Nothing New: Furniture

Hey everyone, I hope you all had an amazing week and a Happy Easter 🙂 I know a lot of my friends and readers in Europe will be celebrating later this spring, so get ready for the Easter Bunny to hop overseas!

Today’s blog post is about furniture, and since some of you know my minor (*COUGH* yeah, right) obsession with, the post is going to be about “not so new”, but beautiful, vintage and FREE furniture!

I finally got tired of not having a coffee table in our living room, and wrote a Wanted post on Freecycle, and here is what I got:


The lady who gave it to me was so nice, she even delivered it to my apartment building! I am serious! I was shocked too! Trust me! Most of the time it’s your responsibility to go and pick something up off of freecycle, but this time I guess I got lucky! It’s a wooden table, definitely vintage! I looked under it, and it said Massachusets! I am such a sucker for vintage furniture! It’s so beautiful and elegant, that Ikea and Target simply become a blasphemy!

I’ve acquired another piece of furniture this week – a night stand/end table, thanks to my mother-in-law! Since our bed is so high, very few nightstands work with it! I have been looking for a tall nightstand for months, because that corner between the bed and wall started to feel more and more empty with every day that went by. So Sandra, dropped off this beauty last Tuesday, and it fit right in!


I love it, don’t you? I immediately took Sam’s old green lamp out of storage, and placed it on the table:


Now it reminds me of a short story by a Russian writer Alexander Green, called the Green Lamp, which I am planning on translating and posting on here this week! I love Russian literature, makes me feel nostalgic, but at the same time appreciate my background and culture!

An oldie, but a definitely goodie is my console table, which has been recently featured in my “Early Stages of Hoarding” post, and is another great freecycle find, that I got from a woman, who said her husband was a hoarder (Oh-oh!)


Some other items that I have freecycled include (but are not limited to 😉 )

– books

– clothes

– vintage

– kitchen appliances

– arts and crafts supplies,

and the list goes on!

It really is a great source, but don’t forget that it’s not all about getting, it’s all about GIVING!



Thrifting for Treasure: Weekend Edition

Thrifting is just as fun when you do it over the weekend, and when you do it with your husband.

In the morning Sam and I drove to Eden Prairie to pick up a console table that I was able to track down through our local Minneapolis group. The table was something that I wanted for a long while. Even though Sam moved into this apartment in July, it is still pretty empty. And I have to admit, I didn’t dive into home decorating right away. My reasoning was the following – decorate when you really need something and when it’s a good deal!

And what can be better than FREE? So here it is – my new “used” console table!

It’s a Weiman table from the Rockwood Collection, which makes it even more special! See, someone’s trash (clutter in our case) can definitely turn into a treasure. The woman, who gave me this table said that her husband is a hoarder, but if he doesn’t see something, he won’t miss it. So this is how this table became one of the highlights of my weekend!

Now you probably noticed the bag on top of the table. That is there for a reason! This was my other treasure thrift find this week, and to imagine that I only paid $3. This is a Pourchet bag, if you don’t know what this brand is, I highly recommend checking out their website!

I hope you had a fun day today. I spent most of it in the Mall of America, where did you spend yours?