Proskin 28 Day Blogger Challenge Week 2 Update

Hi everyone, this is a super quick post to update you all on my Proskin progress, or maybe the lack of there of!

I will be honest with you, I had a hard time wearing the leggings for 8 hours a day everyday! But then Debra posted an extremely helpful Q&A on our Facebook page, which said I can wear my proskins to bed! And that changed everything! (I did have some weird action dreams the first night, but that can be Elysium related as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I also haven’t been working out as much as I thought I would! Even though I got a Tracy Anderson workout, I’ve been really good at procrastinating, but did walk a lot, especially on Monday, when Sam and I went around Lake Harriet.

Now just so that we are all clear on where and what I am measuring, here is a handy chart:


So let’s see:

Week 1 Week 2
Hips 35โ€ 33โ€
Top of thigh 21.5โ€ 21โ€
Widest part of thigh 21.5โ€ 21.5โ€
Above knee 15โ€ 15โ€
Below knee 12.5โ€ 13โ€
Widest part of calf 13.5โ€ 13โ€

As you can tell there’s been some improvement, some measurements stayed the same, and for some reason my “below the knee” area got bigger ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still rather skeptical about the ย challenge!

Let’s see what Week 3 will bring!




  1. wow! I wonder if it is fluid and it got bigger below your knee because it is kind of being pressed out and down? I don’t know, even as I type that, it sounds weird…lol.

    • Haha I don’t know either! I really need to look into how these pressure leggings work ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s so interesting!

  2. Doing good!!! Keep at it!!! ~Sophia

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