Hotel Style Mix

This week I am blogging about my trip with CHC (Children’s Hopechest, aka Nadezhda Fund) to Pokrov orphanage, where I used to be a discipler (I visited the kids every week, and did a class on morals/ethics, as well as brought them letters from their American sponsors, candy and some fun crafts to do).

Now the thing that I always get excited about is staying in all different hotels. And this one is yet to beat! It’s called Kornilov, and there is a spinning chef figurine right in front of it, so if you are ever in Russia driving down M-7 from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, you won’t miss it!. This is a new hotel, with some amazing free wireless internet. (This blog was in serious danger of being abandoned for a week! Because Sam didn’t want to pick it up from me!) Anyways, this post is dedicated to our hotel, to our hotel room to be more specific. The room actually looks like someone off of Jerseylicious decorated it. Just look at this lamp

Now they also wanted to give us some tropical feel, no no we don’t have any tiki torches, but we have this amazing column

To give you a better look of our interesting floral wall paper (and I see nothing wrong with florals, I actually love them) and the entry way, take a look at our mirror and the table under it. You can get a good look at my Bobble too! And yes, I absolutely love it!

Now the bedside tables are pretty cool, there are also some in the hallways

And FINALLY the MASTERPIECE of our dwelling for the week – The Throne (we have 2 of them! )

And there I was, thinking hot pink heart shaped bathtubs were tacky! Have a great week everyone, I know I will ๐Ÿ˜‰