O is for Overalls {A-Z Challenge}

overalls-collection shopping for overalls

How could I not post about overalls? The more important question here though is – How do I still not own a pair? I don’t know. I am trying and looking and hoping to find an awesome pair at a thrift store. But, alas, nothing so far. Only my Mavatar collections, which you can check out here:


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Thrifting for Treasure and Shopping for Sales

This weeks thrifting for treasure is going to be mixed with some sales that I was able to score yesterday at Macy’s. And even though I don’t shop retail on a regular basis, the Macy’s sale is something that is hard to miss. And once you see my finds, you’ll understand one!

But I am going to start with the Salvation Army finds! $1.99 100% silk skirt, originally from Sears, the brand is called First Issue, and since I don’t shop at Sears, I am not really familiar with their lines. Anyways, this beautiful forest green color is going to look amazing with some of my chunky sweaters in the winter, and I am not even going to start on the spring and summer 2012 trends 😉

Even though I usually don’t buy Target brands at the thrift stores, I couldn’t resist this Mossimo loose sweater/wrap. It only cost $2.50, so what the heck, thought I and added this baby to my cart!

My final find was this Betty Hanson red dress, perfect for the holidays. Besides some of my readers have already started asking for Christmas apparel ideas. Once this dress is cleaned, styled and photographed, you are going to be amazed! The cool thing about it is that it’s made in Italy too!

 I also picked up some toiletries, and finally got some of my stuff back from NJ, where it was being held hostage 😉

I also fell a victim to the Macy’s one day sale. The savings were amazing, the brands were my favorite, and my husband was all for it!

The dress is DKNY Jeans, and the tops are American Rag! Needless to say, I couldn’t have been happier! Hope you are having a great week, it’s almost over too 🙂



Gray Inspired

I love gray, it’s definitely one of my fav colors. My famous “blankie”/”comfort cloth” cardigan from Macy’s is gray. It’s almost 3 years old, and if I could, I would buy at least 10 of those American Rag cardigans. Those of you who’ve read The Devil Wears Prada, know about the “Devil’s” obsession with white Hermes scarves. Well my obsession is the gray cardi from Macy’s 🙂

Those of you who regularly follow my blog, have seen one of the latest DIY projects about a gray hand made fringe bag. You are also quiet aware of my obsession with poppies, I am sure. I had some left over gray pleather, so I decided to make a poppy, and this is what it looks like:

To make this flower, you are going to need some pleather (or any material that holds its’ shape well), thread, super glue, some beads and scissors!

Begin with cutting out the petals, I had 8 identical (or relatively identical ones)

Arrange them in a flower:

Using a needle and some thread sew all the petals together:

Cut out a circle that is going to be the flower centre, and sew along the periphery:

Cover the centre with a layer of superglue:

… and sprinkle some beads on top!

And there you have it, your flower is ready!


PS A perfect match for my gray cardigan:)