Facing Acne

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Summer is my favorite season, hands down. But my skin breaks out the most during this season. All the time I spent sailing, or hanging outside at the beach can negatively impact my skin. Fortunately, I have a go-to product when it comes to dealing with breakouts – Proactiv.

I partnered up with FacingAcne.com to talk about this product with you today. The three step system helps take care of everything, from cleansing, to toning to moisturizing. They even have an SPF containing moisturizer for those of us concerned with sun damage. I have found out that Proactive works best for me when I use it once a day, or as a week-long treatment. My skin is sensitive, so using it for more than 7 days dries it out.

Having worked in a beauty industry, I’ve learned the importance of a 3-step program. A lot of people skip out on the toner, or substitute it with serum. And that’s not okay. I would recommend using the toner at least once a day before going to sleep, because that’s whats really going to help remove the dead skin cells and help the skin absorb moisturizer better. And that to me is the best anti-aging tip out there! (Coming from a girl who turns 29 next week!)

What are some of your favorite skin care products? How do you fight acne?

Disclosure: Facing Acne provided me with the product, all opinions are my own. FacingAcne.com does not sell any of the products mentioned above.

How to #WinTheDay {5 Easy Steps}

How do you start your day? What do you do to make it a good one? Is it more than just getting up on the right side of the bed? Today I am going to share a few tips on how I make my mornings smooth and easy, and my days a success!  

Waking up early is the key for me. Even if you don’t have to be anywhere early, it’s still a good habit. Okay maybe on the weekends I’ll sleep in till 9 am, but on other days 5.45 am it is!

Planning my outfit is also helpful, and whether I lay it out the night before, or put it together in the morning, I always try to have a general idea of what I am going to wear!

Highlight it, don’t hide it! Got killer cheekbones, put some highlighter on! Want to open up your eye and appear more wide awake? Highlight it! 

Know your hair! Will you wear it straight, or curly, or in a bun? How do you style your hair? Often it’s something I forget about, and then end up not having enough time to do. Yes, my hair is relatively short compared to what it used to be, but it still takes me about 10-15 minutes to style it! 




Stick to your skincare routine. Clearasil has recently come out with a new skincare line, and I got an opportunity to test it out and share my thoughts with you. The opportunity was brought to me by Clearasil and Refinery 29, and I hope you will find it helpful.


I have always had acne, from black heads to cystic, to everything in between, it seems like I was always dealing with something new on my face. Oh and acne scars, can’t forget about those. Did I also mention I am in my 20’s, and I am not even in my early 20’s? I used to use Clearasil back in the day, and I was excited to go back to it, especially to the new Cranberry/Raspberry super fruit formula! Because flawless skin is what gives me confidence throughout the day. 

And what’s even better is you get to try Clearasil product for free with this amazing mail in rebate offer! So hurry, don’t let your skin imperfections stop you from becoming successful. 


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Facials, the Russian Way

Have you ever gotten a facial? You know the really good one where you get a warm towel wrapped around your face, and everything smells good, and you get some nice treatments and off you go, happy as a clam? I have. I have also had the exact opposite of what I have just described above. The Russian Facial! I believe it’s called the mechanical facial, correct me if I am wrong! But here is what you do:

– Wash your face

-Steam it

And then the torture begins. The poking, the popping, the piercing, even the massage that I usually get in the end doesn’t do it for me. And the masks/treatments, they hurt! And make my skin itch and burn. But just for a day!

I started getting facials when I was in college. I had a lot of problems with my skin, it’s always been acne prone. So getting a facial was the last resort for me. I can’t really remember if they helped in college. I believe they did. But going there again this year, after being gone for over 2, I saw the difference, and so did my skin. Now this is not an advertisement of the salon where I get it, or of my cosmetologist, because I have gone to both of them, it’s a story about how I got my skin back.

Those of you who know me, know how much looking good imatters to me. Since I became an on line ESL teacher, it’s also important to look good for my students. Yes I know they probably can’t tell, but I can. And for us women, it’s important that if we can tell, then we don’t care if you can’t. I have my mind set on smth and it’s all that matters.

Now to prove my words, I have a picture of myself back from September, when I was visiting a friend in PA, this was taken at the King of Prussia mall

While I was trying some hair extensions on, my girlfriend snapped this pic of me! And even though the only word that comes to mind is GROSS, I am thankful to her! Because now I have the evidence of what I used to look like!

No one wants to see that walking towards them down the isle, do they?

I have somehow managed to tame those zits down, chamomile tea, clay masks(I’ve mentioned them a while ago), zinc supplements, herbal teas, antibiotics, you name it, I’ve tried it.

Back in May I went to my cosmetologist and asked for a facial, and even Sam (through a webcam) could tell there was an amazing result! I am more than grateful to her. She did save my skin, especially from those painful under skin acne.

And as much torture as it is, I will survive all the needle pokes, and the masks, and yes, there will be tears in my eyes. But the skin looks and feels so good the next day.

My cosmetologist keeps telling me how good it started to look, and she always knocks on wood, or spits over the shoulder not to jinx it. And by the way, she calls me Lena 🙂


PS. I have only 2 weeks left, that means 2 more visits. Needless to say when I get back to the US, I am getting a Clarisonic!

Also, there are plenty of pics on my blog for you to see what my skin looks like now. I didn’t really want to do a before/after thing, after all I am not advertising any product, I am simply sharing about what helped me!