Thrift Haul Where Shoulder Pads come to DIE!

Let’s call it my Christmas Thrift Haul! My finds are as unpredictable, as Minnesota weather! Megan from Mr C. & Me and I have been planning this thrift trip for a while, but last weeks SNOWPOCALYPSE delayed it. This weekend it rained… Yes, Global Warming is getting the best of our winters (I can always go back to Russia for that, but I hear it’s not going that well there either 🙂 )

I also dragged Dominika with us, and the clothes that she got is absolutely amazing! Especially (SPOILER ALERT!) vintage Christian Dior pants! But more on that later!

Our first stop was Arc Value Village in Richfield, where we found the Dior pants, as well as some Ed Hardy shoes. But being the geniuses that we are, we didn’t get the pants.

Then we hit up Goodwill in Bloomington, and Dominika found this amazing fuchsia shirt, and well, that’s when we went back to Arc to get those pants! Thank goodness they were still there!

Our next and final stop was Savers in Bloomington, and that’s where I ended up spending most of my “thrift allowance” money (Okay I just made that up! I don’t have a thrift allowance, but I try and follow the “$20 limit per store” rule that I stole from Sammy Davis. Maybe I should give myself a monthly thrifting allowance? What do you think?)

And here is what I got:

Fabric first!

2012-12-16 21.26.15

The top one is a really bright pink, and unfortunately my iPhone camera doesn’t do this fabric justice. The only thing I was really bummed about was the price. I paid $8.99 plus tax for 7.5 yards. Now the original tag was still attached to the fabric, and it read $7.50! What’s up with that Goodwill??? The middle and the bottom fabrics are meant for a dress I am planning on sewing sometime in the future! Hopefully soon!

I also got this awesome vintage pattern, and the great thing about it is – ONE SIZE FITS ALL! So come to me with your fabrics and we can make you a dress like this. I am planning on altering the sleeves, though!

2012-12-16 21.28.38


And finally the dresses! All vintage, all from Savers, $3.99 each! I love each and every single one of them!

2012-12-16 21.26.39


2012-12-16 21.27.03


2012-12-16 21.28.10


Of course two out of the three dresses came with shoulder pads, but I took them out faster than a blink of an eye! Now only to figure out what to do with them! They are so pretty, I can’t just throw them away!

2012-12-16 21.32.51


So? What do you think? Did I do well? Not so well! It all came to under $30! Don’t forget to check Megan’s blog and see what she got!

Have a great week!


Refashioned Vintage Coat

I have been Facebooking and Instagramming about this refashion all week long. And last night I finally finished it! So here it is, my $1.50 vintage coat refashion! As some of you may remember I got this coat at Arc Value Village right before Halloween off of a Halloween rack!

But enough about the coat, let’s see the refashion:

If you take a closer look you can see that there is a button missing, and when you take an even closer look, you’ll see that the buttons are loose…

2012-11-24 21.06.16

2012-11-24 21.06.21

I started off by decorating the pockets:

2012-11-25 12.49.52

All of the appliques were finished on the machine, but hand sewn to the coat!

2012-11-25 13.57.54

Then I moved on to redesigning the collar. I started off by just making triangles to go over the ends. I had to trace the shape using saran wrap:

2012-11-25 14.02.43

2012-11-25 18.10.43

Then I changed up the belt loops. The new one is on the left, old on the right!

2012-11-25 18.35.06

After showing it off to my husband, he suggested I change the collar and design an applique that would go all around. I traced the collar applique on paper, made sure it fit the original collar properly:

2012-11-28 22.01.28

Then came the most challenging part (at least for me) – altering/shortening the coat! I was even considering taking it in to get done professionally, but then I thought that since I’ve already put in so much work and effort and love into this project, I simply cannot fail! So I did it:

2012-11-29 22.17.17

I ran a zigzag stich along the bottom so that it wouldn’t fray, then pinned it up, and hand sewed it on. I know there is so much hand sewing in this project, and trust me my fingers are bruised and the skin is peeling, but it was so worth it!

2012-11-29 22.59.11

So here it is, my finished coat!


Stay tuned for the outfit post! And don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter!

Have an amazing weekend everyone! I know I will, in my new coat 🙂