OOTD: One of a kind Italian Coat

Have you ever been to a garage sale? I have, once! When I lived in Manhattan. It wasn’t even a garage sale per-say. I found a craigslist ad for a sale in Murray Hill where everything was $1. Maybe I didn’t know any better, maybe I am just that fearless, but that was one of the best sales I’ve ever been to! That’s where I scored my one of a kind hand made coat, which came from a flea market in Italy! I always wear my Grandma’s vintage pin on it as well (sorry you can’t see it in the picture, it’s covered by a scarf) but here is what it looks like:


This past Saturday was a super warm day for November in Minneapolis too, low 50s high 60s, just a great day to be out and about. Of course I had to wear my favorite boots (Sam gave them to me for Christmas a few years ago!), I wore an Old Navy knit dress underneath, which has a super cute pleated skirt – you can see it peaking from under the coat! My scarf came from Goodwill outlet in St.Paul, it has a paisley pattern, and always reminds me of the popular Russian motifs.

Of course it’s back to being cold here now, Saturday night it thunder stormed (yeah welcome to Minnesota in November) and Sunday morning it snowed!

I hope you had a great weekend! What has the weather been like in your neck of the woods? Also any thoughts and comments on the Outfit are appreciated!




  1. I love that coat! The weather is SO different here in California. I’m so lucky for the beautiful weather here, but sometimes a girl feels like snow and when you live here you have to GO to the snow… It doesn’t come to you….

    You look great! Thanks for the post.

  2. Beautiful coat and even better for $1.00. Enjoy those nice Minnesota warm days while they last.

  3. Pretty brooch

  4. Love it! And that brooch is beautiful. Very classy

  5. What a fab find! $1.00 is ridiculous. Can you imagine someone hand sewing a coat? Only in Europe…..Your weather sounds familiar. We had a thunderstorm late October followed by a crazy snow day (Posted Hello Mr Heartache Nov 2). My entire wardrobe is now in action..fall, winter, T’s, mittens…..it’s different every day.

    • I feel the same way about my wardrobe, I keep switching between coats, scarves, etc. It’s like the weather is playing with us!

  6. Love finds like that. Looks fab!

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