10 Things to do This Spring!

I love spring! Wait… I LOVE SPRING!!!!

This was better! And I am extremely excited that tomorrow is the first day of spring! And even though it snowed like crazy here in Russia yesterday, my hopes are up, and I know that “the Spring is a Coming”!

Now this spring I have decided to challenge myself to do these 10 things, and you are more than welcome to do them with me, because it’s going to be FUN!

1. Create Spring Art!

I came across this beautiful watercolor pastel of Cherry Blossom trees in Central Park, painted by a Brooklyn artist. And I was so inspired and moved by it, that I decided to create some spring art of my own!

You can learn more about the artist here http://mosleyart.blogspot.com

2. Wear florals, or bright colors!

I have noticed that lately I’ve been wearing a lot of blacks and grays, and decided to brighten up my life and my outfits this season. I found a great inspiration on www.fashionfame.com

Love the parrots!

3. Hear the birds singing!

I wake up to birds, there are two trees outside my window, that seem to attract the most annoying kinds of birds – crows and jackdaws. But I found this amazing video and you can hear the birds singing no matter where in the midst of the busy city jungle you are!

4. Eat Healthy!

Am I the only person in the world who didn’t know about all the amazing resources www.livestrong.com has to offer? I found some great homemade hair care recipes yesterday, that I have mentioned in my previous post. But there is also a giant section on healthy eating, recipes included! So let’s all eat healthier this spring!

5. Do Some Yoga!

Whether you choose to follow the lifestyle of a yogi, or simply do some exercises to become more fit, you won’t regret it. I have already mentioned Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. My new favorite is Yoga with Rodne Yee! If you are a Mac lover like me, check out some great Yoga Apps that are out there! And remember – stay motivated!

6. Begin your day with Laughter!

I learned this from Sam, he always checks what I call “his” websites with some comics, funnies, or humor! There is a great blog here on WordPress, that makes me laugh so hard, esp. the latest post on Easter Bunnies, make sure to check it out! http://ske​tchybunnie​s.com/

Some other websites that I like are:




And don’t forget about the many many videos on YouTube of Kathy Griffin, Dane Cook, and other great comedians out there!

7. Believe!

Believe in God, believe in yourself, believe in others! Believe that you can, that you have the strength, the ability! Believe in opportunities, chances, fate! Believe in good, love, hope!

8. Take up a New Hobby!

One of my friends and fellow bloggers has recently started making her own soap, you can check it out here!


There are millions other hobbies out there! My mom does quilling! Here is a link to her website! I know that it’s all in Russian, but you can still see the works and how they are made!


Check out this link with a list of hobbies!


9. Plant an Herb Garden!

I always felt iffy towards house plants, but I love herbs, they smell great, and make food taste so much better! I am planning on planting a small herb garden and put on my kitchen windowsill! (Pictures coming soon!) I also believe that working with your hands, planting, gardening (which I don’t think I will be doing anytime soon) is good for your body, health and mind! And the smells of fresh herbs are also known to be great mood enhancers!

10. Redecorate your house, room, wall, table, shelf, ANYTHING for SPRING!

I found this amazing blog, that has some great redecorating ideas, the picture above shows a craft room, but there are other ideas there as well


I am planning on redecorating my TV stand, and maybe my desk! I am tired of the old dark brown color, and want to make it more vivid and exciting! (Pictures and DIYs to come!)

I hope you all enjoyed these ideas, and will be willing to give some of them a shot! Make sure to get back to me and tell me what changes you’ve made and whether you found this post helpful!

Haircare Products that Worked for Me or My Hair History

Once, an old friend of mine said that he can tell what year it is by looking at a picture of me, because I had different hair every year, sometimes, every season.

I first got highlights for my HS graduation, and it has been going on ever since. I only grew out my natural hair color once, kept it for two months, hated it, and went back to highlights! After all the DIY DYE jobs, highlights from the box, and color enhancers, I decided to finally outgrow my natural hair color in the summer of 2009, and it only took me a little over a year!

Now throughout that year I tried all possible and impossible growth enhancer, store and home made hair treatments, gave up hair products containing SLS, and walked around Manhattan with what I believe to be the worst hair out there!

My other reason was – my wedding, I wanted to have great hair for the BIG DAY!

Now these are the products I have been using, that have done the job, this is what my hair looks like now!

My friend Brianna and me a couple weeks ago.








I have tried the following homemade remedies:

-Honey water

-Olive oil

-Eating certain hair foods (avocados, a lot of vegetables, eggs, salmon, nuts)

I have also taken some hair vitamins, my advice – buy them on sale!

These are my fav hair care products to this day!

1. Burt’s Bees

I fell in love with these and got my fiance hooked on the shampoo and conditioner too. The scents are amazing, especially the Avocado mask! And there are 4 different kinds of shampoos for all different hair types. Now a lot of people complain that Burt’s Bees shampoo doesn’t lather up, it won’t give you as much foam as a regular SLS containing shampoo, but it will wash out all the grease and dirt in your hair. Do you know how to check if your hair is clean? It should squeak when you give it a little pull near the roots!

2. Whole Foods Brand Shampoo and Conditioner

I bought the big bottles of both for only $ 4.99 each! Personally I think this is an amazing alternative to Burt’s Bees, if you are trying to save, but still want to be nice to your hair. Of course I ran out of conditioner faster than shampoo, but it’s not a big deal, always happens! I used the Mint scented shampoo, because my hair is greasy, I have also tried lavender scented body lotion and citrus body wash. So far the citrus is the only one I wouldn’t try again. Again, the shampoo doesn’t lather up as well, but gets the job done!

3. Nature’s Gate Conditioner

I bought a 32 oz of this conditioner at     TJMaxx for $7.99, and couldn’t have been happier. It is for color treated hair, but worked just as fine on mine! Another advice on buying haircare products that are pricey – check out discount stores, they usually have a great selection on both Salon Brands, and Natural Products.

4. Say Yes to Carrots Mask

Smells great, feels great, the only thing is that I didn’t like as much – having to keep it in for about 12 minutes. I usually prefer hair treatments that need to be kept in for 5 minutes tops. I know that some of you might disagree, and I knew a girl who would deep condition her hair for an hour every other day. If you have that spare hour – do it, unfortunately I don’t.

5. Organix Instant Repair Treatment

I bought this one, because it was on sale. But the smell, oh the smell alone, I have never regretted this purchase again. It worked great, because this is a repair treatment, and I was using it when I have already outgrown my natural color, but had bleached ends. Now why didn’t I just cut the ends off? The hair cut would’ve been too short for me, and I always felt comfortable with longer hair!

6. This last one isn’t organic, and unfortunately contains SLS, but it really makes your hair shine!

I freecycled a giant bottle of Nexxus shampoo, and even though it contains SLS I feel comfortable using it on my hair now, because I feel like it has completely recovered and because I also believe in freecycling, and using something up instead of throwing it away. Now when you freecycle body and hair care products always check the expiration date! The last thing you want to do is ruin your hair even more!

And finally, I just wanted to show you what my hair looked like in the beginning!

Some St.Patrick’s Day Goofiness

Since today everyone is St.Patricks’ Day, and as far as I am concerned today everyone is Irish, I decided to celebrate with a fake green tattoo made with the help of some brilliant green! And viola – here is the result!

Last year Sam and I went to St.Patrick’s Day Parade on 5th Ave together, but this year, I am in Russia, so I will be watching it online, or going through some pics from 2010!

A Date with the 70’s

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “The 70’s”? Remember all the tie dye, the flower power, disco and platform shoes? The feminism, the end of the war in Vietnam? Led Zeppelin, Star Wars? First video games? The World Trade Center (the construction was over Dec.,23, 1970)? But I always think of That 70’s Show!

Jackie was definitely the best dresses one!

Speaking about fashion legends of the 70’s, I came across Marie Clarie’s (UK edition) top 10, and chose my top 5! You can find the other 5 here http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/best/3193/10/seventies-style-icons.html

Anjelica Huston









Jerry Hall









John Travolta









Farrah Fawcett









And Ali Macgraw









And today I wanted to cover some 70’s fashion trends that I found in these magazines! (Old Soviet Magazines, these ones in particular, are from the Moscow Fashion House)

I wanted to show some prom dresses first, but honestly to me they look more like bridal couture. So if you are looking for some vintage wedding dress ideas, here are some for you. Of course they are more suitable for a summer wedding, because they are all knee-length.





























Pelerina became popular…





























And so did the Poncho…





















Let’s not forget about men’s fashion


I also came across some women’s coats, that I found interesting…















Up next are some accessories, very often they came in sets – a necklace and a matching ring or bracelet…















Here are some interesting every day outfits. Pay attention to the matching vest and shorts.















My favorite florals… They became more graphic…















Paisley and similar patterns appeared…

Here is a close up of the pattern and the sleeve

Nautical theme was also very popular, but matched with these geeky glasses it looks a little bit ridiculous…

And finally – the RUFFLES!

Now, no post about 70’s is complete without some things that should stay in the 70’s and never come back, or become costume ideas!

60’s Fashion

I wanted to write a post about vintage fashion for a while now. And I am finally able to do so with the help of the old fashion magazines that I found in my house. Some of the magazines date back to 1960’s! Isn’t that amazing? I have went through 2 out of the 4 stacks of those magazines, and divided them by decades. Today’s post is about the 60’s.

These are the two magazines I have, the one on the right from 1961. It’s a 50 year old fashion magazine! Can you believe it? It’s from an International Fashion Congress. The one on the left is from the Tallinn Fashion House, dating as far back as 1968/69.

I wanted to show you these wonderful (and my personal favorite) models of floral dresses first.

I also love the hair in the picture above, remember – The Higher The Hair, The Closer You Are To Heaven!

Up next is this gorgeous evening gown.

I love how gloves go with basically every dress, I wish more people would wear gloves like these out in public today!

Here is some outer wear, from 1968/69, love the plaid scarf!

Next up are some shoes and accessories

I also wanted to show you a fashion faux pas, I hope none of you will ever have to encounter a person wearing this! Nobody wants to look like a walking mattress, or do they?

Devastation or Anticipation?

This AM post was supposed to be all happy, and fashionisty, I found a lot of vintage fashion magazines, and I was going to do a tribute to Twiggy, but something happened. And I want to get it off my chest. The vintage fashion post is still coming up, just later today.

Last night was just another night, had some red wine, watched some SATC. Around 2.30AM my grandma started howling. I thought it would stop, it didn’t. Around 3 AM I went to check on her, she was screaming and asking to call the ambulance. This was when I gave her the first shot. Half an hour later she was screaming more than before. I called the Ambulance. And they refused to come, the woman told me that I can give her another shot. This is when I broke down. I haven’t had such a breakdown in years. I was crying uncontrollably, maybe it was the Ambulance not coming, but I feel like it was more the devastation of the situation I ended up in. In spite of all this, through my tears, cries, and sobs, I managed to give my Grandmother a shot. But she made it extremely difficult for me by kicking and yelling that I was killing her. And the only people I was thinking of at almost 4AM were the neighbors.

I can never express how grateful I am to Sam, and all of you who are supporting me through this. When the shot finally kicked in, about 30 minutes later, this house was the quietest it has been in days! You could hear a pin drop! And I went back to sleep. Grandma started moaning, and I was on the verge of another break down, but then she stopped, and has been sleeping ever since.

What now? Anticipation. When she wakes up, you know…

PS. I am sharing this, because I believe that all cancer patients and their families need to express themselves. I don’t want to be holding my frustrations in me. But they eye is still twitching, you know!

The Dream Tattoo

Now this is literally a dream tattoo, as in a tattoo from my dream. I had it on my right wrist, and apparently it was a great conversation starter! I remembered it very vividly, and though I’d share it with you! I know I am not that great of an artist, esp. when it comes to lines, but just to give you an idea. And NO I won’t be getting this anytime soon, or anytime at all!

Vintage Rain Boots

I found these in my grandma’s closet (so I am guessing they are either from the 70’s or the 80’s, I could’ve guessed the 60’s, but I don’t think they would’ve lasted this long), and first didn’t really know what they were, but then – DUH – it hit me – they were rain boots, just not the tall ones we are all used to, but ankle rain boots!

I love the little design on the front!







And the little heel!







I am definitely going to wear them today, because it’s raining!







Now they are in great shape, and they are also fleece on the inside! Which makes them warm and cozy! Just my luck, that they were my size!

Some People Just Don’t Know What They Are Talking About!

I just wanted to share this post I found here on WordPress. It’s written by a girl who lives in Russia. Now there are tons of blogs about Russia, but this one is just so weird! (http://ownrussia.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/about-bears-on-the-streets-or-foreigners-about-russia)

I didn’t change the wording, the grammar mistakes are hers. My comments are in italics. Please note that she misspelt some of the journalists’ names too. I want to especially apologize to Justin and Megan!

“Everybody knows, that Russia is a such wonderful country, where bears walk on the streets.

I decided to collect some more unbelievable facts about Russia.

Firstly, I should tell you that all facts, which are published here, is not true. However some reporters in the world, who had an opportunity to visit Russia, think that these facts happend to be.

Mr Monte Arevalo (Spain) thinks, that:

Doors in the Moscow’s subway rectilinearly: if they are closed, they are really closed. Even if someone stands between these doors.

My uncle works for Moscow subway, he has so many suicide stories to tell, it is unbelievable!

Mr Frank Henselman (Holland – Spain) says, that:

In subway be attentive near fragile elderly ladies, because they are the most intolerable people in the subway. When somebody has pushed me the first time, I have turned back, expecting to see the big carl, but have faced to face with the small granny. Now I’am on one’s guard. If you  smile in the public places in accordance with Russian culture, you will look like idiot.  In subway everybody should stay with a gloom and extreme degree of aggression face.

When my fiance and I were in Russia, the old ladies were the ones who pissed him off the most, they are rude, obnoxious, and should all be put in nursing homes! They do shove you around, and act like they are rulers of the Universe! Ugh! The one in Ashan’s has especially pissed him off! The only reason he is saying that you should look gloomy on the subway is because EVERYONE LOOKS GLOOMY!

Mr Jastin Damers (USA) says, that:

The homeless people in Russia completely are  not such as in the USA, they are more tragic and less dangerous.

Hell yeah Russian hobos are less dangerous! American ones get fed and sleep in shelters, and then roam the streets (like in NYC) as if they own the place.

Dick Yasen (the Netherlands):

In Russia I learnt how to drink beer with roach – some kind of dried fish. I have never seen such view. Firstly, I didn’t want to try this fish because it had terrible look and smell, but then I liked it very much. It is very cheerfully to knock a roach on the table. Also I have never seen before, that people drink so much tea. Even in the club at 3 a.m. they order tea.

What’s that fish called? Vobla? I think that’s it! I remember eating it! I also remember old ladies selling it in the streets. Now it comes in packaging, way more civilized, but still EXTREMELY popular!  And tea, I know people who would order tea at 3 am! I am one of them!

Magan K Stack (New York Times):

Subway in Moscow is an ark of refuge of vagrant dogs and the youngsters who fell in love.

So true! This is all you see on the subway! There are also a lot of people just sitting around, we were always wondering what they were doing there!

Just be careful what you read on line, some people just don’t know what they are talking about. And it’s very difficult to notice the cultural differences or flaws when you’ve never been out of the country!

Pie on π (pi) day

Happy PI day everyone! And a special Happy Birthday to my mom, who is not a day older than 35! Love you, mommy!

This week is going to be great! Starting out with π (pi) day, then St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday, and well the usual – Friday (which is, as we all know, everyone’s favorite day of the week). A lot to celebrate! I know!

So how about some pie for π (pi) day! My favorite pie of all times – is the apple pie. But since today is such an extraordinary holiday, I decided to go with an unusual pie. An onion pie!

Here is the recipe for it! I trust Betty Crocker, but my best friend’s mom makes the best onion pie there is. So if I get my hands on that recipe, I will definitely share it with you.


Here are some fun pics of π (pi) day pies to make you smile!














I especially like the cup cake idea, going to use it next year, to celebrate PI day with my husband!

If you still don’t know what I am talking about and what does π (pi) have to do with March, 14, here is some history for you!

Larry Shaw created Pi Day in 1989. The holiday was celebrated at the SF Exploratorium, where Shaw worked as a physicist,with staff and public marching around one of its circular spaces, then consuming fruit pies. This place continues to hold Pi Day celebrations.

On Pi Day 2004, Daniel Tammet recited 22,514 decimal digits of π.

On March 12, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a non-binding resolution,recognizing March 14, 2009, as National Pi Day.

The above history of π day info was taken from Wikipedia, so they get all the credit:)

And if you go here http://www.piday.org/ you can learn all about PI and even send some PI day ecards!



I also found some fun facts about PI (you can read some more if you click on this link http://funskyshinesschool.edublogs.org/2011/03/10/pi-day-fun-facts/

  1. Circles have an infinite number of corners unlike people say.
  2. Pi’s number sequence has passed all randomness tests (in plain English: it’s not random)
  3. The first 31 digits of pi contain no zeroes.
  4. Hundreds of equations include pi, including those that explain the double helix in DNA, the way water ripples when hit with a rain drop, and the distributing of factors.
  5. Pi is an irrational number.
  6. In 1991 the first 2,260,321,363 numbers were found.  That was as far as they got.
  7. Pi is the 16th number in the Greek alphabet.
  8. If one billion digits of pi were printed in average it would go from NYC to the middle of Kansas (this has been tested).
  9. If you take 10 million digits of pi (in order) you will get exactly 200 sets of 5 didets that are the same in a row.
  10. Pi and the letter “p” are both 16 th letters, just in different alphabets.
  11. A British crop circle in 1998 depicted a coded image that represented the first 10 digits of pi.
  12. Plato found a fairly accurate formula for pi:√2+√3=3.146
  13. Albert Einstein was born on pi day (3/14/1879)
  14. The official celebration of pi day starts at 1:59 to represent 3.14159.
  15. The earliest record of pi is on the Rhind Papyrus and is only 1% off of today’s calculation.
  16. Pi has been studied by humans for almost 4000 years.
  17. Even computers can’t compute pi, so don’t feel bad if you can’t.
  18. The current pi champ memorized 42,195 digits in 1995.
  19. The vertical height of the Great Pyramid of Giza times 3.14 equals the perimeter of the base.
  20. A fancy cologne named Pi is marketed as highlighting the attraction to smart guys.
  21. The symbol for pi has been used in math for only 250 years.
  22. The comedian John Evans once said: “What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o’-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin π.”
  23. In one episode of Star Trek, Spock fools a computer by asking it what the last digit of pi was.
  24. Pi is the most recognized math symbol in the world.
  25. It took a Hitachi SR 8000 supercomputer over 400 hours to compute pi to 1.24 trillion digits.
  26. Pi is mentioned in the bible 1 Kings 7:23.
  27. William Jones introduced the symbol “π” in the 1706. But Leonhard Euler made it popular in 1737.
  28. Before the π symbol was used, mathematicians would describe pi in round-about ways like “the quantity which, when the diameter is multiplied by, yields the circumference.
  29. Pi is also referred to as the “circular constant,” “Archimedes’ constant,” or “Ludolph’s number.”
  30. In the first 6,000,000,000 numbers of pi
  • 0 occurs 599,963,005 times
  • 1 occurs 600,033260 times
  • 2 occurs 599,999,169 times
  • 3 occurs 600,000,243times
  • 4 occurs 599,957,439 times
  • 5 occurs 600,017,176 times
  • 6 occurs 600,016,588 times
  • 7 occurs 600,009,044 times
  • 8 occurs 599,987,038 times
  • 9 occurs 600,017,038 times