Vitamins – is it all what it takes?

My dear blogger friends, I know I have abandoned you, and I feel so so sad about it! Yesterday I was trying to upload a post through my phone, but it wouldn’t add the pictures right, so I gave up and decided to wait till this AM!

I finally have a morning off to sit down (well actually sit up in bed) prop myself with a pillow and start writing.

I am going to talk to you about vitamins today, and why I take them. If you are my friend on Facebook, you’ve probably seen this:

I am sure some of you have been wondering about this picture, and yes, I know the printer in the background is very attractive, we are going to leave my old HP alone today.

Now I am going to say it upfront  – this post is my opinion and my alone, I won’t be convincing you to do anything, buy anything, take anything – I am just sharing my experience, that’s all.

I’ve been taking vitamins for as long as I can remember! My grandma was a doctor, so she would always give me vitamin C – in Russia it came in a little yellow ball – I think it still does – well, those vitamins were like a treat to me, almost some sort of candy. No wonder that I later snuck into the cabinet and ate the whole jar, which of course caused a rash and a lesson learned for life 😉

I later found out from a friend, whose parents were also doctors, that it takes like 20 of those to fulfill the daily dosage of Vitamin C in your body, go figure!

When I started coming to the States, all these One a Day’s were becoming more and more popular. Almost like the Gummies for adults are popular now. So I’ve taken those as well.

Basically you name it – I’ve tried it – Calciums of all sorts, Multi’s, liquids, soft gels, chewable (I went through a fiber stage, I admit), extracts…

I did take a brake for a while, I haven’t taken anything since last December I think. So what happened? Why now?

You guys it all goes back to my skin – I am not happy with the way it looks, and drinking a lot a lot of water wasn’t cutting it for me, neither were all the products I’ve been using!

So I turned to Gillian McKeeth for advice –

 Yes, her, she knows what she is talking about, right?

Anyways, she connects breakouts on your face to your intestines or liver, or other internal organs, and I am sure she wasn’t the one who came up with that, so I boldly followed her advice, spent $40 bucks on all of this (Thank you CVS for BOGO!)

Now what the heck is all this again for? Oh that’s right – to get better looking skin and get rid of blemishes!

So we’ll start with the teas first – Mullein Leaf (God knows what it’s called in Russian – never saw it there, probably never will) and Dandelion tea – now the one I have here is the Detox one and it contains the same organic dandelion root as the other one, but tastes so much better! The regular dandelion is just – UGH! Even with honey and sugar and lemon, it’s still UGH! Mullein is better, a ton a ton of better – and there is more tea bags in there too – 24 vs. 16! Good thing I have coupons!

Now the vitamins – all are supposed to help get rid of blemishes and make your skin perfect. Today is Friday, I’ve started taking all of these guys on Tuesday, my skin is still not perfect :/ I guess I’m just going to keep on taking them!



PS. A certain portion of sarcasm has been used in this post, please beware!