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Target collaborations can be a hit or miss. But if you’ve been shopping them for a while, you know which ones to shop, and which ones to skip. Having set my alarm for 7.30 am the night before, I was seriously planning on being at the store in my pajamas by 8 am! (That’s what I did for the last collaboration – Philip Lim). And then the snooze button happened. To make the long story short, I didn’t make it to the store until after 4 pm. I’ll be honest, I expected to see a sad piece hanging all by itself on a rack, but, to my surprise, it was all there! Well, maybe not all of it, but a lot of it. Now, some of you know I am participating in the Thrifty Threads 365 challenge, so you are probably wondering why am I spending all this money in retail? There is a loop hole in our challenge, or an exception if you want to call it that. You are allowed to use gift cards. And that’s exactly what I did!

Today I am only going to show you the skirt. It was one piece I wasn’t sure about. Styling it can be challenging. But the pockets sold me! As you could probably guess, I am hoping to buy the top that goes with it, also seen on Diane Krueger, later when the collection goes on sale.


Image via Because I am Fabulous

Peter-Pilotto-x-Target-Peter-Pilotto-for-Target-Shopping-Event Peter-Pilotto-x-Target-Peter-Pilotto-for-Target-Shopping-Event Peter-Pilotto-x-Target-Peter-Pilotto-for-Target-Shopping-Event Peter-Pilotto-x-Target-Peter-Pilotto-for-Target-Shopping-EventAnd now a little on the quality, selection and such! First of all the entire collection is mostly polyester, it’s made in China. Personally, the black, yellow, blue and white color palette was a little off. Less structured pieces, looked baggy and unflattering. I also wish that  when creating such collections, the designers would show us how to style pieces. Yes, it’s fun to be all dressed in Peter Pilotto, but?

What did you think of this collaboration? Did you buy anything? How are you styling it?


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  1. Wanted to grab a few designs too! Sadly it doesn’t ship to Singapore & I was too slow for Net-a-Porter. Better luck next time!


  2. IN LOVE with that skirt!

  3. Such a pretty outfit! Great look! 🙂 xx

  4. love the way you styled it with more basic pieces! i bought the crisscross blue floral dress + the one piece swimsuit online, so i haven’t actually seen the collection in person yet. crossing my fingers that i like one of the two at least! 🙂

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  5. This skirt is lovely but I don’t like the striped part of it!! How do the sizes run? I got a 6 (wanted to get the 4 but it was sold out) and my waist is around 28-29″.

  6. Very cute skirt! I didn’t grab up any items unfortunately! But that skirt was on my wish list!

    xo, Kenya

  7. I’ll have to see these pieces in person. The target collabs have never been my fav. I usually like the ones for H and M more.

  8. Thanks for showing us that skirt. It still is really cute! I saw a lookbook with it styled and the only way they showed it was with the matching really loud top like you show above. Personally I like your ourfit better.

    • Thank you! And that’s what I mentioned! I wish they showed different styling options in the look books. But I feel like they are only relying on us, bloggers!

  9. Love this skirt!

  10. I love this skirt!

  11. I love this collab and I love that skirt!! That was one of my favorite pieces!!

  12. I got 2 pieces online and am waiting patiently for their arrival… i’m a little afraid of the quality, since i know that can be a hit or miss with the target collabos. I got that skirt in the graphic black and white!

    xx Hélène

  13. I really can’t decide what I think of this collection, it seems a little busy to me. Thanks for catching me up though!

  14. Love that skirt! Absolutely gorgeous!
    -Alex of

  15. Love love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I agree that Target can be a hit or a miss but most of the time they really carry some awesome stuff. I love that design/pattern on that skirt. Perfect as a statement piece.

    • Thank you! Did you shop the collection? Target’s been getting so much better over the past couple of years especially! They have become almost everyones go-to store now!

  17. I really like the mix of patterns on that skirt! – Leah

  18. Cute! Target collabs are the best!

  19. all the pieces are desirable for me, unfortunately there is no target in my country=(

  20. I love it! I would style it with a black top, even a turtle neck and an edgy statement necklace. Love the boots you paired with it!

    • Thank you! Yes, black top was my first thought as well! I did end up going for white though, as it’s more springy 🙂

  21. People definitely don’t give Target enough credit. My favorite my of heels came from there, and people are always asking where I got them.

  22. That’s an awesome skirt. I”m so jealous that the U.S target have these designer collabs!

    • Thank you! I call it my Diane Krueger skirt, because she wore it during the Fashion Week presentation! These collaborations are available on Net-a-Porter internationally too, so next time, if you need anything, they have it!

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