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While I am here buried under my homework, Minnesota is buried under the snow. Sweater weather is here, along with  heavy coat weather, and Sorel boots weather. They are saying it will rain on Sunday, which means Monday we are going to skate all over the highways!

I hope you are all doing well. I am having a little spending problem here… (seriously everywhere from MOA, to Goodwill to online!) So excuse me while I go shop online some more 😉 Unless you want to join me! Haha

How amazing are all these gloves, turtleneck sweaters and jackets?

Gloves Jackets Turtlenecks



  1. wow love the look and sorry you are already wearing sweaters. I am in florida and not quite there yet, doing it anyways because its that time of year! thanks for the glove inspiration. stay warm.

  2. love these knits! I just put up a few recent items i am wearing this winter on my blog. I am a huge fan of those white cross gloves, I might actually sell something similar to that!

    I love your big scarf by the way! Big scarfs are really all I do anymore! Come check me out if you’re looking for some new cozy knits this year!

  3. You look fabulous in the big scarf, and I love the boots. You are incredibly cute in the bulky clothes, and the coat is smashing.

  4. zhenya! i lovvvvve your scarf and boots. so perfectly wintry. almost makes me excited to come home 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Jackets like that are so cute, but as you know, they don’t cut it much in these brutal northern winters! So obsessed with the big plaid scarf look right now…I need to get myself one.


    P.S. Giveaway for a gift card to THE LOFT on my blog!

  6. Nice inspiration. I’m a Floridian but it’s suddenly freezing here, I find myself having to hunt for warm clothes!

  7. I need a good pair of gloves. These are cute!

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