Emergency Situations

After today’s earthquake and a series of tsunamis, I have one thing on my mind – What if I was there? Would I be able to act in this situation? Would I even know what to do?

I remember fire drills in school, which were fun, we all got to line up and exit the building. Those fire drill days were always short, needless to say we all loved the whole “pretend” fire idea!

A while ago my future mother-in-law told me that when she was in school, they had nuclear drills, or atomic bomb drills, whatever you want to call them. The purpose of those was to teach them what to do in case USSR dropped a bomb or started a nuclear war. I guess the regular “duck and cover” is applicable in many situations, but not all!

A couple weeks ago my best friend and I were discussing a show called “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” (you can read more about the show here http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/i-shouldnt-be-alive-escape-from-the-amazon.html) when Kat said, that now she is prepared and can survive in both a desert, and a snow covered mountain. But do we all know what to do when disaster hits?

There are several categories of disasters:

1. Household ones or minor ones, more often referred to as accidents  (like a fire in your home, or a car accident)

2. Natural disasters (Tornados, Floods, Earthquakes, Forest Fires, Heat, Hurricane, Landslide, Thunderstorm, Tsunami, Volcano, Winter Storm)

3. Man-created disasters (Chemical Emergencies, Dam Failure, Hazardous Material, Nuclear Power Plant Emergency, Terrorism)

You can find out what to do about the last two kinds here http://www.fema.gov/hazard/types.shtm

Now when dealing with the first one, always have a plan, be prepared.

  • If something is happening to your home, make sure you have an escape plan, and don’t forget to take all the important documents with you.
  • It’s also useful to take one or two self-defense classes, that are available through a local Martial Arts club (that’s where I took mine). There you can learn how car keys or a cell phone can become a weapon.
  • Insure your property against theft or outside damage.
  • Try to stay as calm as you can, and encourage other family members to do the same. I know this will be hard to do (my mom is a good example, she panics every time something happens), but try your best, and give them meds if needed!
  • And marry a good speller!


My Fav Workouts of ALL TIMES

I’ve been working out since 9th grade, my mom got me into it. She went to aerobics classes 3 times a week. I never went with her, but I remember buying our first VCR and getting the workout tapes! It was fun, still is. I wanted to share my favorite ones with you. I have never weighed over 120 lb, so these just help me stay toned. I also don’t diet, but I don’t pig out either.

1. Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. This is a popular yoga workout, that you can

find on FitTV. It is usually on around noon ET. Each episode includes a warm-up, a sequence work-out, and relaxation and savasana. It’s a great muscle stretch, and gets you all toned in about a week. I’ve tried other yoga workouts, and they literally made me sick!

There are 3 Namaste Yoga DVDs out, I own two of them! Can’t wait to get my hands on the third one!

2. NTC iPhone/iPod App. First of all – it’s a FREE App. But it requires you to

have about 2 Gb of free space on your device, so I had to delete a lot of my music, mist of which I wasn’t listening to anyways. So I killed 2 birds with one stone: got a great workout app, and got rid of old music I skipped through anyways. There are 4 sections you can choose a workout from (Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, Get Focused). Workouts last from 30 to 45 min, except for in the Get Focused part, where they are 15 min long. You add your own playlist, and listen to the instructions. If you don’t know how to do a certain exercise, there are useful videos, or step-by-step directions. This is an extremely motivational workout for me, because I just love the way these women look. I have tried The Biggest Loser Workout, but I already know I look better than those people, so there is no motivation there. But I am not saying TBL is a bad workout, it’s just not for me. NTC also has a system of awards, it’s a lot like a video game where one unlocks badges. I believe I am on Bench Marker now, meaning I have worked out for 360 minutes using this app!

3. Cindy Crawford’s workouts. I had them both on VHS! Can you believe it? I have them on DVD now, a sigh of relief, lol. Anyways, she is good!

The first DVD includes 3 workouts, and the second DVD is one long workout, which may seem like a drag at first, but once you get used to it, it’s fine! You will recognize a lot of moves, they are used in a lot of the modern day fitness programs.

This is what got me through High School actually, I did her workouts, and ended up looking better than most of the girls in my class!

4. Gilad bodies in motion. Yes, he is still alive! And even though he cracks me

up, he is good, and has an accent, if you dig those! You can also find him on FitTV, just like Namaste Yoga. They used to be back to back! The workouts are also about 25 minutes long (with the commercials). Unfortunately I don’t have any of his DVDs, so the only thing I recommend are the TV workouts.

5.  This last one is called 10 Minute Solutions. I do these when I am feeling

lazy, but I still want to workout!

I hope these help, I know I am no personal trainer, or health expert, but I am sharing these because they’ve helped me!

Decision Hills

I wanted to dedicate this post to a special place, that holds my heart. It’s a place most of us have been to when we were kids – a summer camp. And when some of us grow up, we decide to work there, part-time, full-time, seasonal, doesn’t matter. We just want to be a part of the experience.

When I was little I went to summer camps. I really loved the church day camps. I have a lot of great memories from there. When I was in elementary school I went to a summer camp that was run by the city administration. We now joke that it was a spy camp, I am Russian after all. In Russia we used to say it was a concentration camp. Haha, not so funny, I know!

Then my church started organizing annual summer camps, they called them Youth Bible Festivals. Those were fun, until Russians took over.

But it’s not those camps I want to talk about. I want to talk about Decision Hills. A place that I will never forget. I met my husband there after all! I worked there for 2 summers in a row, met so many amazing people, made friends for life. That place pushed me, I did things I’ve never done before, I learned new things, overcame stereotypes, had fun, made important decisions (it’s Decision Hills, after all!)

I have these two pictures on my wall, that remind me of the experience every day! I wanted to share them with you.

The camp went through a lot over the past years. The Methodist Conference was going to close it, and the summer of ’11 was going to be it’s last. But thanks to Kurt Johnson and many others, who care about the future of DHC, there is hope. Please check out the FB page for Decision Hills, and help in any way you can.


This song is something that God has put on my heart when I was at the camp on the Meditation Hill. And maybe I am not as religious as I used to be, maybe it’s the lack of faith, maybe it’s the life that’s been shoving me around, but the place is there, the memories are there, the blessings are there! Remember, God gives and takes away, whoever your God may be!


Remembering the fall of 2009! One of the concerts I went to in NYC. I have the actual video on FB, and not on my Mac. I will post that video once I get it off my other computer. Enjoy this one now! The song is called A Hundred Hearts, by Swimmers, from Philly! What more can I say, it’s is LOVE!

Remember, “You only got one heart, but a hundred people want it!” So pay attention who you give your heart to!

Post A Day 2011

I know this is a little too late, I missed out on the first 2 months, but I felt like taking the plunge and making the commitment to my blog. You gotta start somewhere, right? I was concerned, that once I tell the world about my Post a Day, I will stop posting every day, but I think I have enough to blog about, so here we go!

The Most Useless Russian Phrases

This is a tribute to all of you out there, learning Russian! Please don’t take it seriously!

The most useless Russian phrases:

1. “Да, есть у меня одежда. Yes, I have clothes.” As taught by a professor of Russian at UMD. Word order is also his, not mine. But seriously, who needs to know if you have clothes or not? As long as you are wearing something while talking to a Russian – you are in the clear.

2. “Пусть умрет. Let him/her die.” One of my friends said that last night. Let me assure you, the Russian Ambulance won’t let you die, even if you don’t have insurance, they will give you a shot. And I hope you won’t be using this phrase to leave someone dying in the street!

3. “Я люблю Россию. I love Russia.” Even Russians don’t say that, unless they are drunk! Hopefully you won’t be getting drunk in Russia, or anywhere for that matter. You should learn how to say “I love you” though, just in case you are dating a Russian-speaker. That phrase, said with an accent, will always melt the heart.

4. “Как пройти…? How do I get to…?” If you are just learning Russian, and memorize this question, and God forbid you have to use it, you will probably not understand the directions given to you. So leave this one out too.

5. “Сколько лет, сколько зим. It’s been ages since I saw you.” Just drop all these Russian sayings altogether. Russians don’t talk like that, unless they are linguists or Russian language teachers.

Now for laughs and giggles, I found this website, that has all these phrases that can be used when you are using an international online dating service. These are some damn good phrases that Russian men need to learn to keep their women in the country. But as you can see the only people learning them are foreigners, and well, hopefully they really mean it, when they use them.



Vintage Jewelry

As I was organizing my jewelry box today, I found some pieces I wanted to share with you. All of them are vintage, some I got from my grandma, some I thrifted back when I lived on the UWS. Enjoy!

I wore this with my DIY Gap shirt, you can check out a post from March, 8,2011, to see how this looks on a person!

These are the pins I added to my collection.

These are from a thrift store on 83rd and Columbus!

My Top 5 Favorite Songs from the Broadway Musicals

If you love the musicals, or just getting introduced to them, these are the best songs from some of the best Broadway Musicals that are out there. Note: In my opinion!

1. America, from West Side Story.

2. Defying Gravity, from Wicked. It has my favorite Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel who were on Glee, and Kristin Chenoweth was also on Pushing Daisies! Fab women!!! (For some reason the video won’t attach to the post like the other ones, so here is the link!)


3. Don’t Stop Believing, from Rock of Ages. MICHIGAN!

4. Everybody’s a Little Racist, from Avenue Q. You know it’s true!

5. Who Loves You, from Jersey Boys. Because just like that pink bunny from TV we gotta keep going!

My Gap/DIY Shirt Part 2

I just wanted to post a picture of this shirt in an outfit! The necklace is vintage, belonged to my grandmother. The before of the white shirt can be found here


Gap shirt, and the grey cardi were both freecycled. The jeans (Armani Exchange)  I am wearing underneath cost me $1 at a garage sale in Murray Hill, NYC!

Mom’s Crafty Side

My mom is a civil engineer, turned kindergarden teacher, after the birth of twins (my half brothers). Long story short, she went to work there, in order to get a discount for the boys, and to actually get them into a kindergarden! (You have to be wait listed in Russia while you are still pregnant).

And since International Women’s Day have always associated with Mother’s Day for me, this post is a tribute to my mom.

Her lates hobby is quilling http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quilling. And these are her latest works!

This is how the pansies were made:

And this is a vase that she made recently, she keeps saying it’s a little uneven, but looks good to me!

If you want to see more of mom’s works, here is a link to her profile on one of the Russian web sites http://stranamasterov.ru/blog/35499/teaser. Enjoy!