Easy Sewing: Pastel Lace Dress

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s post is all about sewing! And lace! What can be better than that? It was all a result of me having too much coffee and not blogging for a while.

All of the fabrics that were used in this project came from Steeple People Thrift Store on Lyndale and Franklin! Yay for reusing πŸ™‚

1. I started off by laying the lace out on the floor.

2. To determine how much fabric to cut off I took one of my maxi skirts out of the closet, and laid it out on top of the fabric. Then I cut off about 2 1/2 widths of the skirt off, and kept the length of the fabric.

3. I also went for a light off white fabric as lining.

4. Then I pinned and sewed the lining to the lace, folding it over, so that I had where to run the elastic through.

5. And that’s that. I apologize again, I really need to bring up my game and post some outfits and how I style my clothes. I am going to work on it in the next couple of weeks!

I hope you all had a great weekend πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to share more of the easy DIYs and other fun Zhenya projects with you this week!



Today’s DIY: White Bridal Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklaces are in, so why not wear one on your BIG day? I have created a necklace that you can wear in the summertime or at a summer wedding. It’s asymmetry and the many different ways how you can wear it and add on to it make it even more appealing.

PS. It’s all handmade too πŸ™‚

1. Find fabric or lace or tulle that you are going to use for the main part of your necklace – which means you are going to add on to it, sew things on, braid it, knot it, etc – wherever your imagination takes you.

2. Choose the pieces that you are going to add on to the necklace:

3. Add on as many or as few decorating items as you want

I added a ruffled ribbon with lace and some pearly beads as the main centerpiece.

And this is how it looks on a person (aka me – couldn’t make Sam wear it πŸ˜‰ )

Happy DIYing everyone, and sorry for the picture quality πŸ™‚

Love you all,




PS. Here is a cute cat picture for you!


Something Old into Something New (Vintage Necklace gets a second life)

My Grandmother had a lot of jewelry, most of which was of course costume. I remember being a little girl, going through her jewelry boxes and trying things on, when she wasn’t looking! Sometimes she would let me play with certain things, but doom awaited me if I broke something. Thankfully I didn’t. And I am extremely happy about it now, especially because I really like the vintage style and all sorts of retro pieces!

Yesterday I posted pictures of a maxi skirt/dress that I styled with different accessories. And today’s necklace goes with the dress surprisingly well! It’s the simple magic of vintage!

Here is what I started with:

The pink beads are what was left over from the vintage necklace. The clasp was missing, that’s why I have the necklace with big bright yellow beads in the picture. That necklace came from Wet Seal, and for some reason had a clasp, though it is long enough for me to just put it on without having to deal with the clasp. The string is a special kind, it’s super durable, and I have used it before (back in the day when I was a teenager making friendship bracelets). As you can probably tell the pink beads are on a lure. That’s the way you can also buy strings of beads at Michael’s these days! So this post is a great – Making my first necklace tutorial as well.

I have also used some tools to get the clasp off of the yellow necklace, those can be purchased in any craft store.

Once you have the clasp out you are going to tie the string to it, double, triple, quadruple the knot – the stronger – the better!

Make sure to lay out the pattern of your future necklace, or if you are repairing one, follow the pattern given!

It’s a super easy, fast, and fun project! Enjoy!

Tomorrow’s necklace repair DIY will be a little more complicated and time consuming, but stay tuned!