Barcelona – Milan

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Custo Barcelona jacket, Rachel Roy Silk Dress, Calzedonia Milan Tights, Target booties

Today’s look was inspired by a Custo Barcelona jacket, I recently acquired. The Milan part is represented by my tights, where the city scape is a part of the design. Europe is on my mind today.

And even though it may be thousands of miles away, Europe made it way into my wardrobe and today’s look for a reason. European fashion is definitely different from American. Where we seek comfort, they dress for appearance. The genuine desire to always look your best is true all the way across the continent, whether you live in Spain or Estonia. And even though it is extremely hard to generalize due to so many personal styles and tastes, Europeans definitely have the edge we, as Americans, don’t.

Now some of you may be wondering why I refer to myself as American, when I haven’t even been here for that long? Have I completely lost my Russian identity? Yes and no. My style is definitely more American, than Russian. It’s been influenced by US media, television and social networks. I try to do my research, and often read European blogs, magazines and such, but more and more I notice how judgmental I’ve become, how quickly I critique something that is not common in the US, and how quickly I put my stamp of disapproval on the look.

And even though you won’t see me at the grocery store in stilettos, I have come to a realization, that I should at least wear mine more often!

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What do you think are some of the differences between European and American fashion?

Happy Wednesday!

OOTD: Friend’s Baby Shower

One of my really good friends is having her second child, so last Saturday I drove out to Eden Prairie, to spend an entire afternoon with her! And here is what I wore:



J.Crew thrifted dress – $4 – Salvation Army

Nine West Wedges – Opitz Outlet St. Louis Park – $28

Anthropologie Cardigan – $2.50 – Goodwill

Trench – bought a very long time ago in Russia

Coach leather cross body – $4.99 thrifted – Salvation Army

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (bought at full price at Macy’s)

Ralph Lauren Pink Quartz Necklace – $10 Clothes Mentor in Minnetonka

Here is me and the mom-to-be, isn’t she gorgeous?



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



Coat Obsessed

Last Sunday I was able to meet up with two other Minnesota bloggers, and spend some time thrift shopping. Β Megan and I have been planning to go thrifting for a while, and when the blogger meet up got cancelled, out came Plan B! We went to several different thrift stores:

Arc’s Value Village in Richfield Β (you really have to look if you want to find something, this is a great store to go to if you have a lot of time on your hands and you are in the mood for a “treasure hunt”)

Turn Style in Minneapolis (overpriced for a thrift store, but the quality isn’t necessarily that great for a consignment shop. I personally prefer Clothes Mentor, we only stopped by at this location because we were having lunch near by!)

Savers in Bloomington (It’s literally less than a mile away from Blommington’s Goodwill! So if you are going thrifting you can pack those two locations in one trip! But to be honest, thrifting in Minneapolis is located rather conveniently, there are plenty of thrift stores in one area or another πŸ™‚ )

I will definitely share what I got at Savers in one of my upcoming DIY posts, let me share what I got at Arc’s first, because it’s going to blow your mind away! (As you may have guessed I didn’t buy anything at Turn Style, hmmm I wonder why??? :P)

1. A Via Spiga Coat in size 4! And it was only $15.99, even less after my 20% off coupon, thanks to Hennepin County’s Choose to Reuse Program! So in the end it was around $12.50


It’s belted, super warm, I’ve been obsessed with it since the first time I put it on, have been wearing it since monday, I mean I am in love with the coat! And who wouldn’t be, check out the lining:


And what it’s made of:

I will take 70% wool and 10% cashmere anyday πŸ˜‰ This thrift find just proved that to look and feel like a million bucks, you don’t necessarily need to spend a million bucks πŸ™‚

My second coat falls into a vintage category, for some reason it fell into the “Halloween” category as well! But it turned out for the best price wise, it only cost me $1.50, though the tag said $5.99


Here is my vintage tag:



And here is the Wonder Coat itself:


As you can tell, it’s also belted! To be honest I put this coat back on the rack after I tried it on, but then something made me go back for it, and I don’t regret it one bit! All I have to do now is fix the button, it was missing, but was rather thoughtfully placed into a pocket, along with a penny (I was definitely lucky that day!)

So what do you think? Was it a hit or a miss?

And there you have it – the continuation to the never ending story of my obsession with outerwear! (I also got a new coat for my husband, pics will be up too for you gents reading this blog! I really hope you are out there!)

Have a great weekend everyone, I will be in Fargo until Sunday night, so if you know of any good thrift stores there, comment below, or tweet me πŸ™‚



Thrifting for Treasure: Suburban Edition

Dear everyone,
I think I’d better start writing all of my posts over the weekend and scheduling them to be published during the week, because it was so hard to put down my October issue of Vogue, but my passion for thrifting took over and today I’m sharing yet some more of my awesome finds!
Last Thursday I had an awesome opportunity to go thrifting after corporate orientation for my new job. So I hit up the Minnetonka Goodwill on Wayzata Boulevard and Clothes Mentor, located less than half a mile from the first location!
And here is what I found:
A pair of Cabin Creek shoes for $4.99, leather upper too πŸ™‚ I love the basket style weaving, and the sole looks barely worn! These shoes were made in Brazil, I remember finding a pair of vintage shoes last year that were made in the same country, so I am starting to wonder about Brazil here πŸ™‚

Next I found this cardigan type of sweater ( I gotta find out what exactly those are called, since this doesn’t have buttons or pockets πŸ™‚ )

And this was $5.99!
I also scored this amazing velvet blazer from The Limited for $6.99. I’m not exactly sure whether I want to keep the tassels on the front, so far they aren’t bothering me, so I’ll let them live! The necklace came from Clothes Mentor, and cost me only $10, keep in mind that this is 4 strands of pink quartz with a Ralph Lauren tag on it πŸ™‚

My most expensive purchase of the day was this Levi’s leather jacket, I got it at Clothes Mentor for $32, it was originally $40, but I had a 20% off coupon! I was specifically looking for a leather jacket, and I knew that I was probably gonna have to splurge. Do you think that’s too much for such a purchase or not enough πŸ™‚ ?

Now I have a funny story about this next piece, and you’ve already heard it if you are my Facebook friend. This is a $6.99 Pure hand knit sweater. So I wore it to work on Friday, and during my lunch break, while walking to see my former coworkers at Macy’s I found 2 Xanax pills in the right pocket πŸ™‚

And last, but not least is this vintage Monsoon sweater! That was $5.99 too, I believe πŸ™‚

So now here is the big question: what were your most and least favorite pieces? I’m so looking forward to your comments!

The September Issue

“Vogue came. It’s pretty big” – that’s the text I got from my husband as I was leaving work today. I’ve been waiting for this issue since the last one came! I am serious! I love the September Issue.

But before we look through it together, I want to share a video with you, it’s 100% true, and I encourage you to watch it, and never ever act like this in a cosmetics department!

And now on to the Vogue:

Look how huge it is, compared to the game case:


The cover unfolded, as it often does, and revealed those cool covers/shots from December 1892 andNovember 1949. Yes, Vogue is 120 years old! I quickly cut those out, and am planning on framing them ASAP!


Couldn’t ignore this Mila Kunis ad for Dior! Yes, that’s how you become an A list actress!


This Dolce & Gabbana ad is so Russian to me:


Love the new O.P.I nail polish collection,look at how vibrant the colors are. I also had a ball reading the names! Can I please work as the nail polish name creator?


This issue was everything that I expected it to be and more! I am also excited and looking forward to trying this sample of L’Oreal’s BB cream


And shopping at Target when these new collections come around:


And finally, to top it all off, I wore a $140 skirt to work today, that cost me only $11.50! Yes, thrifting pays off my friends πŸ™‚


What caught your eye in the September issue?



Dress Obsessed: Clothes Mentor Haul

I went thrifting, AGAIN. Okay not really thrifting, but consignment shopping πŸ™‚ Big difference, really.

Please let me know if you are getting tired of these posts, but I personally love when other people post hauls, maybe because I get a sneak peek into their closets this way.

I did spend quiet a lot of money, but I had a gift card to that particular location of my beloved Clothes Mentor. And here are some of the treasures I found this time:

1. Ralph Lauren shorts and Jones New York cardigan – so prep schoolΒ – $9.60 for both of these, as they were 70% off


Now for the more expensive stuff (I know, I know you are probably sitting there shaking your head at me, wondering whatever happened to $3 finds at Salvation Army or Goodwill, I promise to bring you hauls from there as well)

2. $20 Anna Sui dress

This baby looks a lot better belted, I am sure she had that in mind when creating this dress, or I just like to accentuate my waist line too much πŸ™‚


3. 100% silk dress and slip from Anthropologie, which for once is not attached to the shell! Yay! Because (guess what?) I can wear that slip separately with some other clothes! So this one cost me $24, but with some boots, OMG I can’t wait to wear it!


4. Another Anthropologie dress (size 0 – gasp, all the working out is paying off), this time with geometric pattern, and of course pockets (that’s one of my must-haves in a dress) – and this was also $24


5. And finally a $15 Anthropologie (yes, surprise surprise – but in all honesty, I think a richer version of me just consigned all those – if you are reading this post, please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any more cool Anthro stuff, I’ll buy it directly from you! I am 100% serious) Β dress, which is made of a heavier thicker material, so it’ll definitely be my fall/winter dress, with exposed zipper, which unfortunately you can’t really see πŸ™‚ But it’s awesome nevertheless!


Now you gotta comment and tell me which one of these you like the best and which ones are a total fail πŸ™‚

Also, if you are waiting for the “Stories From My Closet” I am going to make you wait a couple more days. I decided to add a Sunday Post to my blog, that way you have something to read with your morning coffee πŸ™‚

Love you all, thanks for reading and looking and checking it all out and commenting!


Zhenya H

Weekend Outfits

I hope you all had a wonderful eventful weekend. It was my Birthday weekend for those of you who don’t know. I turned 26 on July 15. I am very upfront about my age, we’ll see how many years it’s going to take before I turn 29 for the 10th year in a row πŸ˜‰

Anyways, my amazing husband gave me an iPad, so that’s been a new centre of attention in the Hutson household. I also got a gift card to Clothes Mentor, which I can’t wait to go and spend! Anyways, you get the idea.

Saturday we went to a friends wedding and I wore Maria Bianca Nero dress. The dress actually was a hand me down, from a dear friend of mine. I am very upfront about my hand me downs too πŸ™‚ Some of you also know that I’ve been working out like crazy this past week. Well, I just wanted to make sure I fit into the dress. And I did:

Here is a picture of Sam and me and the happy couple:

Today was kind of a chill stay at home day, but we did go for a walk to the Lake of the Isles, and I finally got to wear my $20 Eileen Fisher dress, a Clothes Mentor find btw:

The lining of this dress is silk, so it’s nice and cool, even in 90 degree weather. The belt came from a swap Β in NYC (back in the good old days when I lived there – sigh), the bag isCoach from Goodwill, and the shoes are from Target.

I can’t wait to share some of the other things I got for my Birthday with you, and since it’s kind of a Birthday week this week, I’ll be giving something away on my blog, so subscribe if you don’t want to miss out!



This Week’s Finds: Clothing Haul

It all started with a trip to Salvation Army, unfortunately it was a miss for me this time, you know how thrift stores are. But then we went to Clothes Mentor (located in Market Plaza in Minneapolis) and Opitz (St. Louis Park), and that first store is seriously becoming my favorite consignment shop out there.

So here is what I got:

1. This pair of Chico’s pants, they are super light and breezy – perfect for work, especially during these extremely hot days. I already wore them to work yesterday and they seriously feel like lounge wear!

2. I also got this fabulous Eileen Fisher dress. I’ve always wanted to own something of hers, but her clothing can get pretty expensive, so I was more than happy to spend $20 on this dress. Plus it has pockets!

3. Up next is this Marc Jacobs top:

4. My last purchase at Clothes Mentor was this black chiffon skirt, it still had tags attached to it, and apparently it came from some local boutique and was originally priced at $145, well it only cost me $11.5 πŸ™‚

5. Our final stop was Opitz Outlet and it can be a hit or miss, but I scored this Ralph Lauren shirt, now if only the temperatures would go down!

As always – outfit posts to come! Have a fabulous day everyone!