Days off are for…

I was more than excited to get Wednesday off. I honestly love getting a random day off in the middle of the week from my retail job, no seriously I do. I would rather work over the weekend or something, than 5 days in a row. Call me crazy, whatever.

Plus when one of my best girlfriends is in town only during the week, a day off is a must 🙂 So today wasn’t about laundry or chores or dishes (I did do the latter and ran my usual 2.5 miles), instead it was about a trip to one of the Calhoun beaches, Jamba Juice and doing nails!

View of downtown Minneapolis from Lake Calhoun, look how tiny the buildings are!

Kara and me in front of my building, we haven’t taken a picture together in forever, so today was a day to fix that:

I am also rocking my Ralph Lauren shirt, I got it last week at Opitz, if any of you remember! It’s amazing, my new favorite piece of clothing to wear these days!

And finally we went to the Russian store in Eagan (my Birthday is coming up, so I wanted my cake to be from there and only there) and MoA. I got some Birthday gift certificates from Aveda, and was anxious to use them. Look at my two awesome presents – a massage oil and perfume. I got to pick the scents too! It was super fun!

I hope you love your days off as much as I do and spend them if not with a purpose, but with a good friend 🙂



Carrie Bradshaw Habits Die Hard

Having lived in NYC I often find myself contemplating over what it’s like to be Carrie Bradshaw. Before I moved to the Upper West Side she seemed to be quiet a realistic character, after having lived there, she became the complete opposite. Why? Well maybe in the end of the 90’s you could make a living writing a weekly column for a local newspaper, but definitely not nowadays. The writers definitely fix this dilemma and take care of my confusion as the show moves from season to season, and she starts getting more jobs, like writing for Vogue, and turning her columns into a book, which is pretty neat, and I wish Candace Bushnell would write a book like that! I think it would be fab. Anyways back in Season 2 episode 14 Carrie talks about her pattern. I know that not because I am a freak and have memorized all scripts from all episodes, but because there is such an amazing thing as, where by simply typing in – sleeping till noon – Sex and the City, I found what I was looking for. So here is what she says: “I was thrown right back into my old pattern: Greasy Chinese, sleeping till noon…and feeling restless”.

Somehow I can really relate to this, this past week has been really strange, I have been sleeping till noon continuously, eating some crap food, and the restless feeling often came in the middle of the night preventing me from going to sleep. The only other time I remember myself sleeping till noon was the year I met my best friend Kat, 2000. She would call me on the phone, waking me up, and we would talk for hours. Well what else was there to do? We were teenagers. I honestly think my body is getting ready, it’s preparation time. What am I preparing for? The wedding! Marriage! Married life. Waking up early to make breakfast, pack lunch and see my husband off to work. Over the past few days I started cooking again. I am still amazed at how easy it comes to me. Surprisingly easy. So I am trying to plan ahead of time, and try to predict my future pattern.

I think it’s going to look something like this

But in all seriousness, I think I am going to become an early riser and a napper. The opposite of me being a late riser and a napper right now. I will also be a lot more selfless, since I will have another person to care for (my husband). I will definitely need one of those thingys

Or a cheaper printable version that you can get on a variety of different websites. I will definitely show you what I am going to go with when I actually come around to it.

And of course I will go back to my pattern of making comfort food, and that means BAKING. So dear future neighbors in Downtown Minneapolis, you are in luck! Just don’t piss me off, or I will put laxatives in your zucchini bread!

Have a happy 4th of July weekend!