Where God Guides…

Here is someone I want you to meet. And no it’s not another Etsy maven, or a fashionista from down the street, they are my friends Christiana and Phil Brande, and their Baby B (who is yet to B born 🙂 get it? )


They are 9 short days away from departing the US and heading over to Prague, to teach at the Christian School there. See, they are raising money for their trip, and believe that God will provide, because they are following his calling!


They are beautiful people who spent over 10 years living and spreading God’s word and love in Russia (my home country), that’s where Christiana and I met, when I was 14 or 15. I was a part of the group from the Wesleyan church that went to a camp for orphans organized by a team from the States. And she has an absolutely calming peaceful presence, but radiates happiness at the same time! And after talking to them today, I felt so inspired and encouraged, and once again amazed by how Great our God is! And how big our small world is!

I don’t know when I am going to see them again, but I will definitely be following their blog and you should to! And if God puts it on your heart to donate to their ministry then bless your heart!



Book Endings. Happily Ever After.

Ideas for blog posts come to me unexpectedly, in some unusual places and situations. This one came to me at church! I remembered the good old story of “Footprints”, and how popular it was about 10 years ago. I also remember how back in high school one of my friends gave me a sci-fi book to read, and said that I was going to like the ending. Well, when it came to the ending, it was something I already knew! Translated into Russian story of Footprints! My first reaction was – SERIOUSLY? and then I had to break the news to my friend and say that I’ve already read the story, and more over, the story was of a religious origin! Yeah, I think that friend is still amazed at the rip-off. I mean, you (the author) has just written an entire book, and he/she couldn’t write their own ending?

So this got me thinking about the different book endings. I decided to pull some books off my shelf and do an experiment. These are the endings I have read:

– And so it is!

– They look just like Jesus!

– After all, – thought I, – I’ll be able to buy a house here in a few years. And by that time, this cute butler, carrying my folding chair, won’t be as annoying!

– And, after hanging Hemul’s mittens on the front porch railing, where he would be able to see them, they entered the house, in order to fall back to sleep, waiting for spring.

– We will praise him for his plan and live for his purpose forever!

There are endings that make you cry, laugh, leave you indifferent, that you remember for the rest of your life, that you forget the next day, that inspire you, that demotivate or motivate you. Ever since I traded books for one of these

I almost feel like I have been reading less. And the desire to finish the book has switched from that eagerness to turn the last page, to eagerness to see that grey bar fill up all the way. Reading a nook for me is like a video game, or a program installation progress. It’s not done, until the bar is filled!

Endings wise though:  aren’t we all looking for the “Happily Ever After”? Sometimes I just want to fall back into childhood, where there was nothing, but fairytales, and imaginary creatures, and some occasional Shreks and Wicked Witches of the West! After all, it’s all relative.