No Christmas Tree – No Problem

That’s how we think in this household. Last year we had this amazing cork board tree made out of push pins and yarn:



This year we were not going to have a tree all together, but then I was feeling overly creative and made this:

2012-12-17 20.40.44


Yes, I made a Christmas tree out of TP rolls, and even painted it with glitter! So I guess DIY Christmas trees are a family tradition now!

Happy Tuesday!


Decisions, decisions: Christmas Tree Alternatives

WARNING: If you are going to read this, you better be ready to suggest which one of these wonderful alternatives I should bring to life!

Sam and I have decided not to have a Christmas tree this year.

A: the plastic ones are bad for the environment, and take up too much room when you store them.

B: I don’t want to spend hours picking out tree needles out of my wooden floors.

Now guess which reason was mine and which one was Sam’s! Now no tree doesn’t mean no Christmas, it simply means more space and less fuss. Plus Jesus wasn’t born under a Christmas tree, but a Christmas star instead. This is where my religious side is kicking in, so before I say something that will require an “Amen” as a reply, let’s check out our alternatives:

1. Wall Tree

Not necessarily a flower, but a definite space saver!

 Plus this tree is really easy to personalize! Definitely an option!

2. The Cardboard Tree

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make a Christmas tree out of some old box!

 Too bad this option only has 4 sides to offer!

3. It doesn’t look like a tree unless you take a closer look Christmas tree

 Now you see it, now you don’t! Did the owner intentionally turned his shelves into a tree, or does he need some bookends for Christmas?

4. Anything that can be decorated and has a cone-ish shape kind of tree

Think tripods, think ladders, think wigwams!

  If we keep the list going, I’ll be willing to turn my IKEA drying rack into a tree! It has the perfect “branches” too!

5. Bouquet Christmas tree

I think this one is the number one favorite of them all, easy and simple! Plus I already have a vase!

6. Sewn Christmas Tree

These trees aren’t prickly at all 🙂

I remember actually sewing a tree back when I was in highschool. I stole an idea from one of the Russian designers who was on TV that day. Too bad I don’t have a picture of that masterpiece to share on here!

7. Crochet Christmas Tree

Sewing isn’t the only art form that I mastered, crochet Christmas trees should make a come back this season!

  8. Let’s pluck a pillow Christmas Tree

Thank you Martha Stewart for this fab idea!

9. For Beer lovers

I knew I should’ve bought beer in bottles!

10. Why get a Christmas Tree when you can be a Christmas Tree!

 Merry Upcoming Christmas Charlie Browns, love you all!