Rock Your Denim Vest!!!

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I’ve recently heard that if you want to see all of the latest fashion trends – go to Forever 21 – that’s where you’ll find them! And that’s true – everywhere you look in that store – you see something different and stylish, plus they have some classy pieces as well! I don’t really shop there that often, so those of you who thought I was now promoting for F21, think again! I did go in there during my trip to Chicago, simply because it was a free standing store! If some of you don’t know, I hate malls, just hate going inside, shopping there is too much for me (I wonder if you fellow thrifters have the same problem?), anyways, the one thing that I saw and liked was the denim vest, and besides if Jessica Alba can rock hers, why can’t I rock mine? Besides I saw this trend later featured on Chic Trends and I personally think it’s awesome!


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The only problem was – I didn’t have one! So I went off to Salvation Army in the Warehouse district and found a Ralph Lauren one for $6! Just to compare, Forever 21 vests retail for at least $20! My original plan was (if I didn’t find the vest) to get a jacket and chop the sleeves off!

But here it is, my denim vest and the outfit I put together! We also went to Walker where my mother in law is a tour guide, so I got my very own personal tour of the two newest exhibits! Thank you, Sandra!

Walker 1       I am wearing:

Shoes and Tights – Target // Shorts – New Yorker// Sweater – AX (thrifted)//

Denim Vest – Ralph Lauren (thrifted) // BagVintage Kenneth Cole 

Sunnies – Lucky The Weekender//Necklaces – H&M, Express//

Bracelets – SJP’s Bitten, H&M, VIntage //Earrings – Vintage

Walker 2

Walker // Exhibit Painter Painter

Walker 3

Walker 4

Walker // Exhibit Autoconstruccion

Walker 5

Walker 6

Walker 7

Happy Monday everyone!



PS. I can’t get over the pictures my new Samsung Galaxy camera takes! What do you think?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Style Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Fashion Against Aids

As late as it is, today’s post will be related to today’s International Aids Day. And one of the many ways to support the cause and the fight against one of the most horrible diseases, is through fashion. I am sure a lot of you remember the H&M collection that launched a couple years ago. Today I simply want to raise awareness of this disease, and once again remind us all, that we are not made of steel, and aren’t immune to the most scariest of the illnesses out there.

 Stella McCartney

 Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, Róisín Murphy, Estelle, Cyndi Lauper, N.E.R.D, Robyn, Yoko Ono, Yelle, Moby, Katharine Hamnett, Dangerous Muse and Tokio Hotel



And of course the famous (RED), which I am sure doesn’t need any photos, but I will post one anyways!

Surprised that the fashion world cares? I believe people in the fashion industry are some of the most caring and loving in the world, their passion translates not only into clothes and accessories, but into causes, charities, donations, raising awareness.

What did you do on World AIDS day?


Thrifting for Treasure: Red Alert

This morning I wanted to share some of my thrift finds. I have been doing Thrifting for Treasure for a while now, and I used to simply post pictures and write short descriptions of the items that I bought, but today I decided to also find additional ideas on how to style my finds. Hope you enjoy it!

1. High waisted wool skirt with pleats and pockets

How to wear:

With a white top and some pearl accessories! That skirt is your best bet for the office. You can keep chap-stick in your pocket too 😉

2. Oversized striped AX sweater

How to wear:

– with skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, or very VERY thick tights!

– with shorts, just make sure they are showing!

– with a skirt

Oversized sweaters are perfect when you want to draw attention to your legs! And when you have great legs to show, what can be better?

3. Red high waisted skirt

This skirt was bought as a DIY project in mind. It’s a maxi, which will be turned into a mini. The rest of the fabric, which by the way is a fabulous shade of red, is going towards my other DIY projects and will probably be turned into some hair accessories and a clutch!

How to wear:

– with a white top, like Lauren Conrad

– with a striped top, like Taylor Swift

– with a blazer

4. BCBG Max Azria dress

How to wear:

With cowboy boots, like Ashley Olsen, Jessica Alba and Miley Cirus

5. Red Vintage Coat

How to wear:

I spent a total of $14.46 yesterday, the AX sweater and the red coat were half-price, the skirts were $1.99 each. And the dress was $4.99

ALSO: I have mentioned this on my FB page yesterday, but if you are in Minneapolis, look for this:

Or go to the website and download it there: 

Happy Thursday! And Happy Thrifting!







Clothes That Fit

Oh I can’t even tell you what I saw on the bus today! You know when you see something so shocking, you can’t get your eyes off of it? The whole bus was watching her when she got off! Those were my size shorts (size 2) on a size 10 girl! The thing that killed me – there was no embarrassment or shame written anywhere on her face. And the top left very little to the imagination as well. So I started thinking, if you are comfortable walking around with a crack big enough to stick a quarter in it, what can’t you do?

The whole subject of clothes that fits started bothering me on Sunday, when I was sitting at church, and not only there were girls with pot leaves on their belts, but again, there were tight T-shirts present, and needless to say I missed out on most of the sermon thinking of “Why some girls/guys don’t want to work on themselves” and “Is it that hard to find clothing that fits, and not only fits, but flatters?” I mean the girl on the bus was very similar to this:

But in all seriousness, if you find yourself in a situation like this:

Just leave the store. Not all one size fits all fit me. I think the tag should say “one size fits most”. So here are some helpful hints, that I use in my life:

– If “one size fits all” didn’t fit, forget about that item of clothing, move on, sometimes it’ll include moving on to a different store.

– Know your sizes. Every store is different. I am a 2 at AX, but a 0 at Forever 21. Old Navy has never fit me! Neither have H&M or Urban Outfitters (I am talking pants only now!)

– Sometimes it’s safer to go one size over when picking out a top. I wear a Small, sometimes I wear an XS, but I like going one size over, and I like tops that say – Small-Medium. Call me crazy, but I would rather clothes looks on me like on a hanger, than it being all tight and clingy! Besides with loose items, there is more freedom when it comes to styling! There are belts, and vests, and pins, and high rise pants, to tie it up, or tuck into!

– And finally, don’t let anyone ever dress you. What are we, 4? Even when I was 4 I knew what I wanted to wear, and what it went with. I once took a dress to pre school, secretly from my mom, because she wouldn’t let me wear it (it was a special occasion dress, and there was no occasion).

When other people tell you what’s good and what’s not, they aren’t always entirely honest. The sales person needs to sell. The friend might be jealous of your figure. The significant other might not care. The true feeling of whether something fits or not comes from one and only one source – YOU! So please, use your common sense, read up on what fits you and what doesn’t (there are plenty resources on line), watch some What Not To Wear (it does get boring after a while, but at least they know what they are talking about!) and trust your instinct! I remember growing up at church, and one person said – if you aren’t sure whether this look is appropriate or not, ask yourself – Would I be ashamed walking down the street with Jesus wearing this? I wouldn’t go to such extremes, but think of your mom, or dad, what would they say? And if mom or dad doesn’t do it for you, then think of Mother Teresa!




PS. All cartoons are taken off of

PPS. Another subject that bothers me is see-through clothes.