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Having just recently graduated from college, I know all about the cost of education and how expensive it can get! Two years ago when I went back to school, I had a goal in mind – a goal to get a new degree, get a job, and go on adventures all over the world. I am excited to report that I’ve successfully accomplished the first two, and the next one is in the works, because I am about to get my passport next week!

Setting personal goals is important, but so is education. The two go hand in hand, and if it wasn’t for my degree, I wouldn’t be where I am now. A lot of my friends have young kids and I want those kids to someday be able to look back and say they feel accomplished.

That’s why today I partnered up with Country Financial to spread the word about “Own Your Future” Challenge, a challenge where you can win $10k ($5K for you and another $5K for your school).

Not every parent can grant their child’s every wish, but they can provide the right opportunities at school and in life! I want to encourage you to participate in the “Own Your Future” video challenge. All you need to do is visit Country Financial’s Future Booth 7/11-7/24 and enter the Own Your Future Challenge! Record a quick video inside the Future Booth aAnswering two questions:

  1. If you won $5,000, how would you use it to own your family’s future?
  2. If you won $5,000 for a local school, how would you want them to spend it?

Then you’re entered to win $10,000. Can’t attend an event? Get out your phone and record your own video. You can still enter the contest here. Submit a video by 7/24 to start owning you future!

The contest is open for parents with school-aged children residing in the Minneapolis region.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Country Financial. All opinions are my own. #FutureFocused #OwnYourFuture 

Pick a Date!

I finally had time to go through the rest of the stack of my vintage magazines, and pulled the looks that I liked. And at first I was going to do what I did before, and simply put a date under the picture, but then I decided to let you do it! You can comment and tell me which look belongs in which decade. And, well, if you take this seriously, the winner might just get a prize, which is a vintage red coat from my collection! If you don’t remember what it looks like, here is the link!

Now again, these are the looks for the contest, it’s going to last 3 weeks (April, 25 – May,15).

There are quite a few pictures, but I’ve combined some, so there is a total of 10 dates that you will need to guess.

The date range? From 1960’s to 1990’s!

Again you just need to guess the decade! But if you want to give me an approximate year, that would be great too!

Good luck!




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