Spring Make-up 2012

Seriously, so many great choices, I am at a complete loss, don’t know what to choose!








Which one is your favorite?




  1. Gotta go with the MAC look! 🙂

  2. My favorite has to be the Mac look. I like the earthier natural tones. 🙂

  3. Hmm, I like Mac <3 and Chanel

  4. Lancome is gorgeous. I love the little glint of colour below the eye. The Dior one is very pretty too though. That lilac is lovely.



    • I love the lilac, but I already have a Lancome palette in lilac/purples 🙂 I think the pinks and greens are the ones I am going to go for 🙂 You’ve got a great blog btw, we should follow each other on bloglovin’!

  5. Вау! красиво =) и во всех есть что-то общее =)

  6. Amber MacNeil says:

    I think the Lancome collection would look awesome on you!!

  7. Violet colors, so lovely! One of my favorites.

  8. Lancome or Mac, even though the barefaced with pastels theme runs through all of these adverts. I love these brands and I’m a sucker for prettier photos 🙂


    • I really love Lancome, the way they used eye shadows for a liner, I think it’s my favorite one out of them all!

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