MW and April A to Z Challenge

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Photo Credit – Eric Sorensen Photography


Last year I participated in an awesome A to Z challenge, and as far as I remember, I never completed it. I want to try it again this year, and my theme is going to be 30 days of outfits. I am going to share a new outfit a day, there won’t be any particular theme, but the outfits are going to somehow start with the letters of the alphabet and go in that order for the whole month of April! I am also going to post outfit photos on Instagram for those 30 days with a special hashtag #30daysofoutfits. I am pretty sure I have enough pairs of shoes to last me through the 30 days, but if I don’t, shoes are the only items that will be repeated. I am hoping to revive some of the forgotten pieces from my closet, and bring up my style game!

Monday Wants though, skirts! And lace! And can’t forget about bright summer shoes (the snowy Minnesota weather outside my window is mocking me silently!)

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Remember when my Grandma had cancer? And I blogged about it? Recently I was browsing the Internet and came across this poster:

I wish I found this sooner, like February sooner! Oh well, but this is one of my wishes now! For all of you out there who have relatives struggling with cancer, I hear you, I feel you! I know what it’s like!

Today I wish Parkinson’s got Parkinson’s and died! Is there a poster for that? Will I be the first one to create it? Probably not! But there is the Parkinson’s awareness month, and week, and I guess the week is within the month. And that is the month of April! I know it’s a little too late for this awareness thing, but it’s never too late to raise awareness.

Why Parkinson’s? My Grandpa has it! And it’s vascular, which is even worse. Well I guess I should stop calling it Parkinson’s, because it is actually called Parkinsonism. Well here in Zhenya’s world it’s called – my daily frustration, my daily irritation and something that causes anger, and then pity, pity in all it’s forms and variations, pity towards my Grandpa, my mom and self-pity.

Some of you, who are my friends on FB, know that Tuesday my Grandpa was missing for 10 hours. Mom went and filed a missing person report. I went to talk to some neighbors. He was finally brought home by two huge guys, who had to walk him all the way up the stairs. He couldn’t walk by himself, his coordination was seriously off, and his tongue faltered.

That was on Tuesday. He tried leaving again today, but I wouldn’t let him. He spent a total of about 2 hours yelling at me today, plus the two hours from Wednesday.

And this is hard, because I really want to talk back, and it’s so hard to hold it all in! I am sitting here second guessing why this had to happen to me, and all in one year, and one of the most difficult years of my life? Why? And well, God comes to mind. And I just can’t find an answer. And I know you all religious ones out there will start quoting scripture, but when one wants answers, it’s better to avoid bringing up the verses. It’s not something a person wants to see. I am not anti-Christians now, I am just anti this wisdom, and this idea of being helpful, when you are really not. Maybe I am a bitter mean person, but I am going through this, not you. I had people who laughed at everything my Grandpa does. Well if you find it funny, good for you!

Are you there vodka? It’s me Zhenya