The Many Sides of BJ

As I have already mentioned in yesterday’s post, this week is all about the trip to Pokrov orphanage, that I am taking with the Covenant Presbyterian Church from Colorado Springs. I first met the team back in 2005, and it was my first interpreting job with the fund. To say that it was challenging, is to say nothing at all. We went to a camp in Ivanovo region where we fed mosquitos for 7 or 8 days straight, and where we couldn’t shower, because the water coming out of those taps was of a pleasant rusty color!

Years went by, I became a discipler, and that included translating letters that the American sponsors have written to the kids. And the name Bobby Joe came up. Now that is where I got confused. Growing up at church with missionaries, I knew a woman named Bobbi. And I honestly didn’t know if that BJ “person” was a man or a woman. And I had no one to ask, until the team came, and I asked Cheri Hicks. Who told me that he was a guy. A couple months later he finally sent pictures to the two boys he was sponsoring, and I knew he was something! He finally came to Russia in 2008 two months before I left for New Jersey. And immediately stole all of the attention, and later the hearts of the kids, the caregivers, and even the hotel staff.

The very first year boys at the orphanage made him this shirt. And it speaks for itself. Let me tell you, their opinion hasn’t changed one bit.

He has been coming back while I was gone, and one of the most vivid memories that the boys have of him, is that how he went swimming with them in the turf lake, and that when he came out he was all orange!

Now I wish I had a picture of that! BJ is Mr. Popular at the orphanage, but he doesn’t come to Russia to boost his self-esteem, or feed his ego. He comes to serve, and teach, and learn too. Today he taught a great lesson on cooperation.

Illustrated by this amazing skit and some team-bonding activities.

BJ has even joined Russian social network to keep in touch with everybody! There are so many great stories to tell, but BJ will be the one, who can share the rest of them with you!


Hotel Style Mix

This week I am blogging about my trip with CHC (Children’s Hopechest, aka Nadezhda Fund) to Pokrov orphanage, where I used to be a discipler (I visited the kids every week, and did a class on morals/ethics, as well as brought them letters from their American sponsors, candy and some fun crafts to do).

Now the thing that I always get excited about is staying in all different hotels. And this one is yet to beat! It’s called Kornilov, and there is a spinning chef figurine right in front of it, so if you are ever in Russia driving down M-7 from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, you won’t miss it!. This is a new hotel, with some amazing free wireless internet. (This blog was in serious danger of being abandoned for a week! Because Sam didn’t want to pick it up from me!) Anyways, this post is dedicated to our hotel, to our hotel room to be more specific. The room actually looks like someone off of Jerseylicious decorated it. Just look at this lamp

Now they also wanted to give us some tropical feel, no no we don’t have any tiki torches, but we have this amazing column

To give you a better look of our interesting floral wall paper (and I see nothing wrong with florals, I actually love them) and the entry way, take a look at our mirror and the table under it. You can get a good look at my Bobble too! And yes, I absolutely love it!

Now the bedside tables are pretty cool, there are also some in the hallways

And FINALLY the MASTERPIECE of our dwelling for the week – The Throne (we have 2 of them! )

And there I was, thinking hot pink heart shaped bathtubs were tacky! Have a great week everyone, I know I will ๐Ÿ˜‰