DIY Instagram Inspirational Coasters via Shutterfly

2013-09-18 06.19.23

Since we’ve moved to our new house, I’ve been much much more furniture conscious. Meaning I am done leaving ring marks everywhere 🙂 Yes, I was one of those people, who didn’t take care of her nice (even though most of the time freecycled or gifted) furniture. And I am ashamed of it.

So when I saw that Shutterfly offered personalized coasters for only $20, I knew I was in!

I had several ideas as to what put on them, from all the places Sam and I have been to, to maps, to quotes… But I finally decided to go with my Instagram photos that I have been lately editing with a new app called Rhonna.

It was hard to pick out 4 images, but I went with these:


And that’s how my coasters turned out:

2013-09-18 06.19.50

Don’t you just love them?

2013-09-18 06.19.41

Ironically enough this is my second coaster DIY this year, you can read about the first one here.

What have you been making lately?

Introducing Anna Tail Designs

Today I want to introduce you to my friend Anna of Anna Tail Designs! She makes beautiful beaded jewelry, embroidered jewelry pieces, which include custom made and designed items as well!
Anna is originally from St.Petersburg, Russia but now lives and works in San Francisco, CA!

A Burberry inspired bow!


And the best part is – she is offering 20% off on all the orders in her Etsy store right now! So go ahead and check her out!
And stay tuned for an outfit featuring a unique custom made piece on my blog!

Vintage Leslie Fay dress refashion (PSST! What I really wore for the 4th of July!)

After we moved, I have come to realize how much vintage clothing I actually have. Unfortunately I couldn’t wear some of it, because it needed to be altered or refashioned! So I decided to start with this vintage Leslie Fay dress:

I got it at Savers last fall, and never wore it because of the neckline, or should I say the lack of it 🙂 So, that collar was the first thing to go:


Then I cut a good chunk off the bottom, lets be honest, I still got some killer leg to show 😉

I hemmed the raw edges using some vintage navy colored trim that I had, making this dress perfect for the 4th of July!



DIY: The More Feminine Sweatshirt/ Кружевная Толстовка


Hi, everyone! Today I am going to share my sweatshirt refashion. This is a great way to up-cycle your old or stained item of clothing! I started off with a $2.99 sweatshirt from Savers, that I bought back in November. The idea that I was going to use for it, was an idea that failed me back in the summer when I was refashioning a T-shirt. But since I never give up, I decided to try it again! And this time it worked!

The method: simply cut out a piece (any shape and size) anywhere on the sweatshirt and replace it with lace or any other fabric. Since I am lace obsessed, and somehow have lots of it, we are using lace!

You want to start by laying the sweatshirt out flat, and cutting out the material that is to be replaced:

2012-12-28 22.38.32 (1)

I was originally going to do a pocket shaped piece, but cut it out too far to the left, so that’s what I replaced it with instead!

Now you are going to cut out a piece of lace to go over this “hole” and don’t forget some pretty trim (all of the lace and trim came from an Old Navy shirt, that I freecycled a while back), and pin it all together:

2012-12-28 22.46.13 (1)

Then simply sew it all together using your machine! As you can see some lace is sticking out past the trim. Don’t worry, once everything is sewn together, cut the excess fabric off with your scissors.

2013-01-03 20.00.51 (1)

2013-01-03 20.01.03 (1)

2013-01-03 19.57.04 (1)

I hope you enjoyed the refashion and the pictures 🙂 And you might have noticed that it’s the same lace I used for my wall art DIY! Don’t forget to check it out, if you haven’t yet!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Всем привет! Сегодня мы будем перешивать толстовку! Таким способом вы сможете с лекгостью обновить потрепанную или испорченную вещь! Эта толстовка стоила всего лишь $2.99 в магазине Savers (наш местный секонд!), и куплена была еще в Ноябре. Задумка для этой переделки была испробована на одной футболке прошлым летом, и провалилась с треском! Но я никогда не сдаюсь, поэтому решила попробовать осуществить ее еще раз – и у меня получилось!

Способ: Вырезаем кусок ткани толстовки (желаемого размера и формы) там, где хотим, и заменяем кружевом или любой другой тканью! У меня небольшой сдвиг на кружево, может потому, что у меня его много? В общем, используем сегодня его!

Начнем с того, что разложим нашу толстовку на плоской поверхности, и вырезаем ту часть, которую планируем заменить.

Изначально, я сделала вырез в форме кармана, но он заходил слишком далеко в лево, и пришлось вырезать такой прямоугольник!

Теперь отрезаем кусок кружева нужного размера, чтобы закрыть нашу “дыру”. Не забудьте добавить красивую тесьму (кружево у меня осталось от старой кофты из Old Navy, которую я когда-то раздобыла благодаря сайту, и прикалываем все на булавки!

Затем мы это все прошиваем на машинке! Сверху на фотографии видно, что кружево выходит за тесьму. Не волнуйтесь, все это подравнивается ножницами, после того, как мы все прострочили.

Я надеюсь вам понравилась эта переделка и фотографии к ней! Возможно вы также заметили, что я использовала это кружево, когда делала эти декоративные панно на стену! Не забудьте кликнуть на этот пост, если вы его еще не видели!

Всем отличных выходных!

Sewing a Romper: Part 1

I have been trying to find time to sew a romper all summer, but every time I had a day off I was always doing something else! Well, it’s summer, what did I expect?

But I finally found time yesterday to at least start it, and even though starting was the most difficult part, I could hardly stop when I got into it!

Here are some pictures of my progress so far, as you can tell I got stuck at the collar, but once that’s done I will only have sleeves and buttons left, so it’s not too bad! I have the whole weekend off so I’ll definitely make time for this project and hopefully one of those refashions I’ve been trying to pull off with my husband’s old shirt!






Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Stories from my closet are coming back on Sunday!

2012 Resolutions! Because you gotta have some!

Alright, are you ready for mine? If you are making a list on your blog, let me know, by leaving a link below, I am so curious to see what other people are putting on their list! Xoxo

1. Read more, and not just check out books from the library, but take my Nook out! I haven’t read it since my flight in July! How crazy is that??? And it’s full of great books! Trust me!

2. Get a job! And the one I like too!

3. Eat healthier (yes, I am talking organic, and if you are going to hate me for becoming one of those Trader Joe’s freaks, oh wait, I think they are called hipsters, well it’s your choice 🙂 )

4. Stop buying make up! I have plenty, so I am not going to buy anything unless I run out, or unless it’s given to me as a gift!

5. Do at least one DIY project a week for you, my lovely readers!

6. Keep working out (I’ve been doing a pretty good job, so I just want to continue)

7. Go to Colorado! (Yes, Doug and all my other CO friends, I am putting this on the list!)

8. Go to a Twins game, preferably when they will be playing Phillies, so that I can watch the latter win!




9. Bring my mom over for a visit!

10. Become a better organizer!

 Don’t be shy! Share yours!!! Happy 2012!

Today’s DIY: White Bridal Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklaces are in, so why not wear one on your BIG day? I have created a necklace that you can wear in the summertime or at a summer wedding. It’s asymmetry and the many different ways how you can wear it and add on to it make it even more appealing.

PS. It’s all handmade too 🙂

1. Find fabric or lace or tulle that you are going to use for the main part of your necklace – which means you are going to add on to it, sew things on, braid it, knot it, etc – wherever your imagination takes you.

2. Choose the pieces that you are going to add on to the necklace:

3. Add on as many or as few decorating items as you want

I added a ruffled ribbon with lace and some pearly beads as the main centerpiece.

And this is how it looks on a person (aka me – couldn’t make Sam wear it 😉 )

Happy DIYing everyone, and sorry for the picture quality 🙂

Love you all,




PS. Here is a cute cat picture for you!


My Wedding DIYs

This will probably be the last post about my wedding. And I am sure a lot of you will let out a sigh of relief, because “How much longer do we have to sit here and listen to you blabbering?”

Anyways, this is going to be a tip that I read in “Priceless Weddings Under $5,000”. And the tip is going to be about flowers!

I know every bride wants her wedding to be a place where flowers come to die. As sarcastic as I may sound now, this was a true fact about me as well. I wanted flowers, loads of them, and I knew I couldn’t afford to pay more than $200 dollars for them. So off to Costco I went. (If there is a Sam’s Club in your area that works too) Now, Sam and I don’t have membership, but his parents do, so we convinced his mom to take us a couple weeks before the wedding, so that we could buy some food and also scout for the flowers. In Minnesota Costco carries bunches of roses (24 count) for $16.99. Needless to say I got the woman’s phone number (because there is a separate person who is in charge of the flowers!) and called her a week before the wedding to place an order for 7 bunches of red roses. We came to pick them up on Saturday morning, and I also got a bunch of ivory ones.  So there we go 8 x 16.99 plus tax came around to about – $140! And there we go – I didn’t go over budget or anything. Now I made my own bouquet, and the center pieces. Here are some pics of what I managed to put together the night before the wedding:

Now for the center pieces:

I got the smaller bowl-like vases at my favorite Salvation Army (Yes, the one in Warehouse District) and they were all either 99 cents or 50 cents. The vase fillers came from Family Dollar – clear ones were 60 cents a bag and red ones were a dollar a bag – I got 2 bags of each. Ribbon cots 50 cents and came from Michael’s, I used 2 spools.

Now about the pearly while inserts I used in the girls’ bouquets. I made them all by myself. Here is what you need:

1. Beads – I used Crystazzi from Michael’s – there is a ton in the pack for only $3.99 and I knew I would use them for my future craft projects.

2. Then I used floral wire in silver – I think it was $1.99 from Michael’s

3. All you got to do is cut the wire into pieces (about 10-12 inches long – or depending on the hight of your bouquet), pull it through the bead and wrap it around a few times. Now the wire will either give you blisters, or you are gonna end up scratching yourself a few times. So I suggest either truing to be very careful, or making these a week before the wedding – so that your hands have time to heal! And you are done!

Now for the bouquets I also used floral tape (3 spools for $1.99 and wide ribbon – 2 spools – one red and one ivory – $2.99 and pins – the ones I am now reusing in my sewing projects 🙂 )

So here you have it – I have told you all about my DIYs for the wedding. I can honestly say that from all the wedding experience that I had, I can’t help but agree with my friend Bri – Always, I repeat ALWAYS, hire a good photographer!

Crocheted Water Bottle Holder

I love my water bottle! It’s a number one thing I need for the summer! I’ve already been through several water bottles, but the only one that kinda stuck was this one from Duane Reade.

And I love everything about it, the lid, the NYC sights, but as every stainless steel bottle it makes noises, especially when i carry it around in my Zabar’s bag (more on those bags in my upcoming post). So I decided to crochet this holder

There is even a pretty little ribbon bow on top! Totally girly 🙂

How do you decorate your water bottles?