crochet strap

A shirt with the crochet back

And some sexy looking shorts!

I promise to show some DIY projects similar to those above in the future!

As for me, I learned how to knit from my mom. She was always making sweaters for herself and me, back in Russia, when the times were tough! Crocheting came later, I went to an after school program to learn that! No bragging, but I was a natural.

I have recently finished an infinity scarf. Pics will be posted after it’s washed 🙂 And I am currently working on something very special, and I will let you sneak a peak at it…

…but not going to tell you what it’s going to be!

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone, happy Friday!

Thrifting for Treasure 4: Jewelry (and other stuff)

I did it, I went and bought my first pair of vintage ear-rings. My grandma’s ear rings don’t count, because I didn’t pay a dime ( or a ruble, if you like) for them. Now these were a pair I got from Steeple People. Took my friend Zhanna there today. And she loved it! We also checked out the local Buffalo Exchange and there was a black Coach bag that I fell in love with, and you know how much I love vintage Coach purses, but I wasn’t willing to pay $24 for it. So I walked away from it. I know that it would’ve found a great home with me, but not for this much money.

I was also trying to find some bright colored jeans, and alas – that was unsuccessful.

Anyways – today I got:

1. 1980’s enamel ear rings. Don’t worry, I am going to clean those with rubbing alcohol before putting them on!

(Sorry for the quality of the picture – the writing above the earrings says – 1980’s pierced 2 – ) Yes, these cost me only 2 BUCKS!

2. Crocheted white shawl! I really really REALLY hope it’s hand-made 😉

I know my couch looks good wearing this 🙂 I promise to take pictures wearing it MYSELF!

3. A Crochet Kit! Which I am not going to use the way it’s intended. I have finally decided that I have time to open an etsy shop, so some cool things are about to come 🙂 This is some Victorian stocking pattern, which is just cool to see, because that’s vintage for sure!

4. Some free Star Wars! And a few Economists. This was for Sam. Star Wars were more of a joke, and the Economists were for him to see if he wanted to subscribe to that mag!

What did you thrift today???

Zhenya H