Beauty on a Dime {Guest Post}

photo (3)Today’s Beauty post is by Michelle from Skana Spa in Upstate New York. She is here to share tips and tricks of her trade! Enjoy!

No matter how busy of a schedule you may have you should always find time for yourself. Every woman loves to get away to the spa for a day of beauty and relaxation but that isn’t always an option. However there are alternatives, with a couple ingredients you probably have in your house you can make yourself a rejuvenating body scrub.

Now And Then the best remedies are those that are the least expected. In the case of skin, one of the most efficient means for cleaning pores is more dirt. Minerals picked up from quarries. Volcanic ash, and sea beds around the globe, cosmetic clay holds a multitude of minerals that nourish the skin and are naturally absorbent qualities help draw out debris, excess oils, remove dead skin cells and even contagions from pores. Applied once a week, a clay mask results in a soft, supple, genuinely clean skin texture.

Mixing cosmetic clay powder with cold, filtered tap water is the easiest method to make a mask, but there can be additional perks by taking advantage of other liquids. Cool green tea produces an additional antioxidant boost that may help slow down the development of fine lines. To soothe irritated or dry skin, try combining the clay with cold milk or heavy cream.

To start off, add one tablespoonful of tap water, green tea, or milk to a small container. Continue to add tablespoons of fine cosmetic clay powder to the liquid mixing to prevent clumps. The resulting paste should be smooth; if it is too thick or runny, add a couple of drops of tap water or a little extra clay to reach the desired texture.


Cleanse skin thoroughly with facial cleanser and warm water and gently pat skin dry.

Place a warm wet cloth over the face for a minute or two to open up pores before smoothing on the mud mask. This will allow the mud to absorb more oil and impurities in the skin.

Using fingers, smooth the mud mask over the face beginning with sides of the face and brow applying the paste in a thick layer to clean, dry skin. Make sure to keep away from the eyes and lips.

A one-inch paintbrush can be used for an even application. While the mask is drying, sit back and relax. Staying still will make sure the clay does not crack or fall off.

After 10 to 12 minutes, wipe mask off with a very hot washcloth. Periodically run the washcloth under hot tap water, and squeeze out any excess water then press it to the face to soften the clay. Then, lightly wash off the mask in a circular movement. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Pat skin dry with a soft towel and then follow up with a mild toner and moisturizer to soften skin and nourish it throughout the day.

Some types of clay are a mild skin purifier that does not soak up oil, which makes them safe for dry or delicate skin textures. Others types deep clean and remove oils and toxins from the skin, which can help oily skin and minimize the impacts of pollution. For optimal results, opt for one that best suits each skin type.

Refrigerate any remaining mask for up to one month in an airtight container and reapply once a week.

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Some Skin Care tricks I learned in Russia!

We all want our skin to look amazing! Especially on our face, because today’s world is all about looks! You don’t get no good job if you are ugly! I know how cruel it sounds, but it’s true.

I have recently subscribed to a YouTube channel, well several channels to be exact and they all belong to so-called beauty gurus! BS? Maybe, but it’s fun to watch. My fav ones are Azeri sisters from Toronto! I have mentioned them in one of my previous posts, so please check it out & send the girls some love!

Anyways, here are some products and some tricks that I learned while living in Russia!

1. Birch (or any Tar) Soap.

Costs less than a dollar, perfect for your skin, but the smell – well, you can get used to it! This is an American equivalent (though it’s pine tar, not birch)

2. Clay.

This is an amazing treatment for problem skin, you can use it on the entire face or on different parts of your face, or directly on the blemishes. Clay enriches your skin with minerals and other vitamins. My advise is – keep that clay moist, because when it dries, it really pulls on your skin! There are different kinds of clay that serve different purposes. For example:

White clay is perfect for oily skin, it helps fight the oil build-up. Don’t use it if you have dry skin, because white clay will over dry it.

Gray clay moisturizes and serves as a toner, it is also a great detox for the face and for the entire body!

Blue clay cleanses, whitens, helps fight acne, disinfects skin, removes dead skin cells. It also stimulates hair growth!

Yellow clay is great for aging skin. But it’s also great for cellulite treatment, and acne treatment.

Green clay is used to fight oily skin, greasy hair and dandruff.

Red clay enriches your body with iron.

Pink clay is a mix of white and red, is used for a delicate skin care routine, as well as in some shampoos for normal hair.

Black clay helps fight cellulite, and also promotes weight loss!

This is what it looks like:

And here is an American equivalent:

They sell it at Vitamin Shoppe I believe.

3. Herbs.

If you are following my blog, you know that I gave up coffee and tea for a week, instead I am mixing my own herbal teas. I buy them at a drug store, super cheap, that’s what they look like:


Now I don’t really know where to buy those in the States, so feel free to leave comments and tell me : )))))

Those herbs are also great to make hair rinses. The one I use is made from burdock root!

I hope you enjoyed my little post about Russian remedies, treatments and such! Try them out, tell me how they worked for you! I do those almost every day!