The Fashion Rut

Rut!?! I don’t think I even knew the word “rut” until I moved to the States. It’s not something they teach you in an ESL class. But ever since I’ve discovered that word, I’ve started to use it more and more often – there is a make up rut, the marriage rut (aka my husband’s smart comments on the subject matter), and now, time has finally come to talk about the fashion rut, and all the things it brings.

I am usually very good at planning my shopping trips/thrifting trips/freecycling trips. I look for inspiration, cut out/print out some ideas, check on certain brands and off I go! Monday night I spent about an hour making a list of all the things I was going to look for!

There are 13 items on my list, I got 2 of them yesterday! The weekly show and tell of my thrift finds is coming up later this week, so be patient, I will also let you sneak a peak on how I prepare for my thrifting trips!

I am going to confess – I fell into the rut of  skirts/dresses and boots!

This look is so easy to pull off! Especially with my collection of dresses. I also dig the layering and the belts as well. Both of these pics are from a Sundance catalog by the way. I don’t buy their stuff, it’s too expensive, but the ideas are great! So if you have this “back-to-nature”/”nature-chic” kind of urge – check out their website.

Next I am guilty of taking advantage of skinny jeans and loose fit sweaters.

I seriously feel like I am turning into some “Fashion for Lazies” blog, so let’s learn how to fight and scream and kick and get out of a fashion rut:

1. Clean out your closet!

If you have as much as I do, there are probably things that you forgot you had! Usually the things we tend to wear more often, are the things we keep right where we can see them, reach for them and viola – you have been rocking the same outfit for a week! Congratulations!

2. Get rid of everything old, everything that you know you are not going to wear.

And don’t lie to yourself about “maybe wearing that sweater next week”, you are probably not going to wear it ever again. I do recommend keeping clothes that doesn’t fit! I also recommend hanging that clothes somewhere, where you can see them every day, and that should be your motivation to loose weight and fit into those skinny jeans! Now by “getting rid of” I don’t mean throwing it away, I mean – donating, swapping, putting it up on Freecycle or Craigslist. Some items might even be worth selling on Etsy!

3. Look for inspiration!

It’s everywhere, outside, in the windows of department stores, in catalogs, magazines, blogs – join bloglovin’, lookbook and get hundreds of ideas on a daily basis!

So there you have it – the RUT and how to get out of it! Now I’d better get to step 1!



Dating Guru? I don’t think so!

Please take your dating problems to a shrink! They love you, because you pay them! Don’t come to me! Just because I am getting ready to get married doesn’t mean I can give you an insight on your relationship. Especially when I hear about it for the first time. And, oh, it’s been going on for 3 months? Really? Wow! And I am only hearing about this now why? Because you need dating advice? I am no dating guru, I haven’t dated in over 2 years, I am in a relationship, and that’s different.

Now here is the best part:

Or the whole story I should say. My friend is addicted to online dating. Yes, addicted is a strong word, but let me explain! You know when those Victoria Secret catalog come in the mail, and you know that you are not going to order anything from there, because the actual store is a couple blocks away, but you look ANYWAYS? That’s what online dating is. It’s a catalog of men/women single/married/divorced/widowed looking for/interested in/hoping to find. Check the box here, select a category there, renew your subscription, pay here, pay there… FUN! Isn’t it? E-harmony and, I will leave you alone, I will also let all these Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Mormon dating websites be, your religious beliefs are yours and yours alone! Now some smart ass created free dating websites for the cheapskates out there. Who have we got there? Illegal immigrants, drug addicts, hookers (who are now flocking to FB by the way, so be careful, or get all excited, I don’t know which category you fall under), Russians who don’t speak any English, Russians who speak very little English, Russians who live in Brooklyn (I know not all of you are like that, but nevertheless…), my favorite category of people known as “Bydlo” (cattle) etc., etc., etc…

Now back to my friend! She goes on a dating web site, sets up a profile, and starts getting messages from all these guys! She narrows it down to 3! Top 3 potential dates. I believe goes on all these dates (this is the part where I am going to let my imagination soar, because as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, I found out she was dating someone only because she was seeking relationship advice, from me? Ha!). Then New Year comes around, she goes to a party, a stereotypical love, or should I say lust, triangle shapes up! She likes one guy, but he isn’t that interested, but we have a candidate number 2, who is very interested, but oh wait, you are not interested in him, well too bad! I saw pictures of both of these guys, MEH! My new stove looks better! (Yes, I am harsh, but there is no one out there more handsome than my fiance! Yesterday my friend Erin came over, and apparently there is some new hot guy on the music scene in Russia, who is actually Romanian – shit happens – and is very hot. One look at him – Uggo! Ears – too big, mouth – too big, and crooked. Well you know me, once I have decided, I’ve decided, so don’t come to me, asking if this or that guy is hot, because most likely he is NOT!)

Now I don’t know how my friend narrowed her choice down to only one guy, but she did! And they mutually agreed to delete their profiles from the dating website. 3 months go by, and she decides to check whether he is registered there or not – DING DING DING We have a WINNER! Let me introduce you to some serious trust issues! Have you met them before? But – oh no – here comes a shocker – his profile is up!

So what does she do? She FBs me, tells me she is going to break up with him, says that sometimes he doesn’t text her during the day. Well maybe he doesn’t, but it’s NYC, people are busy. No one goes out on dates every night, people have jobs, you know!

And now you want me to give you advice in this situation? Here is what I can give you – a finger! Lovingly, very lovingly!

PS. My knowledge about dating websites is based on the TV commercials, other media advertisements, and stories of people who met on line. I didn’t meet my fiance on line.

PPS. What’s that relatively new dating website? Zyngo or something, the one that says fall in like? Yeah, this line alone should stop you from dating on line ever again, you will have more luck on Craigslist!